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Justin Smith recently "resurrected" a thread from 2011 called "Fillers During Rest Periods of Speed Work"

We were actually discussing this in a recent staff meeting. 

It really got the conversation going again. Great contributions from Devan McConnell, Matt Grimm, Ian Duffy, Joel Sink, and Kaushik Talukdar.

Our athletes tended to rush through speed work and we were looking for ways to slow them down between reps.
Find out my solution here.

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Strength Coach Podcast
Episode 207Barry Solan, Arsenal FC
Barry joins Anthony to talk about:
 ** Communication and Coaching
 ** Working around the yearly schedule
** Working with other coaches
** His role within the organization
** Working with the Medical Team on return to Play
** How we can train soccer players better

Strength Coach TV
Anthony has brought back Strength Coach TV.  If you own a gym or you are thinking of starting one, this is an invaluable resource. Check out these facilities:
Episode 20- Tuff Girl Fitness, Hamden, CT
Episode 21- Ranfone Training Systems, Hamden, CT
Episode 22- MBSC- Woburn, MA
Episode 23- Athletic Movement Protocol (AMP)- Syosset, NY
Episode 24- Achieve Fitness Boston, Somerville, MA
Episode 25- Cressey Sports Performance, Hudson, MA
Episode 26- Pure Performance, Needham, MA
Episode 27- Train 2 Xcel, Ridgefield, CT

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