June 2017

Dear Colleagues,

By the time this newsletter hits your inbox, the UVA HR community will have scheduled, conducted, and participated in approximately 200 interviews as part of the first wave of the talent selection process. I use the term community deliberately, because only a community could deliver engagement at the high levels we’re experiencing. For the 59 internally-competitive positions in Wave 1, we received 583 applications from 171 applicants. Volunteers from across Grounds have logged hundreds of hours providing one-on-one coaching, system demonstrations, interview feedback, application review, and other professional development opportunities.   

This process was truly collaborative in every way. There was an incredible amount of work behind the scenes to make this massive undertaking run so smoothly. (Learn more about the details in the Project Priorities section below.) There was also and an incredible amount of work that candidates put into preparing, applying, and interviewing.  

By far, the greatest involvement from the HR community was for those being interviewed, each of whom received an email with details about where to go, when to arrive, what to expect, with whom they would be interviewing, and which position they would be discussing. While this process is not always easy, many candidates and interviewers have found it to be a positive and rewarding experience.  

“This was actually fun.”  

“This was a positive experience.”  

“Thank you for your work to coordinate the interview process. From a candidate perspective, I think that the scheduling was very easy, location works nicely (particularly for parking) and the directions were very clear.”  

“From an interviewer perspective, everything was made very easy – the materials were organized and given to with clear instructions which made the process efficient and positive.”

In July, another 65 applicants will interview for the role of HR Business Partner and Senior HR Business Partner, and we are working to ensure that all involved have a similarly positive experience.  

Thank you to the Talent Transition team and those who acted as proxy hiring managers for the great gift of time. Thank you to all the candidates who applied and interviewed and to their managers who provided support and flexibility. Thank you to the entire HR Community for your dedication and trust during this process and for your contribution to create the new Human Resources at the University of Virginia.  

Sincerely yours, 
Michael Latsko
Senior Director, HR Strategic Initiatives

University of Virginia
Future-state Updates
What's Next?
Business Partner Interviews to Occur in July
The Business Partner (BP) and Senior Business Partner (Sr. BPs) interviews will now be managed in their own wave (the application process will not change and all applications were submitted in Wave 1). Interviews for BPs and Sr. BPs will begin July 10th and conclude by the end of July or as soon as schedules allow. The interview scheduling will take place at the end of June. BP and Sr. BP applicants who applied for, and are offered, other positions in Wave 1 may accept a position and still participate in the BP and Sr. BP interview process.

Some Interviews Moving to Wave 2
To better align the hiring of positions with the anticipated launch dates of their associated services, interviews for the following positions will be moved to the Wave 2 timeline. Interviews for these positions will be scheduled September 1822 to take place September 25 – October 6. The applicant pool for these positions will be those who submitted applications during Wave 1. Applications submitted in Wave 1 will make up the applicant pool for these positions. Only the interviews will take place during Wave 2.
  • Manager, HR Business Ops (1)
  • HR Sr. Specialist, Policy, Risk Mgmt, and Compliance (1)
  • HR Specialist, Policy, Risk Mgmt, and Compliance (1)
  • HR Sr. Specialist IMPACT & Decision Support (1)
  • HR Analyst IMPACT & Decision Support (2)
  • HR Manager, Health System Talent Recruitment, Medical Center (1)
  • HR Manager, Academic Health Talent Recruitment, SOM/UPG (1) 

Preparing for Change
We all know change can be challenging. Each month, the Ufirst project team will provide resources, tools, and tips to support you.

Watch a
short film on gratitude by Louis Schwartzberg  to learn how to focus on the positive and to look forward to the opportunities ahead. 
Submit Questions: HRCC Panel Discussion
The July HRCC meeting will feature a panel of executive sponsors and senior leaders discussing the Ufirst project and answering questions directly from the HR Community. 

Please submit questions now! Email ufirst@virginia.edu  or submit an anonymous question on the Ufirst website.  

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Project Priorities
The Talent Selection Process: Behind the Scenes 

Before interviews began, there was an incredible amount of work to prepare the application software, schedule interviews, arrange logistics, keep the website and FAQs updated, send email communications, and responding to questions, etc. Special thanks to: Kathleen Aliff*, Julie Bird, Jeremy Duff*, Melissa Frederick, Gary Helmuth, Joanne Hoagland, Heather Humphrey, Alex Joy, E.J. Lomax*, Rose Markey, Jordan McLaughlin*, Erica Perkins, Bob Romanko, Chris Smarte, Lisa Stokes, and Amanda Walsh* .

The Talent Transition team also relied on the talents and time of interviewers, over 20 in all, from across the University who took their roles very seriously. Special thanks to: Ginny Clemenko, Mark Dunn, Joe Esposito, Veronica Ford, Cayce Fournier, Bryan Garey, Aaron Gilley*, Susan Harris, Kelly Hochstetler, Althea Howell, Barbara Kessler*, Christina Landes, Michael Latsko, Jenn Oliver, Christine Rudge, McLean Schoonover, Steve Snyder, Bobbi Thibo, Janet Turner-Giles, Tricia Van Hook, and Erica Wheat.

The Talent Transition team
also tapped recruiters from outside the Ufirst project to help. Special thanks to: AJ Davidson, Candy Perry, and Monica Petrich.

*Also served as coordinating recruiter

The Ufirst Professional Development Event 
On May 30, the Ufirst project team hosted a professional development event for the HR community in preparation for the talent selection process. Over 75 people participated in an interview skills workshop, preparation tips presentation, and mock interviews led by leaders from across the University.

Feedback from Participants:
“This was very helpful.”

“Thank you for all of the resources the Ufirst project team has provided to make us all a success.”

“Great tools, very useful.” 

Feedback from Interviewers
“Thank you for asking me to do this, it was a very rewarding experience."

"This experience was humbling, fulfilling, and an opportunity to give back. I feel like I was living the ASPIRE values.
Of the people I met with, I observed that the situation was very nerve racking for them, yet everyone is trying to figure out how to be part of what is happening and trying to show up positively and remember their value.  

I encouraged people to remember why they are here. Why they are proud to work in HR.  Why they do the work they do. I suggested: Remember your skill sets and what brings you here. What your connection is to the department, the team you are part of, the overall organization and how you make it better. Initially, I could see their struggle but everyone was clear on their answers to those questions once they walked away. They expressed that they were so glad they had done this even though it was difficult. It was nice to remind people of their “why”, how to be true to who you are and you will be where you should be at the end of the day.    

I was proud of each of them. And it helped me. I realized I was telling people what I needed to hear myself. I realized it is important to always know your value. It was life changing for me!"

Partnerships Across Grounds
"The FEAP team is delighted to participate in the Ufirst project, whether it is through presentations to help with interview skills and stress management or through 1:1 consultation to help candidates put their best foot forward. FEAP consultants have met with many HR colleagues and remain supportive and available throughout this process. We have a wealth of clinical experience, vast knowledge of the Academic/HS/UPG communities, and are uniquely qualified to help team members and employees look at their life stage and career preferences. We are a free, short-term counseling resource and are completely CONFIDENTIAL. As Director of FEAP, I am privileged to be your advocate and ensure the FEAP team works with you through these Ufirst changes in whatever ways meet your needs. Organizational change isn’t necessarily easy but it is a consistent aspect of every great University and all of us have the opportunity to fit into the changes well. FEAP is here to help you be your best."

Brenda Wilson, LCSW, CEAP, GCM
Faculty and Employee Assistance Program
"I enjoyed collaborating with my colleagues on the UFirst project team to deliver an Interviewing Skills Workshop at the Professional Development event on May 30. Because interviewing is an experience that we tend to encounter infrequently, some advance planning and preparation can go a long way. We focused on ways to identify key skills and experiences to highlight in interviews and strategies candidates may employ to tailor their approach to each position of interest. We were overwhelmed by the generosity of many UVA colleagues who volunteered several hours of their time to conduct mock interviews for impacted employees. Special thanks to: Katherine DiResta, Tiffany Wilson, Janet Turner-Giles, Amanda Panarese, Lawton Tufts, Brad Holland, Rachel Spraker, Nicole Eramo, Liz Sprouse, Dillon Kuhn, Keith Donnelly, Becca White, Chris Branin, AJ Davidson, Kate Duvall, Christina Sheffield, Sallie Lewis, and Trish Romer. I look forward to a second Professional Development event and working with our HR colleagues for Wave 2."

Carolyn Kalantari 
Dual Career Director
Office of the Executive Vice Present and Provost
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HR Community Circle
Next meeting: Tuesday, July 18,  8:30 - 10:00 a.m. at  Ruffner Hall, G008

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HRCC Panel Discussion
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Top Questions This Month
Will I receive feedback about why I was not selected to interview for a specific position?
Feedback about individual applications is not feasible due to the volume of applicants and the timeline of the process. However, in preparation for the posting of Wave 2 positions, individual coaching sessions will be available for Wave 2 applicants where they may receive general guidance and feedback about submitting future applications. Signups for Wave 2 coaching will be available in August.  

Who decided which applicants received an interview? 
Hiring managers or their proxies were responsible for identifying the applicants to interview.  

I applied for a Business Partner position. Why have I received a notification email but my interview has not yet been scheduled?
Due to the change in the interview timeline for Business Partners, BP interviews will take place in July, the interviews have not been scheduled yet. However, those who have been selected to interview have received an email from a Ufirst Talent Transition team recruiter notifying them that they will receive a call to schedule their BP interview by June 30th.

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