July 2017
Delbert Beckham's Front Porch

From where I sit…

It is July 3rd as I write this first draft of my July 2017 newsletter.  I am sitting in a rocking chair, under a ceiling fan, on my front porch.  When I first decided to try my hand at this regular newsletter concept a year and a half ago, I had to make a couple of long-term decisions.  Those who know me well, know long-term is not my normal.  I am not comfortable with committing myself more than about a week out.  I don’t do well with deadlines.

Delbert and Baxter enjoying morning coffee.

One of those decisions was related to how often I would publish this “newsletter”.  The choices seemed to be weekly, monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.  As you know, I chose monthly.  Most months of the last 18 or so, I started about 2 weeks out.  Sometimes however, the ideas don’t come to me that early, as in this time.  This morning… during my morning coffee… on the porch swing…the idea began with… from where I sit.

Delbert working hard at the computer.

The first draft is always longhand.  Then I type it into the computer and print and edit it on that printed page.  Photos are then selected and added and again I print.  Then, Wylma gets it and does another edit. I can assure you, her edit is an essential part of this process.

The final tweaking occurs as I reformat the photos, upload them and the text, and then schedule the publish date.  You are seeing it either as a direct email, on face book or on Shelby County Today.

Delbert Beckham, Outdoor Sculpture Gallery

The other decision was content.  What is to be the purpose of a newsletter?  Obviously one purpose is marketing myself and my sculptures, but there is more to it than that.

I like to write.  I like sharing with others what I do and the process.  I like sharing life lessons that God shows me as I work.

Enough of how all this happens.

Delbert Beckham, King "Packer" Centipede, 4'6" x 9'6" x 22"
Delbert Beckham, Caterpillar King, 3'10" x 8' 8" x 12'

Let me tell you about King “Packer” Centipede.  I didn’t name him, Jim King, who commissioned him, did.  Jim saw Caterpillar King several months ago when we were in Orange, Texas at Art in the Park and wanted a piece similar to him.

It has been a fun journey from pulling out the materials I thought I had but really didn’t, to putting my “db” signature on him this morning.

Delbert Beckham, Mud-chain, Salvaged Steel Material

Both of these fun critters are made using, what I call, mud chains designed for large equipment tires. Caterpillar King was made up of the rings with the connecting chains removed. King “Packer” Centipede has all the connecting chains still attached.  As you can see from the photos, they have similar forms but are unique.

Delbert Beckham, Wildflowers the same but all uniquely different


There’s one of those life lessons.  I believe God made each one of us unique.  You may, to those around you, look identical to your brother or sister, but you know you are unique.

Ok… back on subject… centipede…

Jim King, of King of the Road Productions

Jim King, of  King of the Road Productions, wears this fun cowboy hat with a crown on it.  I built a similar crown just for centipede.

Delbert Beckham, King "Packer" Centipede, 4'6" x 9'6" x 22"

You may wonder why Jim is calling him “Packer”.  That was another fun part of this commission.  Jim’s favorite pro football team is… you guessed it… the Green Bay Packers.

Delbert Beckham, Paint for King "Packer" Centipede

I am wondering how close those colors are to the Baylor Bears. 

I need to research that.

Delbert Beckham, King "Packer" Centipede, 4'6" x 9'6" x 22"

Very soon after this is published, on the first Thursday of July, we will deliver and install this latest critter.  Jim says he is going to record the event, so hopefully you will get to see it sometime in the future.

Delbert Beckham, Freedom Rings, 8'4" x 4' x 4'6"

Let me leave you with two thoughts:

  1. We just celebrated the Fourth of July, and I am grateful that I can share my newsletter with you without fear and that you can read it, also without fear.  We need to always remember and be thankful that we live in a country that allows us to agree to disagree.

  2. If you have a special project in mind and if I can help make it happen, let me know.

Until next time…

May there always be flowers and a critter or two in your life.

Delbert Beckham's Outdoor Gallery of Salvaged Steel Sculptures
as seen from the front porch swing.