April 19, 2017


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B-Wednesday, April 19
A-Thursday, April 20
B-Friday, April 21
A-Monday, April 24
B-Tuesday, April 25
A-Wednesday, April 26
April 21-23, 2017
Supervision-team 1
          5:15-5:50 PM         Supper
6:30 PM                Campus Closes
7:30 PM                Drama Vespers
Sunset 8:17 PM
8:30-9:00 AM         Breakfast
9:45 AM                Load Buses
3:00 PM                Arrive Back at GCA
       7:30 PM                Eventide in Chapel
       8:30 PM                Gymnastics Home Show                       
10:00 AM              Brunch
11:30 AM              Girls' Club Outing
4:00 PM               Guys Town Trip 
       7:00 PM                Recreation

We are in the midst of our Student Association Spirit Week at GCA. Students and some faculty are dressing in "innovative" ways. It is interesting to observe how changing what we wear can affect how we feel. This week also allows for more student creativity in their self-expressive manner of dressing. Next week we will all be marching together in the lock-step of uniforms.
Gymnastics Home Show - This coming Saturday evening will feature our annual gymnastics home show. The GCA Acroflyers will perform in our gymnasium at 8:30 pm. Our team has been practicing and working together to provide a great performance this weekend. If you come to campus for the home show, don't forget that all parking is in the front parking lot area.
Outdoor Sabbath - Sabbath our students, faculty, staff and GCA Church members will convene our Sabbath worship service at the Lock and Dam Park in Rome, Georgia. If you come to campus to be part of our worship service Sabbath morning, you will find an empty Church. Here is the address for the park where we will worship together: 181 Lock & Dam Rd.
  GA 30161. Lunch will be served at the park following our services. Everyone is invited. In the event of rain, we will meet in the GCA Chapel.
Awards Chapel - Next Tuesday, April 25, we will hold our Spring Awards Chapel at 7:00 pm. This event is planned for our students, faculty and staff. Parents who are in the area are welcome to attend. Awards will be given for performance and achievement across the curriculum and in several areas of school life.
Campus Changes - Construction continues in the area of our new gymnasium and cafeteria. Within the past few days, infrastructure improvements and changes have now extended toward the area between the girls' dorm and the administration/classroom buildings. Water run-off drain lines have been improved and parts of the campus are being fenced off. The area between the current cafeteria, ad building and girls' dorm will become the staging area for construction of our new student center and new classrooms. A new sidewalk will allow ladies walking between the upper campus classrooms and the girls' dorm to make the trip without using the existing stairs near the ad building. Those stairs will go away as we start to build the new student center. More changes to come as we move ahead. Thanks to everyone for their patience through this process of improvement.
       Wednesday, April 19---A & P Trip to SAU, 1:30-5 PM
       Wednesday, April 19---Grades Emailed
       Thursday, April 20---Girls Away Soccer Game
       Monday, April 24---Spring Voice Recital, 7 PM
       Tuesday, April 25---Band & Sinfonietta to Coble, 8-9 AM
             Tuesday, April 25---Awards Chapel, 7 PM
     27         Girls Varsity Soccer Home Game, 6:30 PM - Senior Night 
     28         Flower Vespers
     29         11:05 AM Camerata/Chorale Program
     29         4:00 PM   Camerata Program
     29         Evening Instrumental Concert
     30         SA Slide Show 
     1-8       New England Trip
     3         AP English Test
     5         AP US History Test
     7         SAT
     9         AP Calculus Test
     9         End-of-Year Girls' Dorm Worship
     10       SA Farewell 
     11-17   Senior Class Trip
     13       Class Elections & Parties 
     15-17   Semester Exams
     17       Freshmen & Sophomores Depart GCA
     18       Junior-Senior Banquet
     19       Consecration, 8 PM
     20       Baccalaureate, 11:10 AM
                Parent Tribute, 4 PM
                Commencement, 8 PM

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