Talent Selection Process Updates

Filled future-state HR positions and wave 2 position updates, professional development event details, coaching session signups 


Filled Future-state Positions and Wave 2 Position Updates

Access the list of filled positions as of today, Tuesday, August 15, and review wave 2 positions to identify those positions for which you want to apply. (List is protected by Netbadge.)

Professional Development Event

Thursday, August 31 from 11:30am - 1:30pm at Bavaro, Holloway Hall

The professional development event is a great way to prepare for the talent selection process. Attend the event and expect to: 

  • Get tips to prepare for your interview
  • Practice your interview skills in mock interviews
  • Ask questions about the future-state service delivery model and positions

Registration is required. Please note that this is the second professional development event offered. The content will be consistent with the first professional development event held in May. All are welcome and encouraged to participate, even if you attended the first event.

Coaching Session Signup 

Sign up for a talent transition coaching session to:

  • Get support on identifying wave 2 positions that fit your knowledge, skills, and abilities 
  • Receive tips on completing your application and highlighting your accomplishments

If you do plan to apply for positions in wave 2, coaching is optional but encouraged.

If you do not plan to apply for a wave 2 position and you have not already accepted a future-state HR position, coaching is required in order to access career support services and salary grandfathering for positions outside of HR. We want to ensure that no one overlooks a wave 2 opportunity that aligns with their knowledge, skills, and abilities, positioning them for success. 

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