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Posted by Roger Burnett
Liz Allen did her first Marathon on Catalina Island 

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Seen at the ASI Show!

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I had a GREAT time at the ASI Show in Long Beach!

Stimulated by ASI offering a Running Club at their show, I took advantage of the opportunity to do a sunrise run. Since I am so slow, I took off on my own at about 6:00 AM. Running along the coast for a sunrise was awesome! 

I did 4.5 miles and  felt so good I could have gone further, but I had a trade show to attend. It seemed best to not go longer. Being somewhat new to running, I'm always blown away by what I can do with my fused ankle. Long Beach is just an awesome place to run! You have the opportunity to visit beautiful Long Beach, CA for the SAAC Show, August 5-6th.

Those who like to be active, are invited to join and post what you are doing on our   FreePromoTips SuccessFit Facebook Group . To the left are a couple of SuccessFit pictures. Perhaps yours will be in our next E-Newsletter? 

In this issue we feature a video interview with ASI President and CEO Tim Andrews and spotlight a few products we saw at the show.  
The Secret is Out!
David Blaise creator of the Top Secrets of Promotional Products Sales, will be sharing his wisdom with our audience. David has helped thousands build their business. I invite you to catch a glimpse of what he will be sharing in this article, Mindless Drones Selling Promotional Products. Check out the video we did in Long Beach to introduce what we are doing. 

Make it a great day!

Jeff Solomon, MAS

Tim Andrews, ASI President and
CEO Shares with the FPT Audience...
Tim  talks about the  state of the industry, distributor concerns  and  what's new at ASI  in this interview.

Click here for the video!

We're Sharing Top Secrets With You!

In this short video, we talk with David Blaise about some of the things he will be sharing with the FPT audience.

Click here
for the video!

Mindless Drones Selling Promotional Products...
A Top Secret Tip From David Blaise 

In a recent teleconference with my SmartEQP and Inner Circle Members, we discussed strategies for growing sales and profits, how to avoid distractions and increase productivity and how to use technology to leverage communication and add clients. 

Part of what we covered was differentiation.

Click here for the rest of David's informative article...
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