From the heart...

Dear Reader,

Yes, this is Valentine's Day and I hope that all of you have someone special in your life who loves you as much as my partner Flo, our three grown kids and our 4 year old granddaughter loves me.


The family I grew up with and the family I made have taught me so much about love --what it means and how to express it.


My parents came to Long Beach to start new lives, a family and their dreams.


They met at the Pike in 1948 and were married at St. Lucy's on the west side of Long Beach. They held their wedding reception at Silverado Park recreation center and then moved into Truman Boyd Manor.


Climbing the giant tree in front of my grandmother's apartment at the Gold Star Manor was one of my favorite things to do.



My parents were hoping for the same things that those who live and raise families in Long Beach hope for: good paying jobs they can raise a family on, safe neighborhoods, a clean and healthy environment and thriving schools.



Each Valentine's my dad would buy my mother a piece of jewelry and each kid would get a card and candy. When I got older, he would buy both my sister and I a piece of jewelry and my brother would get candy and a fishing trip.


My father valued his family because his parents had died when he was very young. Family was what connected him to his community.


He and my mother encouraged me to enter public service so that I could give back to my community. That's what I have been doing all my adult life in Long Beach.


As Mayor, I won't forget my roots or the values my family taught me. I will continue to fight for: good paying jobs parents can raise a family on, safe neighborhoods, open and transparent government, a clean and healthy environment and thriving schools. 


Together, we can make Long Beach a city we all can love!


Happy Valentine's Day.







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"I am honored to be one of seven national Champions of Change for Open Government. Open government is good government."  Councilwoman Gerrie Schipske

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