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Sending a Message
Dean Feldman reaffirms commitment to diversity in wake of immigration ban

Dean Cecile A. Feldman
In a letter to the RSDM community, Dean Cecile A. Feldman stressed the value of faculty and staff who come from overseas. "Rutgers is one of the nation's most diverse academic institutions, and the School of Dental Medicine is no exception. The fact that many of our students and faculty are from outside the U.S. is a source of great strength. We value the broad range of perspectives, experiences and knowledge they bring to RSDM. They enrich the field of health care locally and globally ­- and they are an asset to our nation ."  LEARN MORE  

Categorically Speaking
RSDM experts work globally to create new classifications for pain

Dr. Rafael Benoliel
There's such a thing as a "facial migraine,'' but you won't find a diagnostic code for it. Dr. Rafael Benoliel and others at RSDM are trying to change that. They have been working internationally to help create classifications for different types of orofacial pain, a growing speciality with an incomplete lexicon. By naming different clusters of symptoms, they hope to make it easier for doctors to correctly diagnose and treat patients.  LEARN MORE
Mr. RSDM Aditya Malhotra, second from left, with runners-up, Sammy Saka, far left, Greg Balaes, second from right, and James Priftakis.
Dental Crown
Student becomes first-ever Mr. RSDM

By his own admission, Aditya Malhotra does not have a six pack. He is not "ripped.'' But that didn't stop him from being crowned the first-ever Mr. RSDM. Malhotra, a student in RSDM's international program, won on the strength of his charm and his crowd-pleasing magic tricks, according to the judges. LEARN MORE

Ina and Howie Drew

Donors Excel at the Art of Giving

As the son of Holocaust survivors, Dr. Howard Drew has learned that gratitude can bring joy. "Survivors are often either incredibly sad or incredibly happy, and I found my parents to be so happy to be alive and have a family that they had a very positive outlook," says Drew, an RSDM faculty member and a Class of '82 alumnus. "They never felt entitled to anything." LEARN MORE