SWAT Monthly News & Upcoming Events
College Prep Night-9/17
Chili Cook Off-10/26
Haunted Trail-10/27
Bat-Tacular T-Ball Tournament-10/28&10/29
Thanksgiving Home Run Derby-11/22
Black Friday Sale-11/24
Christmas Party-12/7
New Years Eve Lock In-12/31-1/1
Poker Tournament-2/10
Valentines Parents Night Out-2/14
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      Thank you to all that came out to tryouts!  We have had a huge success and feel that we are leaping major stepping stones within the academy. We have already signed and offered some amazing talent.  SWAT is something that you will want to a be a part of for the 2017-2018 season! We are now starting open tryouts every Sunday at 5 pm and every Wednesday at 7 pm through the month of September. Call 405.495.7800 to reserve your spot today!

Congratulations two young men for signing:

Harrison Thornton-Northeastern Oklahoma State 
Jack Pritchard-Cowley County.
A Glance at SWAT's NEW Coaching Line Up



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October Events

Home Run Derby

Home Run Derby

Poker Tournament Flyer

     Just a reminder - we do offer year-round private lessons for hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding for both baseball and softball players of all ages. If you would like to setup a lesson with one of our instructors please give us a call. We are open every day and love to help players master different skills with proper muscle memory that they can use in game situations.


       In an effort to support The Angels Foundation year round, we are now selling fresh, crushed and bottled olive oil from a local farmer out of California.  This stuff is amazing.  It is private labeled and bottled for the charity so since we all can use oil to cook, saute, and dip away, please consider supporting The Angels Foundation by buying a bottle.  Stop by and visit the facility to see the display and purchase!

       It time to start thinking about raising scholarship money for worthy athletes that need some help. We have had a great year helping many families. Families that lost a parent, families dealing with disabilities, families who had a job loss and yet with our support, we helped them through it and kept their kids in structured sports. You can never believe the gratefulness and expression of love we get from the families we help. But like always, there SO many applicants and just not enough to help everyone. We have depleted the majority of our fund and have a large number of applicants awaiting a scholarship so we need your help. We are looking for private or business donors. This is all tax deductible donations and you are helping a family with no middle man. We donate 100% of what we get!  So while we will be hosting our annual Poker tournament in February 2018 and we are still selling olive oil, it is simply not enough. So if you can help, please do. Contact us at trustee@angelsfoundation.net or you can donate directly via PayPal, our link is on The Angels Foundation facebook and website. We appreciate any support that you can offer now. #becomeanANGEL

Turf Sale

We have out new turf leftovers and are looking to sell for $1.50 a sq. ft.  This is a great deal on quality turf with no rubber infill.   Please call JJ Leaper if you are interested in purchasing.  It's been selling FAST!  jj@swatacademy.net.

SWAT Rebels Trading Pins NOW FOR SALE - $5.00

Coaches Needed

     We are in need of more baseball coaches. Our academy is growing at a super rapid rate.   There is room for coaches at all levels, so if you're interested please give us a call to schedule an interview. 405.495.7800.

Tanya Caraballo | SWAT Academy | 405.495.7800 | Tanya@swatacademy.net www.swatacademy.net