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Dear Friends, May comes to a close today and June is a good time to take inventory of your year and look at your goals and visions.  Have you achieved what you hoped for so far in 2015?  If so, celebrate your accomplishments and use this time to fine tune your plans.  If not, use the month of June to get back on track and refocus your efforts.  Then, full steam ahead for the final half of the year beginning in July!   If you have not looked at your transits in a while, this would be a good time to consider a transit forecast for the year ahead.


In this newsletter, we focus on Tuesday's Full Moon that contains a big dose of mutable energy.  This provides a good reasons to explore a bit about the role of mutable energy in our life via the Axis of Meaning.  Also, included is a link to my guided Full Moon Meditation. 


Then, we also have a poetic tribute to our Two Island Swans:  May your love be like a circle, with no beginning and no end.

Thank you for sharing this journey with us!


Blessings and peace,


Scott and Sappho Wolfram
The Traveler's Well

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LunarFull Moon
From Chaos To Calm, The Search For Meaning

On June 2, 2015, the Full Moon brings the tension of a Mutable T-Square with the Moon in Sagittarius oppose the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Gemini all being squared by Neptune in Pisces!





A Full Moon brings awareness into our world. During a Full Moon, the side of the Moon that is visible from Earth is fully illuminated by the Sun making us aware and allowing us to see more fully aspects associated with the Moon.  


In this Full Moon, the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius and these two signs are mutable, externally focused energies. With Mercury and Mars joining the party, we have a Full Moon awareness that is based on action and ideas that we experience in our external world - the "world without" or outside of us as individuals. A lot of mutable energy, focused externally.



Mutability and the Axis of Meaning.


There are four signs that are considered to be mutable: Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo. All, except Virgo, are represented in the T-Square for the Full Moon.


Mutable signs are NOT consistent. When we are mutable, we are eager to embrace, explore, examine and adjust, which allows for an easier formation of new perspectives.


New perspectives emerge:

  • From experiencing and learning new ideas (Gemini),
  • From making adjustments to existing ideas (Virgo),
  • From following sudden flashes of insights and inspirations (Sagittarius), or
  • From slowing down and going within and letting go of the intellect (Pisces).


The four Mutable signs comprise what is known as the Axis of Meaning and through this axis we are meant to discover what is meaningful to us as an individual.  This meaning evolves over time as we continually form new perspectives.    


The positive side of mutable energy is a constant desire to explore to the world around us in new, unbounded, unconstrained ways. The negative side of mutable energy is the inability to slow down long enough to stick with one thought and examine it internally to determine if it brings meaning or not.  


Ultimately, mutable energy needs the shape and form that comes from the discovery of what is meaningful to us for us to feel fulfilled.  When we deepen our understanding of what is meaningful to us, then we are still mutable, but rather than chasing everything, what we find meaning acts as our compass. 

Full Moon With Mutable T-Square (Enter Neptune)

With the Neptune square, we are asked to remember that there is also a "world within" and this is the realm of Neptune. Since Neptune is square the Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars, he is bringing a test to the activity of this Full Moon.  


Neptune is NOT opposed to intellectual activity, nor is he opposed to physical activity. He simply wants to make sure that the world within, the realm of the soul and meaning is playing its appropriate role. Neptune is tasking us to become calm, to allow the mind to settle down.


Neptune is reminding us that  

when we have too many thoughts, ideas and possibilities,  

it can be difficult to come to a conclusion of any kind.






The 'Whirling Thought Machine' 


When the Sun, Mercury and Mars come together in Gemini, they can become the "whirling thought machine". What? The "whirling thought machine" is like a glass booth with a thousand slips of paper spinning on a column of swirling air and then trying to read each and every little slip of paper.  


Embracing Neptune is like a "turn off" switch, allowing the pieces of paper to settle to the ground, where we can pick them up, one at a time, and read them. We can ponder the ideas in a relaxed manner. We can take the time to explore what they really mean and to determine if they have meaning to us.


In practical terms, Neptune is asking us to spend time in contemplation, maybe read a book of poetry or listening to a piece of classic music, or perhaps Gregorian or Vedic chanting. Alternatively, we can spend a bit more time in meditation. In meditation, this is a perfect time to be a witness of your thoughts.


In mediation, the mind can seem to be like the "whirling thought machine", there is always another thought rising out of the unconscious. Don't fight the thoughts that arise, just observe them. Let them gently come and go without giving them any energy. What you will find is that, over time, the activity of the mind will gradually slow down. In the process, Neptune will be very, very happy!


In this regard also, the Axis of Meaning will be strengthened. Still mutable, but more directed and not chasing each passing thought.  Rather, just chasing after the meaningful ones...  or not....


May you "move in harmony" by allowing some time for going within!  



Full Moon Meditation 


This is a 8 minute guided meditation based on the themes in the chart for this month's Full Moon.  Following this link will take you to YouTube.


Full Moon Meditation - June 2015
Full Moon Meditation - June 2015

SwanTwo Island Swans

For the last 5 years that we have lived here in Munich, we have watched our 'Two Island Swans' carry on with their life through all of their ups and downs.  Each spring, we watch for the day when they lay their eggs and begin tending the nest.  Then the countdown begins and, near the end, it is our greatest joy to visit the pond each day awaiting our first glimpse of this year's swanlings.


The first year, there were three.  The next only one.  After that, five.  Then, the sad, sad year when all perished.  This year, it was a bumper crop of 8 swanlings and below are some of our favorite photos to share! 


There is an Irish Folk Song (written by Felix Pappalardi, recorded by Christy Moore) called "One Last Cold Kiss".  This song has a lovely lyric, but as with any Irish song, it end in a sad mess.  So, below are a few lines from the lovely beginning lyric that speaks to the love of swans. 



 Two island swans 

They mated for life
And his faithful heart

Would not consider any other wife


With three years of peaceful joy
With the rushes of the pond
Proud and gentle was the love

Of the last two island swans


Their love was like a circle
With no beginning and no end
With his lady by his side

A treasure and best friend




May your love be like a circle
with no beginning and no end!

MercuryMercury Retrograde
May 19 to June 11, 2015

We are about half way through our second Mercury Retrograde transit for 2015, which will end on June 11, 2015.  This Mercury Retrograde period finds Mercury in one of the signs he rules, Gemini.  So, all things Mercurial are magnified at this time and Mercury will remain in Gemini for this entire retrograde period.    


Remember that Mercury is the trickster god and, for him, playing tricks on people is fun!  He really does not care that we do not find it fun! 


We are not hearing from many of you so we are assuming this Mercury Retrograde period has been a bit less chaotic than the Mercury Retrograde period in January.