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C lient  Spotlight: Lisa Goldsberry




Jaqui, Lisa & Emily


Lisa  has been a regular client at Future Shapes for about a year, but has always been about keeping fit.  As a former athlete, she was always doing something like Zumba, bootcamps and even working out in her basement.  She is disciplined but she "needs the company" as she reports.  Lisa owns her own business and works from home part time and now the kids are more independent with one in college and the other one driving himself.   The transition from being a busy mom to now working from her home has lead her to workout with a trainer.  It is "social" she says, but she really "hits it hard."   She is comfortably pushed in areas where she might not push herself.  Although being an athlete and always doing it herself, she see's the benefits of working out with Emily.  Lisa reports that she is definitely stronger. Even though her sessions are twice a week with  ½ hour each time, she has experienced a change in her strength.

Lisa's son and daughter have joined in on some of her sessions at FS.  She likes the idea that they receive instructions on form and functional training.  In the long run, this training will prevent injuries she says.   


As a cancer survivor and navigating the medical costs,  Lisa began to reflect on the money she spent on her treatments. She concluded that it is equally as important to spend the money in staying healthy. "You have to reset the way you're thinking about this." Although she pondered "is it worth the costs or should I just do it or not? Call it preventive, or just feeling good," Lisa decided she's not going to feel bad about spending money on herself by working with a personal trainer.


Thank you Lisa for being part of the FS family. 


Meal Planning & Preparation


"Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail"


If you are really SERIOUS about making a change in your nutrition then meal planning is a must.  


Think for a moment about the areas in your life that you excel at... Maybe you run a successful business or household, you have a successful career, you exercise consistently, [insert your thing].  Whatever it may be, my guess is that the success you are experiencing didn't just happen, there was a lot that went into getting where you are right now...including planning.


When I made the conscious decision to start preparing the large majority of our meals and changing the composition of those meals, I had to make some tough decisions.  You see; we all have the same 24 hours in a day.  We have to choose wisely how to spend it.  If eating nutrient dense whole foods is a priority for you then you will make the time to plan your meals and prepare them.  


The things we spend our time and money dictate what are important to us.


  If you are not spending your time and money on things that are moving your closer to your goals, then it's time to make some changes.


I used to really enjoy mindless time in front of the TV several nights a week and on the weekends watching my favorite programs.  But I quickly realized that my screen time was going to need to go if I wanted to make the time to plan and prepare my meals.  Please don't think that I am looking down on you or that it's "bad" if you enjoy TV, but for me it was no longer serving me in a positive way and it wasn't moving me closer to my goals of a healthier and happier me.  Individuals have to take a look at what is important to him or her and choose how he or she is going to spend their time.


Once I made the time in my calendar to plan and prepare my meals, I started looking better, feeling better, and performing better.  


Now, I know that we are all busy, we all have different demands on our time, and we may not have the luxury of simply changing up how we are spending our leisure time in order to have the time and energy to prepare nutrient dense whole food meals.  However, here are a few timing saving tricks when it comes to meal planning and food prep.


Timing Saving Tips


  • Schedule a time each week to plan your meals for the following week.  Once you have your meals planned, make your grocery list from your meal plan.
  • Schedule a specific time to go to the grocery store.
  • Upon returning from the store take some time to wash, peel, and chop vegetables so they are ready to go.
  • Post your meal plan in a place you can easily see it so that you know if you need to pull something out of the freezer or prep something ahead of time.
  • Use a crock-pot to have dinner ready on the evenings you are very busy.
  • Cook in bulk and plan for leftovers or freeze meals to pull out when you may need them.


Some of these tips may seem simple, and they are but I promise you if you implement them you will save yourself time, energy, and decrease your stress level.  Stop and think about how many trips you make to the grocery store in a week, if you could make 2 trips versus 4 or 5, how much time and energy would that save you?  By having your meals planned, you don't have to make the decision at any given meal about what to eat.  That will not only save you energy but also keep you on track with your supportive nutrition plan.


Take some time to evaluate your current meal planning and prepping strategies and if they are working for you.  

  • Are they moving you closer to your goals?
  • Do they enhance your quality of life?
  • Do they decrease your stress level?

Good for Fitness... Yoda's Wisdom Is

Getting into better shape does not have to be an impossible task if you set your mind to it.  In fact, success is usually determined simply by your approach to a given challenge.  If you do not have enough will power or self-esteem to keep going in the face of adversity, you will likely never achieve that ideal physique.  It is time to stop coming up with reasons why getting fit is impossible for you.  You may have given it a try a thousand times to no avail, but there is a first time for everything and trying isn't always enough...  

In the wise words of Yoda, "Do, or do not.  There is no try."  

When people "try" something they're generally already in the mindset of it not working; they've got their out - "I tried, but it just didn't work for me."  REALLY?!


Plan Ahead and Prepare... You Must

Everyone who sets out to exercise, eat right and focus on fitness faces his or her own set of unique challenges.  However, we all also deal with many of the same obstacles that, with a little focus, can be easily overcome...

As a fitness professional with 30 years of experience, I've heard just about every EXCUSE in the book of why someone couldn't make it to a workout or why they "had to" eat bad over the weekend...

  • Scheduling conflicts 
  • Injury 
  • Ridicule (friends don't support your new healthy habit)
  • Fear of working out alone 
  • Fear of looking stupid
  • Lack (prioritization) of funds
  • Birthday, Anniversary, Holidays, and all the other "special occasions" you'll find each week on the calendar
  • And the list goes on and on...

All of these challenges can be easily overcome if you set your mind in the direction of success and plan for the difficulties ahead.  It's starts with the decision and the mentality - "Do, or do not.  There is no try."  


Like-Minded Companions You Should Seek

It will be quite a bit more difficult for you to "do" instead of "try" if you are surrounded by people who do not believe in your goals the same way you do.  Being steeped in negativity is harmful to your mindset as well as your overall health.  In fact, too much stress can actually cause you to gain more weight!  

Do yourself a favor and hire a fitness professional and surround yourself with other people who are DOING fitness also.  When you surround yourself with like-minded people who want to see you succeed you'll have way more fun and accomplish a whole lot more than you could on your own...


May the Force Be With You

There really is a power within you (and all around you) that you can tap into to achieve your goals.  This power is magnified when you make a firm decision to DO something.  

When the going gets tough, that's when the tough is supposed to get going.  Writing yourself notes, joining a support group, creating vision boards, meditating on your ideal outcome, and teaming up with a professional are all wonderful ways to boost your confidence and get your feet set in the right direction. 

When the smoke clears you will see that NOW is the time for you to stop making silly excuses about why you just cannot get into better shape. Begin formulating plans for your fit future by being proactive about your goals and realistic about your inevitable challenges.  In order for you to achieve that healthy and fit lifestyle you have always dreamed of you are going to have to stop trying and start doing.  Like Yoda said, "Do, or do not.  There is no try."  




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