July 2017

Dear HR Colleagues,

Over the last several months, we have experienced many firsts together. Chief among them is the completion of the first wave of the talent selection process. Through this experience, we have had the opportunity to get to know our talent better, and we now have a first glimpse into our future and the many opportunities for growth it offers.  

By now, some of you know your position in the new HR organization. For others, the future remains uncertain. We understand the anxiety that can accompany the unknown and want to do all we can to support you through this challenging time. Our continued commitment to provide support as you explore your career opportunities, either in our new HR organization or in another area of the University, is sincere. Please know that we are here for you, and that every colleague is valued.  

For those colleagues who are still engaged in the talent selection process, we will continue to provide career counseling support through one-on-one coaching, interview feedback, application review, and other professional development opportunities. As a reminder, wave 2 positions will open on September 11.  

With so much activity focused on building the new HR, it might be easy to overlook the great work that is happening to maintain operations in the current state. The past several months have demanded that we strike a balance between serving our customers today, while planning for the future. This is a significant challenge that you have met with professionalism and an unwavering commitment to service. I thank and commend you for these efforts, and ask that you continue to focus on our customers as the transition to the future-state moves forward.  

As always, I’m grateful for your patience, dedication, and partnership, and look forward to continuing on our journey.

Sincerely yours, 
Kelley Stuck
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
University of Virginia 
Future-state Updates
What's Next for Wave 2?
  • Look for an invitation at the end of August for the wave 2 professional development event. 
  • Wave 2 positions will post on September 11, with applications due September 15. 
  • Wave 2 interviews will be held September 25 – October 6 with offers made October 16 – 27. 
  • The target is to identify the individuals filling future-state HR roles by November 2017.

Review the Talent Selection Overview

Preparing for Change
We all know change can be challenging. Each month, the Ufirst project team will provide resources, tools, and tips to support you.

Here are seven tips to make coping with change a little easier.

HRCC Panel Discussion
This month’s HRCC meeting featured a panel of organizational leaders to answer questions about the Ufirst project. Thank you to Pat Hogan, Anda Webb, and Mike Marquardt for serving on the panel.   

The three leaders answered questions submitted in advance by the HR community and took questions from the audience. Pat Hogan reminded the group that, “I believe Ufirst is about teaching you new ways to work using the latest technology. We’re asking a lot of you and we appreciate your willingness to take this journey with us.”   

The panelists reinforced their beliefs in the value that the HR transformation will deliver, as well as the University’s commitment to transparency and appreciation for all members of the HR community. 
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Project Priorities
Milestone Planning

The Ufirst project team has been working diligently to create a plan for each Community of Expertise (CoE) launch with many of our partners from the HR community. The purpose of creating a launch process will ensure that we have a smooth and seamless transition with the standup of each CoE. Additionally, the team has established preliminary metrics to monitor performance. Ufirst Facilities and Training teams are actively working on requirements and solutions in preparation for onboarding future-state resources.

Future-state HR Services Launch Work

Future-state HR Services Milestone Plan 
Organizational Chart Updates
CHRO Kelley Stuck presented recent changes to the future-state HR organizational chart at the July HRCC meeting. These changes, based on feedback from across the University, resulted in the addition of nine positions. The changes exemplify the iterative nature of the Ufirst project and the ability to make modifications as we hear feedback and move through the transformation. Organizational chart changes will be posted on the Ufirst website the first week of August.

Overview of Changes:
  • Added 5 new HR Business Partner opportunities supporting the following schools/units:
    • SEAS
    • Batten / Curry
    • Arts & Sciences / Library
    • SOM / HS Library
    • Facilities Management
  • Upgraded from Business Partner to Sr. HR Business Partner for President’s Office, EVP & COO, SVP for Operations, Advancement, Diversity, Student Affairs, and Police Department
  • Added 2 new Talent Support, Academic opportunities
    • HR Assistant, Talent Support
    • HR Associate, Talent Support
  • Moved 2 HR Associate, Talent Support Health System, and 2 HR Assistant, Talent Support Health System from the Service COE to the Talent COE under Talent Recruitment
  • Added 1 HR Consultant, Organizational Development Health System opportunity
  • Added 1 Sr. Consultant, Performance Management, Health System opportunity
  • Changed reporting structure for the Health System, Senior Director, Service; this position will now have a solid line to the CHRO with a dotted line to AVP Service
  • Removed Manager, Medical Center Recruitment position and Manager, School of Medicine Recruitment position
  • Added 1 Director, HR Health System Talent Recruitment opportunity
  • Upgraded the Director, HR Talent Recruitment to Sr. Director, HR Talent Recruitment
  • Added 1 Recruiter, Non-nursing opportunity

Partnerships Across Grounds
“The talent selection process ran like a well-oiled machine over the last several weeks. 

From collaborating with our internal project team members to our proxy hiring managers and the candidates – I believe the team did a nice job respecting our colleagues through this process. 

All of our hiring partners have been extremely diligent, professional, and flexible with their time. They were dedicated to the process and their responsibilities. 

It was a true team effort that I’m proud to be a part of.”  

Jeremy Duff
Ufirst Talent Recruitment Lead
"It was an honor to be chosen as a hiring partner with the Ufirst project team on the wave 1 hiring process. The Darden Inn seemed to be just the right venue to support our unique situation. The recruiters made sure we had everything we needed and ensured each candidate was well taken care of, honoring their privacy as they were escorted to and from the interview rooms.

I was most impressed with the individuals with whom I had the pleasure of meeting. It was evident that people took this process seriously and I learned so much from their experiences. I was moved to tears hearing stories about their love of UVA and passion for the work they do. These are the faces behind the titles and numbers on the org charts and I will be humbled to count myself among them as we work together to transform HR at the University of Virginia.”  

Christina L. Landes, M.S. Ed., SHRM-SCP
Manager, HR Consulting Services
University Human Resources
Do you have a great story of partnership with your colleagues across Grounds? 
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HR Community Circle
Next meeting: Tuesday, August 15,  8:30 - 10:00 a.m. at  Ruffner Hall, G008 

Have a suggestion for a meeting topic? Email the HRCC Planning Committee to share your thoughts
Top Questions This Month
As verbal offers are being made, what happens to positions that are declined? 
As declined positions are identified, if there is a secondary qualified candidate selected by the hiring partners and approved by the CHRO, the candidate will receive a verbal offer and have the opportunity to verbally accept or decline the offer within three calendar days.

What happens if I do not receive an initial verbal offer?
There are several options if you do not receive an initial offer for a wave 1 position. You may: 
  • Possibly receive an offer for a declined position
  • Apply for wave 2 positions
  • Apply for HR positions that post externally if you did not apply during the internally competitive process
  • Participate in career support services and apply for positions elsewhere within UVA.  To participate in career support services, impacted employees must participate in the internally competitive process

This is a fluid process and, as individuals make personal choices, other opportunities may arise.  

Will my salary be grandfathered if I am not offered a position in future-state HR and take a position outside of HR?
Salary grandfathering applies to all impacted employees who accept positions in future-state HR or who apply but are not offered a future-state HR position and move to a position elsewhere in the University. The intent is that people who move to non-HR positions move to comparable jobs with comparable salaries; otherwise, the salary will be grandfathered as long as the individual holds that position.  

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