Free Webinar

Fundamental News Trading

Presented by: Ben Erichsen

Tuesday, June 7th, 5 - 6 pm EST, 10pm GMT


Please join us for an interactive webinar to discuss the risks, rewards, and advantage to this style of trading. During this webinar, Ben Erichsen from Juggernaut Trading will utilize NewzBlitz to discuss the following topics:


-News trading Overview
-News Tools
-Pre & Post market and the dangers of trading after-hours
-Stock Repurchase Programs
-FDA approval
-Drug Trials
-Secondary and Convertible Offerings
-Contract Awards
-Mergers and Acquisitions
-Other "in play" news trades
-Q & A



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Links - use the link below to log into the Seminar on Tuesday June 7th at 5:00 pm est.

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NewzBlitz Extended FREE Beta Trial

Juggernaut Trading Co Founder Ben Erichsen announces his long awaited News Alert Software is ready for BETA testing. Take advantage of this exclusive invitation to our VIP audience.  NewzBlitz Service during this extended BETA period will be offered FREE, followed by a one month free trial.


In addition to the real-time interpretation of press releases, which are published via software with no human oversight, NewzBlitz also provides content that is input manually.  This content ranges from analyst upgrades and downgrades to commentary on potential merger/acquisition targets by various media providers to scrutiny of company's financials by various research firms.  NewzBlitz looks for content anywhere actionable information may be found.  NewzBlitz does not create any of the content they reference.


Simply register at NewzBlitz (more information at; anyone interested in participating in the beta testing is welcome. The process of signing up takes you through a PayPal screen, but the beta period costs nothing, and at the end of the beta, NewzBlitz will be offering a one month free trial.  At any point during that time you may cancel without charge, and we will be notifying our users before the end of the free trial


About Ben Erichsen:

Some of you may know him over the years from Juggernaut Trading, webinars with Trade the News, having met him in person, etc.  For those of you who don't know him, he has been trading for twelve years.  For the past ten years, he has traded fundamental news and only fundamental news.  About 7 years ago, He began a project with a partner, a very experienced programmer with an extensive background in real-time data processing, to create a computer algorithm with the goal of replicating the way he reads press releases.  NewzBlitz is the result of this project.


We welcome your feed back and look forward to offering you this exciting unique launch.



Phone:             1-855-40-BLITZ

Thanks for your interest in NewzBlitz!
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