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September 2017
Where did the summer go?  It's Labor Day Weekend, and Fall Quarter starts very soon.  Is your building ready?  BGM works throughout the year to maintain academic buildings.  Grounds works each day, to keep landscape areas shipshape.  You, as Building Manager, are also an important part of the circle to plan for student's return by regularly walking your building and surrounding areas to check for outstanding maintenance issues.  Enter a work order for any work that needs to be completed by NSO (9/19) and the start of Fall Quarter (9/25).  Make sure you write urgent on the request.  Stanford Project Managers, via email or through HEADS UP , notify you of active projects that will be in progress after classes resume.  Please notify building occupants of information that you receive so that your building occupants are aware of important communications. 
Thank you eagle eye Patricia Terrazas from the Humanities Center for pointing out my error in last month's newsletter.  I stated the wrong phone for the Stanford Operator.  The operator number from a non-Stanford phone remains as 
(650) 723-2300
Change is all around us and we mention it in several articles.  HEADS UP shows work in the Northeast quadrant of campus, Bonair Siding included, as many projects are being developed in tandem in the area.  As we begin to reduce Bonair Siding and demo BGM buildings for temporary road access, to add utility services to new buildings, and to start construction of the new police and EOC facilities, BGM operations change, but our focus is the same.  LBRE keeps moving forward, working together to achieve Stanford's vision.  Yes, it's noisy, dusty, and inconvenient at times, but we know it will result in a better campus.  So if you think you have noise and dust this year, come visit us at Bonair Siding.

Kathleen Baldwin (KB), Editor
Looking towards old Grounds building site

The David and Joan Traitel Building will house the administrative headquarters of the Hoover Institution

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As students return, a reminder about bike safety.

 Bike Abatement Program


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