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The blind leading the blind
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Good Works:  Looking for a great way to bond as a family and show your kids what being the hands and feet of Jesus means, all while sharing the love of God through serving? 
Then we invite you and your family to a Good Works workday on Saturday, May 5 th . If you would like to serve, please contact Sheldon Witmer at for more information, and to let him know how many are able to join the work crew that day.

Parenting Today's Teens
By Mark Gregston

“Pushing Back Against a Teen Culture of Entitlement”

I recently saw a clever commercial that appeals directly to the members of a “me-first” generation. It was an ad for a huge, 3D, LED TV with wireless capabilities, crystal-clear picture, and crisp sound. I think it even had a built-in cappuccino maker. Obviously, the price of this TV was higher than your average…

This Wednesday: Peter writes in his letter 1 Peter 5:8 “Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.” Satan is also smart, he’s strategic. He’s been in the business of trying to trip up humans for a long time. Thankfully, we serve an even bigger, stronger, more powerful and loving God who has let us in on Satan’s strategies, or favorite arrows. That’s the title of our new series, “Satan’s Favorite Arrows.”
One arrow includes conversations and situations where we would all have made different decisions than we did. The first of “Satan’s Favorite Arrows” is… well, we wouldn’t want to spoil it. Students are invited to join us to find out.

Next Wednesday: We continue learning about Satan’s strategies in our series “Satan’s Favorite Arrows.” Part two takes a look at our current culture and the arrow aimed at our calendars. We invite students to come find out what the second arrow in Satan’s arsenal is.

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