eNewsletter of Calgary's Generative Journalism News Co-Op | November 6, 2014

Here are some of the stories we've been telling this week:


Fuelled by Faith
Calgary's new Interfaith Council makes facing down poverty its core mission

The Calgary Interfaith Council is determined to be about mutual action, not just mutual understanding. And it is entering into formal partnership with the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative. Read more...

Calgary Community and Residents 'Take Back Halloween'
Feminist Halloween party features documentary, costume contest

Seeing a "cutie cop" costume for a five-year-old featuring pink handcuffs and a fascinator gave Pam Rocker one reason to shake up Halloween. She led an effort in Calgary to make Halloween less about sex and more about empowerment

Creating Change, Connection and Possibility in Calgary 
Four weeks after our launch, a founding member of New Scoop reflects on the birth of this co-op

With New Scoop YYC's official launch behind, its founding members are looking forward. The premise: a Generative Journalism online news co-op that tells stories of people and grassroots organizations to create change, connection and possibility in the Calgary communityRead more...

Notes from Sarah Arthurs, New Scoop:

Converging Coverage on Alternative Housing

So when the Zeitgeist shifts, you can see the footprint. Having been active in storying the Aging in Community events and energy in Calgary, it was very exciting to hear the same beat on The Sunday Edition (CBC), November 2 featuring the work of Janet Torge with the Radical Resthomes Network.

Equally exciting is CBC's interest in paying attention to people who have put together original kinds of living arrangements. They are inviting contributions to this conversation.

We will continue to be part of this energy in Calgary - sharing the stories of strangers becoming friends as they chart new territory for housing and connectedness as older adults.  

New Scoop YYC to Host Social Conference
on Aging in Community

On November 25, New Scoop YYC will be hosting a social conferencing event at noon. Imagine going to a lunch-and-learn in the cafeteria or local coffee shop. Social conferencing through phone or online allows you to listen to speakers as well as participate in small- and large group-discussions without ever leaving your desk, kitchen table, couch or car.  The theme of our conversations will be Aging in Community - what is working, what do want more of and how are we going to do it. Registration information will be available soon. 
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