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I will be doing in person sessions this Sunday, 28th of January at Buddha on a Bicycle in Covent Garden. It's advisable to pre-book as it can get very busy. Just drop an email to booking@divineeenergyhealer.co.uk if you would like to book in. 

We have a powerful full moon lunar eclipse next week, which will kick off eclipse season. You will probably already be feeling the affects of this as the intensity is already building. Lunar eclipses are like full moons on steroids, so next week is going to be very powerful. It's important that you start releasing and planning to release now so that you can make the most of this. Having a nice clear energy field helps you to manifest at your highest, so use this full moon energy to clear out any emotional or physical clutter. Here is a link to a basic full moon release ritual on my website.

The full moon next week is also a 'blue moon' as it's the second full moon in a calendar month. As a result there is no full moon in February. This is very rare and only happens a handful of times per century. This makes it even more important to do a full moon release ritual this month to lighten up to move forward. 

The guidance that I have been getting for 2018, is overwhelmingly 'attracting not chasing' in terms of manifestation. More on this below...
Here are a few key dates coming up that you need to be aware of: 

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse - Wednesday Jan 31  -Release Negativity
New Moon  -    Thursday Feb 15  
- Plan & Manifest!
*Saturn in Capricorn - until March 20, 2020

Attracting Not Chasing in 2018

Have you ever noticed how the best things seem to happen 'when you least expect it'?  Often when we give up on something, and throw in the towel and surrender....our wish magically appears. When we give up and surrender, the energy of 'wanting' or 'striving' disappears and we unblock the path for our desires to reach us. Wanting or striving energy reinforces the message that you don't have something.  

Attracting does not mean being passive and doing nothing. It means working on yourself and releasing any controlling energy to allow blessings to come into your life. It also means having positive expectations, and being open about how and when you get what you want. For example if you are looking to attract a new romantic partner, it's important to look and feel your best, and get out and about and speak to new people. Be your best self to attract someone great. 

I'd like you to give me a month of your time to try this out. Let's start in February and take the full month to practice attracting, and let me know how you get on. It's a different approach to the usual striving energy that living in the modern world demands. Here are my top tips for attracting and allowing:
  1. Have faith - believe that you are worthy of attracting what you desire, and that the Universe is on your side. I often remind myself that 'rejection is protection', and that when things/people/opportunities pass me by, it's often for the best. 
  2. Remember that every challenge has a silver lining. When you begin seeing challenges/problems/issues as learning opportunities it lightens up your energy and keeps your energy field clear. 
  3. Be the observer, and don't get sucked into the drama. This is an ideal position to be in. Being the observer also allows guidance to come through. 
  4. Keep your physical energy clear and in good shape, through a good balanced diet, regular exercise, yoga, and living mindfully. 
  5. Allow for Divine Timing - this is something that many people struggle with. The universe works on it's own timetable and not on your timetable, so relax and allow for when the time is right. 
  6. Put together a God Box - This is where we write down our desires or wishes in the present tense and with gratitude, and put them away into a box to release them. This is a good way of allowing blessings to come in. 
  7. Stay loose, stay flexible, often what you think you want is not what you need at all. Don't limit yourself too much. Let go of the 'how' and 'when' and focus on the feeling that your desire will bring with it. Often what does show up is much better than you originally imagined. 

To book a healing session or a reading click here. You can also simply email: info@divineenergyhealer.co.uk for further information. 

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