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Hello, our Co-Missionaries of La Salette,
Happy Easter Season! We invite you to reflect on: Christ's Resurrection and Mary's place in the life of priests; the Poor helped by the Vatican and La Salette ministry in Rio de Janeiro; and lastly, what chocolate has to do with servitude!

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Fr. Ron Gagne, M.S.

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La Salette in Rio de Janeiro
by Fr. Thomas M. Newman, M.S, 

The following letter from a Missionary of Our Lady of La Salette in Brazil affords some interesting side-lights on the life and customs of the people in that great South American republic. From it the reader may gather some idea of the life of a Missionary, with its light and shadow, in that vast and still undeveloped country where civilization in its noblest expressions and barbarity in its lowest form mingle in the strangest pattern. Our correspondent writes to us from Rio de Janeiro:

"From my window where I sit to pen these lines I can look but over the great and marvelous Bay of Guanabara, overcast now with a heavy shroud of black, ominous clouds; and as the mists rise and fall, the statue of "Cristo Redentor (Christ the Redeemer)" on the mountain peak of Corcovado appears and disappears from behind the veil that hangs before its two thousand feet of rocky pedestal.

Mother of the Church on Mission
by International Eucharistic Congress 

"Asian Christians have a great love and affection for Mary, revering her as their own Mother and the Mother of Christ". Thus did Saint John Paul II recall a statement made by the Synod Fathers at their Special Assembly for Asia in 1998. . .

She is the model of the Church in its mission of evangelization because of how she closely cooperated in the saving work of her Son (Vatican II, Sacrosanctum Concilium, 2; citing Jn 10:16) and because she exemplifies the missionary journey that the Church has taken and continues to take.

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