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July 2015 Eagle Editions Ltd. Newsletter
Fw 190 Fs, Mossie Mk IV EagleCals
New EagleCals for the Fw 190 F kits and the Mosquito Mk IV kits

Plus appropriate EagleParts to accurize your model.

Mosquito Mk IV
  Available in all three scales ~ 72nd, 48th and 32nd Mk IV
Just in time for the new 1:32 scale Mk IV Kit. Given the popularity of the Mosquito Mk IV, kits are available in all three popular scales.

Mosquito EagleCals for the Mk VI in the works - in 72, 48 and 32 scales, possibly 24th too!

Fw 190 F EagleCals - two colorful sheets
  Available in 72nd, 48th and 32nd scales F8s
We have selected a total of 8 colorful, exciting Fs for our two EagleCals Sheets.

All profiles and photos published in several Wings of the Black Cross issues. Profiles by Steve Deisley, Terry Higgins and Tom Tullis. WOTBC issues include Numbers One, Three, Five, Six and Ten.

Appropriate EagleParts for your Fw 190 F kit
  ...to more accurize your model build! ep for fw
  • EP#21-48 and EP#21-32 Drop Tank
  • EP#45-32 Spinner and Common Prop Blades
  • EP#46-32 Spinner and Prop Blades with Weights
  • EP#47-32 Spinner and Wooden Prop Blades
  • EP#48-32 Main Tire and Wheel
  • EP#49-32 and EP#49-48 Gun Cowl
  • EP#50-32 Conversion set for BMW 801 TU
  • EP#51-32 Museum quality Cockpit
  • EP#52-32 Tail Wheel and Assembly

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