Spring 2017

Committed to our Mission to Empower
Women and Girls! 
More than 1,800 Founders strong
Comments from the Chair:

As Chair of the Fund for Women's Board of Trustees I am honored to be working with an  amazing group of women. In recent months I have been with: our board, the governance committee, the advocacy  committee, one of our county development committees, the grants committee, and at the sold out kick-off event  honoring our relationship with Brew HaHa!. I am finding our Founders enthusiastically committed to helping us fulfill our  mission to empower women and girls.

The Grants Committee has just finished their arduous task of carefully reviewing 100 grant requests for over $1  million. More than 40 Founder volunteers read and ranked the grant applications. Discussion about which grants would be funded took place  at the Dover Public Library and was a rich conversation. Incredible attention to detail helped people make the  difficult decision on how to invest our $190,000 for 2017. I especially valued hearing the conversations. One  Founder said, "I remember when I was a young girl and got my first pair of glasses and could really see" in  support of a program that provides glasses to school children. Another commented about how her daughter once  grew vegetables and would eat them. Around the table we had diversity in ages and career stages including a  research scientist, an executive director of a nonprofit, board members of other nonprofits, a medical doctor, a  lawyer, professionals, retirees and educators to name a few of the hats we wear. We are daughters, mothers, and grandmothers from all three counties -- a great representation of Fund for Women Founders.

The grant requests we couldn't fund far outweighed those we could fund, which reminds me why we must  continually encourage others to become Founders and encourage all who have completed their pledge to make  sustaining gifts.

Our Advocacy Committee comprises women who have been on the staff of our U.S. Congress, judges, lawyers and  activists.They are helping the FFW define our role--we know it won't be political but we will identify how we can  work in Delaware to make sure that barriers preventing the empowerment of women and girls are eliminated. During the
time I spent with them, I was in awe of their knowledge and passion. Their conversation was so enlightening and  empowering, and I was proud to be part of an organization where people would commit their most precious resource,  their time, to help others have a voice.

While I have focused on our wonderful Founders who have time to volunteer, I would be remiss if I didn't say, one of  the strengths of FFW, and what was key when I first became a Founder, is that we have no expectation of a time  commitment. We only expect for you to share the commitment to empower women and girls in Delaware through  your financial support. Our year-end campaign was our best yet and we have begun 2017 with more than 30 new  Founders bringing us to more than 1,800 Founders strong.

Thanks to you all.

Kay Keenan, FFW Chair
FFW Board of Trustees
hard at work planning
for great things in 2017

Brew HaHa! Wine, Beer and Food Event on Feb. 15th 
was a 
huge success

More than 100 Founders and friends got together  to mix and mingle while tasting great food and drinking great wine, beer and signature drinks.

Who is Alisa Morkides

We would like to give a special shout out to Alisa, a FFW Founder, who is donating  $1.00 to the Fund for Women from every bag of coffee purchased from Brandywine Coffee  Roasters sold at Brew HaHa! during the whole year of 2017. 

Not near a Brew 
You can order online at: Brandywinecoffeeroasters.com Spread the  word!

Featured Founders
March was Women's History Month and while there are many  Founders that we could congratulate and feature, we have selected  two who have made tremendous strides in life in helping others:  Pat Saunders and Sally Hawkins

Founder Pat Saunders was honored in March by Delaware Technical and Community  College as a Senior Volunteer.
L-R: Michele Whetzel, Kay Keenan, Susan Sherk, Pat Saunders,
Lu Johnston, Cynthia Primo Martin, Dr. Sharon Mossman
The honor was bestowed because Pat, who as a  volunteer for FFW writes all those handwritten welcome notes to our new Founders, has  made her life a gift to others. Noted particularly is her care for friends and strangers,  her tutoring and mentoring of young people, her work at Friendship House's Women's  Drop-In Center, and her leadership of a $1.44 million capital campaign to renovate the  kitchen that serves 20,000 meals to homeless people every year, and the installation of  a new pipe organ. Pat says, "Being busy has always been important to me... I find  activities that allow me to use the skills that I was given. In this way, I hope other people  are helped while I achieve a sense of satisfaction."  Congratulations Pat - you are an inspiration to us all!

Founder Sally Hawkins was honored for her career and volunteer work recently by the University and Whist Club.
L-R: Kay Keenan, Sally Hawkins and Susan Sherk
Sally Hawkins, who became a Founder in  2000 was a leader in the Delaware media world, a s the
EO of WILM Radio (a  CBS affiliate) for many years and a pioneer in what were then radica l changes in  radio journalism.  In her volunteer life she served on the Board of the Delaw are  Community Foundation, and was also an advocate for women to ensure they  were treate d fairly.  She was honored on International Women's Day in part  because she was the first woman admitted to membership in the formerly all- male bastion in 1988.  To celebrate her work on behalf of women, Wilmington University announced the establishment of the Sally V. Hawkins  Advancement for Women Scholarship.
Stewards of Children Training
The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children organization was created in honor of  the late Beau Biden, former Delaware Attorney General. He wanted to protect our children, and  the Foundation lives on as his legacy to continue that great work.

The Beau Biden Foundation offered the Stewards of ChildrenĀ® training to Fund for Women  Founders. There were two sessions. The first was held in Wilmington on Thursday, March 23, at the  Widener University Delaware Law School. The second was in Georgetown on April 19,  at the Brick Restaurant. The two-hour training consisted of teaching adults to prevent,  recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse. It is based on Darkness to Light's 5 Steps  to Protecting Our Children which, like the Beau Biden Foundation, believes that protecting  children is an adult responsibility, and education is critical for prevention of child sexual abuse.
Fund for Women celebrates
 7th Annual 
Fashion, Fun & Philanthropy Fashion Show
The Fund for Women in Sussex held their 7 th  annual Fashion Show on Sunday, April 9 th  at the Atlantic Sands  with almost 200 people in attendance. Attendees enjoyed delicious food, drinks, raffles, and the fashion show.  Models walked the runway with evening wear, beach attire and even with Las Vegas style clothing, just to name a
few. The FFW grantee speaker was Kasiyah Tatem, who spoke about her experience at Pathways to Success  nonprofit organization.

FFW Founders and models showcased fashions from Candlelight Bridal in Millsboro, Cleo's and Simply Dressed in  Rehoboth Beach, Lady Fenwick in Fenwick Island, Deanna's & Piccolino, The Cottage and Twila Farrell in Lewes, and Coolspring Cottage located in Lewes and Milford.

Models this year were Estee Ciarlone, Lisa Condon, Jeannie Fleming, Sarah Gilmour, Bonnie Johnson, Michelle  Leeuwen, Leslie Mergner, Carolyn Newcott, Debbie O'Donnell, Kathy Pizzadili, Marylee Phillips, Sandy Roberts,  Dawn Sbriglia, Genevieve Slater, Laura Slater, Pat Tosi and Emily Yeager. Hair and makeup for the models was
graciously donated by Bad Hair Day?, Ally and Lexi from Bling Salon and Spa, and Kelsey Dunn with Motives. Music  was provided by Tyler Collins.

Congratulations to the 12 new Founders who joined the Fund for Women. They are: Fayetta Blake, Barbara  Freimuth, Erlene George, Marie LaRoca, Richard Legatski, Rhonda Lerner, Joanne Oliver, Jane Runey, Angela  Showell, Ginny Smith Morris, Dian Stein and Patricia Woll.  Congratulations to our new Business Founder Deanna's and Piccolino from Lewes.

1) Sandy Roberts and Bonnie Johnson  2) Debbie O'Donnell and Jeannie Fleming 3) Pat Tosi and Carolyn Newcott   4) Fayetta Blake and Kathy Kiernan 5) Leslie Mergner and Emily Yeager 6) Michelle Leeuwen 7) Deb Quinton and Lynn Kokjohn 8) Marylee Phillips and Sarah Gilmour  9) Laura and Evie Slater 10) Lisa Condon 11)  Kasiyah Tatem  
2018 by 2018 Initiative
In 2010, after reaching the original  goal of 1,000 Founders, the Fund's Board of Trustees established a  new goal to grow the existing endowment by $1 million before the  Fund's 25 th  Anniversary in 2018. As of April 15, 2017, we now have  1,811  Founders. We are almost there. We are 207 Founders away  from hitting our 2018 goal.

And the Winners are...

Join us for the 2017 Grant Awards Ceremony on May 18th at the Duncan Center, Dover, DE from 5:45 - 7:30 pm. Tickets on sale now! 
Driving Force Award goes to Jane P. Wilkie
Community Activist, Volunteer, and FFW Founder
Through her hands-on volunteer work and her community outreach, Wilkie has helped increase charitable giving and grow services to Delawareans in need at many organizations including Epiphany House, Survivors of Abuse in Recovery, and the YWCA. 

"Jane has singlehandedly recruited dozens of donors and raised thousands of dollars for both the Fund for Women and the YWCA," said Maria Taylor, a Fund for Women Founder and member of the YWCA board. "At SOAR, Jane has raised more money than any other individual or corporation," Executive Director Valerie Marek said. 

Wilkie taught English as a second language at Delaware Technical Community College for 29 years before retiring in 2007. Upon retiring, Wilkie started building an endowment fund at the Delaware Community Foundation, donating each year until it was large enough to support a scholarship for international students.

Jane will be honored and receive the Driving Force Award on May 18th at the Grant Awards Ceremony to be held at the Duncan Center, Dover, DE.

Registration link above.

Save the Following Dates 
New Castle County Garden Party
Wednesday, June 7
At the home of Karen and Dr. Dave Pensak
2207 N. Grant Ave., Wilmington, DE 19806
Questions: contact Kristen Kuipers 215-704-7980

Sussex County Garden Party
Wednesday, June 7 
At the home of Kathy Kiernan
24006 Old Meadow Road, Seaford, DE 19973
Questions: Kelly Sheridan 302-856-4393

Delaware Art Museum Reception
Wednesday, July 26
2301 Kentmere Pkwy., Wilmington, DE 19806
5:30 - 7:30 pm
Curator tour of Matt Connor artist exhibit: Women in the workplace in the 50s and 60s. $35 pp / Light hors d'oeuvres and cash bar
Registration link will open approx. 1 month prior

Annual Philanthropy Breakfast
Wednesday, October 11
** New Location **
Chase Center, Wilmington Riverfront
7:30 - 9:00 am
Registration link will open approx. 1 month prior
Save the date!

With your help we can do more to empower the
Women and Girls in Delaware -
invite a friend to become a Founder,
and if you have completed your original $1,000 pledge,
commit to
becoming a 2017 Sustaining Founder.

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The Fund for Women Mission
Through collective philanthropy, the Fund for Women invests and advocates by bringing together our knowledge, passion, and commitment
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Our Vision
All women and girls in Delaware are empowered*
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* Empowered - made stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and
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**Potential - latent qualities or abilities that my be developed and lead to future success.