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Some items are even more discounted, such as Stuart Grauer's new book, Fearless Teaching. Also, for each $100 purchase of books or donation we will send you a copy!

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AERO membership will be half price, just for this sale. We haven't had a sale on membership for over a year. That means individual membership is $20 instead of $40, and school and organizational membership is $37.50 instead of $75. 

We have three specialized kits with combinations of books and videos, for School Starting, Homeschooling and Learner-centered education

You can audit the current school starter's course for $250 instead of the usual $500. The regular course is $1000. This gives you access to all resources on the course website. This will definitely be the only time this is offered. 

The Super Early Bird Rate for the Portland AERO next August ends On Tuesday. It is $200 for the whole 5 day conference. After that the rate will go up and keep rising. A surprising number of people have already registered. 

AERO new book release, Stuart Grauer's glowingly reviewed Fearless Teaching, has quickly become one of our best selling books of all time-and it is still in pre-release!

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Read Peter Berg's Blog about the AEROx

From November 20-22 we had the first AEROx regional conference in Petersham, Massachusetts, at Earthlands Retreat.
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Why today's college students don't want to be teachers
By Stephen Mucher

Campus activism is back in the news.

From Missouri to Yale to Claremont McKenna, protests have drawn attention, not only to historic inequities, but also to the dramatically different ways students experience race and ethnicity in the classroom and on the quad.

As someone who visited over two dozen campuses last year, I am not surprised by these developments. The protests, as well as their critics, say a lot about the state of American university. But this unrest may say even more about K-12 schooling.

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Pearson GERM in the Philippines Is a Scare Story for the Rest of the World

Pasi Sahlberg, Finnish educator and researcher and a visiting professor at the Harvard University School of Education, calls the Global Educational Reform Movement by its initials,  GERM. It is a great acronym for a global plague and I guess that makes Pearson Education its principle carrier.

It looks like the GERM plague has hit education in the Philippines thanks to Pearson. Curtis Riep, a doctoral student at University of Alberta in Canada, just released a study on corporatized education deform in the Philippines featuring Pearson and local affiliates and partners. He focused on APEC, a for-profit chain of low-fee private schools established through a joint venture between Pearson and the Philippine-based Ayala Group.

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"I Have No Degree. How Do I Get Others to Value Me?" - Ask John #11

Dear Mr. Gatto,

I am an auto-didactic learner. How do I get others to value me and to value what I know without the degree?

I run into this all the time even from people who profess to be promoting self directed education and selling this idea to families. I come to the table with my knowledge in a given area and am dismissed or treated as less than because I do not have the degree with letters after my name. The guy with the PhD still trumps 30,000 hours of self directed learning. It's soul crushing.


Lisa M.

Read John's response here.
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