May 2017

Dear Colleagues,    

What a month it has been. A great deal of information has been shared and we have held numerous events to communicate how we will move forward with the Ufirst transformation together, from updating you on market ranges for the future HR roles, to the first Workday demonstrations, to the roll out of the talent selection process. As always, I am thankful for your contributions and continued engagement as we launch the next critical phase in the project tomorrow, the talent selection process.

I know that embarking on the talent selection process touches each of you differently. Thinking about your career goals and your place in the new HR organization is very personal, and the uncertainty of where you’ll be working, with whom, and doing what can be unsettling. I appreciate your willingness to take this journey with me and know that together, we are creating something that will have a positive impact for those we serve.

At the information fair earlier this month, we asked what excites you about the future of HR at UVA, and the opportunity for personal and professional growth was among the most common responses. As we take this next step together, I hope that you will focus on the opportunity for growth that it presents.

I’m reminded of the words of Alan Kay, an innovator and luminary of the tech world, who wisely observed that “the best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Tomorrow, you will begin creating your new future at UVA. I urge you to embrace what is possible in the new HR organization- what you can do, what you can become, what you can achieve. This is important because it takes a dedicated community of HR professionals to create a promising new future for HR, and ultimately, everyone at UVA.

Together, I know we will succeed, and I look forward to continuing the journey with you. 

  Sincerely yours, 
Kelley Stuck
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
University of Virginia
Talent Selection Process
Understanding and Preparing

Understanding the Process

Preparing for the Process

Begin Career Planning

The Application Process 

Read application tips and fill out the application worksheet (scroll to "Get Ready for Applying and Interviewing" for the worksheet) so you are ready to apply on June 1

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Check your email tomorrow, June 1, for a link to the application for wave 1 future-state HR positions
The Interview Process

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Project Priorities

The Ufirst Information Fair

On Tuesday, May 9, the Ufirst project team hosted an Information Fair for the HR Community. The fair provided an introduction to the talent selection process, a demonstration of the new, cloud-based HR technology, information on future-state services, and professional development resources. There were over 275 attendees and 48 on-site registrations for one-on-one talent transition coaching sessions. Thank you to everyone who participated in this great event. 

Congrats to Our Information Fair Prize Winners!
Pat Sclater, Lori Willy, Whitney Richardson, Sue Loving, and Rachel Parsley

What motivates you as an HR professional?
What excites you most about future-state HR?

Talent Transition Coaching Sessions

In the last two weeks, the Ufirst project team hosted over 100 one-on-one talent transition coaching sessions with impacted employees. These sessions offered the opportunity to ask questions about the talent selection process, review career planning resources, and prepare for applying and interviewing for future-state HR positions.

One participant shared this testimonial: "After my individual talent transition coaching session, I feel more confident, prepared to submit my application, and know what to expect through the process. My coach was encouraging, thoughtful, and it was a great investment in my future in Human Resources."

Thank you to all coaches for their time, commitment, and dedication to their HR colleagues!

Workday Kickoff Event

At the HR Community Circle meeting on Tuesday, May 23, the Ufirst project team hosted a Workday kickoff event. The presentation included information on why Workday is the right choice for UVA and an overview of what to expect during implementation. For more information, see the full presentation (select "Ufirst slides").

Partnerships Across Grounds
"Every day, I learn something new. One of these learning opportunities was working in Qualtrics. I was asked to build a tool for the future-state HR application system. My colleagues Bob and Jordan made learning this new skill much easier for me. Along the journey, I’ve seen evolutionary changes. We are moving from a traditional and conventional delivery model to a more futuristic delivery model. During this process, I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with great people and great minds. These colleagues are committed with an incredibly strong work ethic. Being part of this exciting transformative initiative is a wonderful feeling. A feeling that we are building a better tomorrow, today."

Alex (Joy) Joy
Selection Administration Manager,  Ufirst
“From my work on the UHR Strategic Systems and Support team, I've learned Salesforce skills supporting the HR Solution Center. These skills have allowed me to partner with the Ufirst project team to build a Salesforce application that will manage the talent selection and transition process. Having an opportunity to contribute to the process in such a direct way is very rewarding, and the collaboration with my Ufirst colleagues Joy and Jordan has been fantastic. Joy has done a great job with Qualtrics and Jordan has amazing Excel skills. We three are a lean team, and the rapid development we’ve accomplished in the cloud has been exhilarating. Clicks not code!”  

Bob Romanko  
Chief Engineer, UHR Strategic Systems & Support
"Working with Bob and Joy on a quick turn-around, technically challenging project really allowed us to see how seamlessly and quickly we could make decisions and create a product that will add huge value to the future-state. Never having worked with them directly before, it was amazing to see how we clicked and got things done. They are two really hard working and smart guys and great resources to have in HR."

 Jordan McLaughlin
Recruitment Specialist, Ufirst 
Do you have a great story of partnership with your colleagues across Grounds? 
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HR Community Circle
Next meeting: Tuesday, June 20,  8:30 - 10:00 a.m. at Sandridge Auditorium, McKim Hall

Missed the HRCC meeting this month? Check out what you missed

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Top Questions This Month
Will salaries be grandfathered and red-circled?
Impacted employee’s salaries will be grandfathered – meaning their salaries will not be reduced. Employees who are “red-circled”-- meaning that their grandfathered salary is above the range for their position -- will receive a lump sum bonus when merit increases are awarded, but their base salary will not change. Since compensation ranges are reviewed on a regular cycle, it is possible that the top of the range will exceed the individual’s salary at some point in the future. At this point, the individual would begin receiving base increases.

If employees meet the minimum qualifications, are they guaranteed an interview?  
It is the hiring manager’s decision as to whom he/she chooses to interview, based on the available pool. This means that you are not guaranteed an interview for all positions, even if you meet the minimum qualifications. However, all employees who meet minimum qualifications for one or more positions are guaranteed at least one interview.

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