However, than you look at the sea of people, all races, color, religion and cultures, standing with candles in their hands, tears in their eyes, and resolve on their faces.
Resolve - that the unimaginable massacre of 50 people by a deranged human being will neither dampen their spirits nor let them loose their hope in humanity!
Dear Friends,
I was planning to write an update on APPNAs attendance at the vigil in Orlando this morning, and had spent the day yesterday working on the entertainment program for the summer meeting, a Tribute to Legends of Pakistan entertainment industry. I received a text this morning from our Secretary, Dr. Iqbal Zafar Hamid as I was driving to work, to hold back sending out any emails about the entertainment program at the summer convention, in respect of passing away of a legend and a dear friend of APPNA. I was driving and really did not fathom the tragedy, until I reached the office and checked his entire message, and then the face book, teaming with messages of shock from our members. Amjad Sabri was at more of our functions than any other artist, and facebook is full of their photographs with the legend. As Amjad Sabri is being laid to rest in Pakistan, Please join me in Praying for the soul of our dear friend, and a legend of Pakistan, Amjad Sabri. إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ 
Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with the family of the deceased.

I will also like to take this opportunity to thank all the APPNA members who joined us at the vigil for the departed in the Massacre at the Pulse club in Orlando. I will especially like to thank Dr. Rubina Inayat on behalf of the Executive Committee and Dr. Sajid Chaudhry (President-elect) for all their help in organizing the event. I will also like to thank members of Association of Pakistani Americans of greater Orlando and members of Pakistani community who joined us at the vigil in show of support and solidarity. To say the least, we needed to be there, and our presence was appreciated by thousands of people who stopped by, wore our T-shirts, and interacted with all our participants expressing their appreciation and gratitude for us being there.
Let's hope this is the last of such aimless and unforgivable acts of violence, which we have to mourn for a long time to come. While we seek justice and security for our neighbors and friends in our communities here in USA, please join me in raising our voice, once again, and demanding action and answers from the politicians in Pakistan.


M. Nasar Qureshi, MD
President APPNA

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M. Nasar Qureshi, MD
Sajid Chaudhary, MD
Iqbal Z. Hamid, MD
Dawood Nasir, MD
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