August 2017
Dear HR Colleagues,
Over the last several months, the Ufirst team has developed the most recent prototype of the Workday product. The scope for Prototype 1, or P1, includes business processes supporting our Core Human Capital Management, Compensation, Recruiting, and Performance Management functions.
Beginning in September 2017, the Ufirst project team will host Workday Preview and Feedback Sessions for the HR community, leadership, faculty, staff, and team members. This is an opportunity for you to see the outcome of the partnership of Subject Matter Resources and the Ufirst team over the last year. The sessions will demonstrate the Workday technology and explore its role in the streamlining and simplification of HR processes. Specifically, they will show how Workday can be used to change benefit elections, enter and approve time, and support the recruitment for faculty, staff, and team members. Watch for an invitation coming soon, and we look forward to receiving your feedback via these sessions. This will be the first of three sessions over the next several months that will result in the ongoing iterative refinement of Workday functionality.
In September, we will begin reaching out beyond the HR community to engage with those served by the HR organization. This will include manager awareness of the Ufirst transformation, the Workday system, and the new HR organization. We will describe how the results of these changes will affect them and the conversations will be supported via a refreshed and revised Ufirst website. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you, the HR Community, as we consider how best to prepare and support our colleagues in the Academic Division and Health System for these changes.
Our partnership has been, and will continue to be essential for our success. I am most grateful for your continued engagement and support of the Ufirst project. Thank you.
Sincerely yours, 
Sean Jackson
Executive Director, Ufirst Project
Future-State Updates
Prepare for Wave 2 of the Talent Selection Process 
Start preparing now for Wave 2 positions that will be posted on September 11. Here are three ways to get started:

Attend the professional development event
Thursday, August 31,11:30am - 1:30pm at Bavaro, Holloway Hall
  • Get tips to prepare for your interview
  • Practice your interview skills in mock interviews
  • Ask questions about the future-state service delivery model and positions

Sign up for talent transition coaching
  • Get support identifying Wave 2 positions that fit your knowledge, skills, and abilities 
  • Receive tips on completing your application and highlighting your accomplishments
  • Review interview feedback from Wave 1 below
*Uncertain if you need coaching? See FAQs below.

Review talent selection resources
  • Review Talent Selection Process timelines
  • Begin career planning
  • Get ready for applying and interviewing

Please note that due to the changes in the organizational structure that was presented at the July HRCC meeting there are a few new positions for which job descriptions are not yet posted. These job descriptions will be available on the Ufirst website on September 1.
Preparing for Change
Change can be challenging. Watch the Ufirst website and other announcements for resources, tools, and tips to support you.

Learn how to build resilience in times of change and explore seven ways to strengthen your resilience muscle .
Get Involved! New HR Technology to be Previewed Next Month

The Ufirst project is nearing an important milestone – the completion of the first prototype (also called the P1 tenant) of its new and innovative technology, Workday. Receiving feedback from HR and other partners at this stage is critical to ensuring that we build a system with processes that meet HR, faculty, staff, and team member needs. As such, HR Preview and Feedback Sessions are being held the week of September 11. Sessions will be offered for managers, faculty, staff, and team members the weeks of September 18 and 25.
The objectives of the HR and Customer Preview and Feedback Sessions are to:
  • Introduce the future-state HR solution, Workday
  • Demonstrate how the processes and technology support the future-state HR service delivery model
  • Engage multiple stakeholders
  • Gather feedback on the designed processes and services

During these sessions, participants will take a look into the following processes across stakeholder groups:
  • Performance Appraisals
  • Recruiting
  • Compensation
  • Employee self-service (i.e. changing benefits, entering time, requesting time off, state and federal withholding elections, etc.)
For those not able to attend the sessions in person, access to demonstrations of key Workday processes will be available for review on the Ufirst website , where all members of the University community can provide feedback. Additional Preview and Feedback Sessions will be held in 2018. 

The Ufirst project team is working with Voice of the Customer (VOC) representatives to identify approximately 500 faculty, staff, and team members from across the University to participate in the Preview and Feedback sessions.
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Project Priorities
Wave 1 Interview Feedback

The Ufirst team asked the Wave 1 hiring manager proxies to offer themes and suggestions for Wave 2 applicants based on their interview experiences. To better prepare for Wave 2, here are the tips they shared:
  • When given the opportunity to ask questions about the position, come prepared with questions you might ask if you were actually just starting in that role. This demonstrates thorough understanding of and excitement for the position, as well as a forward thinking mind-set.
  • For each position, prepare specific examples of experiences, projects, and outcomes that demonstrate an ability to perform in the role.
  • Practice the behavioral based questions so you can speak to specific situations and provide specific examples that prove you have the knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the work for that specific role. Avoid answering questions with generalizations and concepts that do not capture the work you have done that would prepare you for the position.
  • If reaching beyond your current role, vividly paint the picture of why this role is the right fit, right now. What experiences, even if nontraditional, support your case for consideration?
  • To facilitate opportunities to practice interview questions, have someone in your unit post a “question of the day” and practice your answer with each of your colleagues. Here's the list of questions.
Onboarding New Hires: Checklists Introduced for Academic Division 

Managers and new hires have been asking for onboarding resources to support a strong start for every new staff and team member at UVA and here they are!

The checklists build on existing best practice in the organization as well as feedback received from SMRs and other partners. These updates are the first of several positive changes that are planned for the onboarding process. 

Get the new checklist now.

Please contact Leslie Andrus with feedback and make sure to update any departmental links to these checklists. 
Partnership with Medical Center Nursing

The Ufirst Talent Management team met with Nursing Leadership at the Medical Center earlier this month. Nursing has the largest staff population (2,500+!) and competency demonstration and tracking are heavily regulated by the Joint Commission. Additionally, they have leading Talent Management practices (e.g., certifications, PM goal setting and feedback) that they participate in as a part of their Magnet designation.

In the meeting, a demonstration of Workday, targeted specifically to Medical Center needs, was shown. Key components included Talent Profile, Performance Management, and new hire and ongoing/annual competency management.

Meeting participants were very engaged and voiced appreciation for being included in these early planning discussions, which are necessary due to the volume of work to be done to ensure that Workday supports of nursing staff processes.

Comments from the meeting include:
  • "I am blown away by the fact that we will finally be able to track BSNs (Bachelor of Science in Nursing). This has been a pain point for years."
  • "This is exciting (competency tracking) but we (Patient Care Services) have much work to do to get ready."

Thank you to the Medical Center Nursing team for their partnership and their clinical expertise to revise and update competencies!
HR Community Circle
Next meeting: Tuesday, September 19, 8:30 - 10:00 a.m. at Bavaro, Holloway Hall

Have a suggestion for a meeting topic? Email the HRCC Planning Committee to share your thoughts
Top Questions This Month
How is Wave 2 coaching different from career support services?
Wave 2 coaching is focused on supporting you through the Wave 2 application process. Career support services are focused on supporting you in finding positions outside of HR after all of your HR options have been exhausted.

Is coaching required to access additional career support services?
If you do plan to apply for positions in Wave 2, coaching is optional but encouraged.

If you do not plan to apply for a Wave 2 position and you have not already accepted a future-state HR position, coaching is required in order to access career support services and salary grandfathering for positions outside of HR. We want to ensure that no one overlooks a Wave 2 opportunity that aligns with their knowledge, skills, and abilities positioning them for success
How long will salaries will be grandfathered for HR positions and for positions taken outside of HR once the talent selection process has concluded?
The intent is that people who move to non-HR positions move to comparable jobs with comparable salaries; otherwise, the salary will be grandfathered as long as the individual holds that position.
Have more questions? Check out the Ufirst FAQs
Can't find what you need? Email the Ufirst project team
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