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Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America

Summer of Justice, Wichita, KS

July 16-23, 2016




The 25th anniversary of the "Summer of Mercy" in Wichita, Kansas brought repentance, revival, and calls for justice to the heartland. Christians from around the nation gathered for Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America's July 16-23 "Summer of Justice" outreach.

Prayers and Spiritual Preparation


The "Summer of Justice" was the most prayed for event in the history of ORN/OSA and the most widely attended in twelve years. Between 650-700 saints attended Sunday's Solemn Assembly while others watched the live stream.

ORN/OSA created a prayer conference line four months prior to the "Summer of Justice." Prayer times with the conference phone number were promoted on social media. Prayer coordinator, Michelle S., hosted the weekly prayer on Sunday evenings. The corporate prayer line quickly grew to various times, four times a week. A total of 750 hours of prayer were logged. In addition, a sister prayer group hosted by Thom and Mary H. with AHA prayed regularly for the outreach.


On Saturday, July 2nd ORN/OSA also hosted a onetime corporate prayer call for representatives of other Evangelical ministries.As Christians we are commanded to "make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace" (Ephesians 4:3). In keeping with this admonition, ORN/OSA extended invitations through email, private message, phone calls, and a Facebook event page.God's Word tells us, "How good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!It is like the precious ointment upon the head, that ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments; As the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore" (Psalm 133:1-3). We were blessed to pray with representatives from Cities4Life, Abolish Human Abortion, Concerned Christian Citizens, and many others. There was no agenda. ORN/OSA simply wanted to bless God through obedience. We worshipped God and lifted each other's ministries up in prayer. We look forward to when the blessing of "life for evermore" is poured out on Wichita.


Three days of ORN/OSA corporate prayer and fasting (based on the book of Psalms) preceded the event.  On the first day of the actual event, a 24 Hour Prayer Tent was set up at a public venue. Christians from around the country joined with local Kansans to fill two hours slots with prayer and worship. The intercession then moved to the public sidewalk outside of South Wind abortion clinic, the site of George Tiller's notorious late term mill. People showed up at all hours (late night, early morning, in the heat of the afternoon) to pray against abortion and for God's forgiveness and deliverance. ORN/OSA leaders were told that some of the most powerful and anointed times of prayer happened at night. We are grateful to the young adults of New Life Drama Company and the many others who persevered in prayer during these night watches. The onsite prayer at the abortion clinic continued throughout the weeklong event.


Although ORN/OSA's main focus was on South Wind, Planned Parenthood was surrounded in worship and prayer the entire week too. Pastor Ante P. from North Carolina led the daily intercession at South Wind. Pastor Dale S. from Louisiana led the worship and prayer at Planned Parenthood. The high places of child sacrifice were encompassed by the Lord's armies throughout the entire "Summer of Justice."


At the suggestion of local Wichita resident Gail R., those who could not attend the "Summer of Justice" in person signed up to fill 54 long distance prayer slots. This means participants in the "Summer of Justice" were covered in prayer the entire week they ministered. In addition, Gail R., OSA leaders Dick M., and many others shared the "Summer of Justice" prayer need with churches and intercessory groups throughout the country. In the end, more pray was made for justice - justice for the preborn, justice for the innocent, justice for the nation- then any other ORN/OSA event in recent history.


Solemn Assembly


In keeping with the spirit of repentance, 24 local pastors and religious leaders participated in the "Summer of Justice" Solemn Assembly Sunday night. A crowd of 650 made the evening service "standing room only." The assembly was based on Joel 2:15, "Blow the trumpet in Zion, sanctify a fast, call a solemn assembly." The corporate time of confession and repentance over personal, ecclesiastical, and national sin was followed by a powerful time of prayer. Many national leaders and members of ORN/OSA are pastors or reverends. But it is always a great source of encouragement when local pastors take responsibility for the sin of abortion in their community and determine to act as gatekeepers for their city.

Ecclesiastical Court


On Thursday, July 21st the Church exercised her governmental authority against tyranny, injustice, and lawlessness in the earth. An Ecclesiastical Court held the Supreme Court of the United States in contempt of God's Holy Word and Law at the Federal Building. Eight charges were leveled. The preamble to the charges read:


Today, we as representatives of the Church of Jesus Christ, do, on this 21st, day of July, in the year of our Lord 2016, come to exercise our God ordained authority. We come to hold this federal court and the Supreme Court of the United States of America accountable before the Court of Almighty God. In fact, we hold it in contempt of the court whom every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.


The Ecclesiastical Court was convened in response to eight judicial abuses. The case and date of each of the charges was painted on a black coffin. After each charge, a relevant Bible passage was read. The Church then rendered God's verdict. As soon as the verdict was read, the coffin was thrown to the ground and stepped on in a show of subjection to the Word of God and the authority of Jesus Christ.


These unjust and wicked rulings have violated the Biblical mandate to judge justly. The Supreme Court violated its constitutional responsibility... Therefore, by the authority invested in us as ministers of the Gospel of the Kingdom we cancel these wicked decisions. We render them null and void.


Paradigm Shift to End Abortion


Probably the most important teaching that was presented during the "Summer of Justice" was the "Paradigm Shift to End Abortion." National Director, Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas laid out the principles of this paradigm shift one point at a time during the evening rallies. They are as follows:


1.      Abortion is Murder

2.      Roe vs. Wade is Legal Fiction.

3.      Courts Cannot Make Law

4.      Establish Justice by Defending the Preborn

5.      Rally the Lesser Magistrate to Defend the Preborn


"Summer of Justice" March and Anthem


In keeping with the five premises to immediately end abortion, ORN/OSA held a Justice March through downtown Wichita. Five banners displayed each of the principles. Anna J. wrote a song calling on the lesser magistrates to deliver the preborn. The song was a haunting reminder of our nations' injustice to the preborn. Song and lyrics to follow. A woman was so moved by the march, she joined the parade and later agreed to visit the evening service. During the Coming Out of the Shadows: Post Abortion Reconciliation time, she approached the altar and received her own healing. Praise God!


Coming Out of the Shadows


The last night of the evening service was dedicated to honoring elderly prolife warriors and all the OSA wives and mothers who have been the glue holding our families and ministries together all these years. Afterwards, the service concentrated on ministering to post aborted families.  


A local lady, Tina, shared how she found salvation and personal healing after her abortion. However, it wasn't until she confessed her abortion as the sin of murder that she found complete deliverance. Tina's testimony acted as a Forerunner that led Rev. Thomas to minister the Word of God and bring conviction upon the sin of abortion. He lovingly reminded them that abortion is murder. After his exhortation, an altar call was given to post-aborted women and families. As weeping women approached for prayer, other post-aborted women who had already been set free surrounded them, offered counsel, and prayed for them.


Psalm 8:2 Day


All week long, Pastor Dale S. held afternoon worship sessions for the children. On Friday morning, the children worshipped and prayed outside of the abortion clinic. "Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength because of thine enemies, that thou mightiest still the enemy and the avenger" (Psalm 8:2). A small platform was constructed on the public sidewalk. Huge replicas of the Ten Commandments served as a backdrop to the stage. The children took turns praying, reading Scripture, worshiping, and blowing the shofar as a spiritual cry for God's help. Teenagers played the instruments while younger children sang and waved flags and banners.  For over thirty minutes the children ministered to the Lord and to the lost. The children praised God and the enemy was silenced. The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church (Matthew 16:18).


A New Look for Operation Rescue National/Operation Save America


God is doing something. Thanks to national leaders Elizabeth and Patrick J. from Ohio, ORN/OSA was outfitted with "new rigging" for the "Summer of Justice." They facilitated the development of a new logo (Don't worry. Our motto, "Jesus is the Standard," is still the same.) and updated our literature pieces. They had artistic and layout help from Jonathan S. from Wisconsin. Carrie and Lucas C. from Oklahoma created powerful new signs and truth truck banners that proclaimed the Gospel while warning of abortion. They also designed all five of the "Justice March" banners. Kathy and Ante P. secured new domain names for future social media development. Jonathan S. from Louisiana broke the "live stream" barrier and officially brought ORN/OSA into the 21st Century. He is admin of the YouTube site as well. Thanks to others who have introduced ORN/OSA to Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. A BIG thank you to Pete and Micki W. from Louisiana who managed the Facebook page during the "Summer of Justice." They responded to railing accusations, vulgarity, and threats, in a biblical and Christ like way. Pete, Micki, your participation was essential to the success of the "Summer of Justice." We are looking forward to more collaboration with Christian filmmaker, Micah T. from Arizona and video producer Charity J. from Ohio. Finally, Rev. Thomas published two new booklets to equip the saints for abortion ministry, which ORN/OSA offers free of charge.


Prophetic Call to Police/Destiny's Baby/Open Letter to Law Enforcement


There was strong prophetic drama that took place in Wichita. With the advent of increased violence against our police, OSA released an "Open Letter to the Police in America." It biblically addressed the violence being committed against them. We challenged them to repent and join the Church of Jesus Christ to end the covenant with death in our nation. While we were releasing the letter, a police officer in Texas intervened to save the life of my own granddaughter who was born on the side of a road on the same day. My daughter's testimony went viral. Police departments all over America contacted the police department in Texas and shared how uplifting this testimony was in light of feeling "punched in the gut" with the loss of all their fellow officers.


The next day, we learned that a team that we sent to Kansas City for a rally and outreach ministry walked into a difficult situation. The captain of the Kansas City police department was gunned down. It was overwhelming as we considered what was unfolding through the Summer of Justice campaign. Please continue to pray and go to  www.operationsaveamerica.org and pass on the press release and Open Letter to the Police far and wide. It is more needful now than it was during our event. Thanks!


Word in Warfare


OSA targeted 7 key locations to conduct a Word in Warfare campaign. The saints unsheathed the Sword of the Spirit as God's Word was prophesied throughout Wichita. It took 3 days to proclaim Genesis to Jude. We reserved the book of Revelation for our last day of the Summer of Justice event. 22 saints declared the last 22 chapters of the book of Revelation. At the end, we prayed for the local pastors and leaders as we transferred to them all that God accomplished during the 25th anniversary of the Summer of Mercy. They have a plan and promised to bring it to the next level. We pray soon Wichita and Kansas will become abortion free and delivered from blood-guiltiness in Jesus' name.


Final Exhortation


There are 2 items that need to spread from Wichita, if we are to be good stewards of what the Lord accomplished during the Summer of Justice campaign. First, the press release and Open Letter to the Police in America needs to go far and wide. Please go to www.operationsaveamerica.org and click on the blog link. There you will find both items to send out.


Second, the main message and theme of the Summer of Justice was the 5 premises that constitute the paradigm shift to end the American holocaust. Our newest booklet, The Offering of Cain: The Paradigm Shift to End Abortion was written to carry that message from Wichita to America. You can download it from our OSA website or contact me at rusty@elijahmin.com for hard copies. There is no charge, but donations are welcomed.

Lastly, there were testimonies of God's salvation throughout the week. One night a team went to the Keepers of the Plain and ministered to hundreds of young people. All together, we believe God was glorified and Wichita was benefited Praise God!




 The March is Not Over
Come to Wichita July 16-23 to stand in the gap and make up the hedge.
Justice is calling, will we answer the call?
New promotional video to promote our OSA Summer of Justice event in Wichita, KS. Please spread far and wide. Thanks!  
This is part of our labor of love in Arkansas this past weekend. We had the blessing to co-labor with the precious Childress family. The church in Arkansas needs to come along side and help them to deliver their state from blood guiltiness in Jesus' name!
God's 3 Fold Plan for Victory in the Midst of the Battle
Invite Friends on Facebook
To those who live in Kansas, to those who are coming or perhaps are thinking on coming to our national event in Wichita, can I ask a favor?  Please invite your friends on facebook to participate in the Summer of Justice event from July 16-23, 2016.
Thanks for your consideration in this Kingdom matter to end the holocaust in Wichita and beyond in Jesus' name!
Here is our facebook event page that you can lead them to find more information.
OSA's New Banners for Truth Truck
This next one will be our back panel.
This last one will go on the other side of the truck. We are one month away to D-day in the battle to end abortion in Wichita and beyond. We are going to try and hit the altars of Moloch from every angle possible. Your prayers, love, and support are vital to our Kingdom success. Thanks and I hope to see you there!

Here are two more documents to help promote the Summer of Justice national event in Wichita. Please spread them far and wide. Thanks! 
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Pastor Rob Rotola's Welcome and Invitation to Operation Save America
Our Host Church:
Word of Life Church
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Biblical Worldview Concerning Death


Operation Save America
Operation Save America
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Band of Brothers 250 STRONG at Planned Parenthood

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The Emancipation Proclamation For The Pre-Born: Rev. Rusty Thomas

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Lower Magistrate Doctrine

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What is Operation Save America?
Blood Guiltiness and Abortion
Blood Guiltiness Doctrine by Rusty Lee Thomas
Blood Guiltiness Doctrine by Rusty Lee Thomas

Field Manual for Abortion Ministry
In the Field Manual for Abortion Ministry, Reverend Rusty Lee Thomas asks: "Does your heart break for the plight of the preborn child, made in the image of God? Does God's Word convict you to intervene, love your neighbor as yourself, be your brother's keeper, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, and rescue those unjustly sentenced to death (Matthew 22:39; Genesis 4:9; Proverbs 31:8, 9; Proverbs 24:11, 12)? Are you living out your faith at the gates of hell, the place of child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, Rev. Thomas, one of the premier leaders in the effort to end abortion, wants to welcome you to what he describes as "the battle."
The Field Manual will open your eyes to the horror of abortion and inspire actions informed by faith, hope, and charity to bring the message of Christ to those in need.

If any of you still want a hard copy or copies, send me back your address. There is no charge. Donations are accepted for shipping and handling. Once you read it, if you find any merit, please pass on this offer to others. Let the Gentle Revolution continue in Jesus' name!
One Minute For Liberty - Book Review: Abortion Violation by Rev. Rusty Thomas
One Minute For Liberty - Book Review: Abortion Violation by Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas
States of Refuge FINAL
States of Refuge Intro
You can order from the link above on Tate Publishing's website or you can order directly from us. if you plan on getting more than one copy, it would be better to order from us. Here is the breakdown of the discounts.
1 book-$25.00 plus shipping
3 books-$22.00 a copy, plus shipping.
5 books-$20.00 a copy, plus shipping
10 books or more-$18.00 a copy, plus shipping.
This has been a labor of love. Theologically, it pulls no punches. We pray the Lord use this book to touch hearts, change minds, and help defeat the culture of death savaging our nation in Jesus' mighty name!
If or when you read it, could you write us a short testimony or endorsement to help promote the book abroad? It will help for folks to write reviews once it hits Amazon and other outlets as well. Thank you!  
States of Refuge
Sign the Emancipation Proclamation for the Preborn Child
Operation Save America
Operation Save America

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

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