February 14, 2018








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                     A---Wednesday, February 14 
                     B---Thursday, February 15   
                     A---Friday, February 16     
                     B---Monday, February 19    
                     A---Tuesday, February 20    
                     B---Wednesday, February 21
February 16-18, 2018
Supervision - Team 5    
Serge Gariepy- Administrator

Shortened Friday Afternoon Class Schedule
Period 3: 11:50-12:55
Period 4: 1:00-2:05
Period 5: 2:10-3:15
Period 6: 3:20-4:25
  5:15-5:50 PM      Supper

          6:00 PM             Campus Closes
  7:30 PM              Vespers in Church                            

         Sunset 6:23 PM

  8:30-9:00 AM      Breakfast
10:00 AM             Sabbath School in Chapel
11:10 AM              Worship Service
After worship        Lunch
  5:30-6:00 PM      Supper
  6:30 PM              Eventide in Chapel 
  7:00-8:00 PM       Basketball Mania:
                                 Senior Girls vs. The School
          8:30-9:30 PM           Freshmen vs. Sophomores/Guys 
         10:00-11:00 PM         Juniors vs. Seniors/Guys                      
  8:30 AM            Girls Town Trip
       10:00-10:30 AM    Brunch
11:30 AM             Boys Town Trip
         3:00 PM             Banquet Escorting Begins          



          Wednesday, February 14           HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

          Wednesday, February 14           Student Week of Prayer in the Church, 7 PM
          Thursday, February 15               Union College representative here in the Library (morning), cafe at lunch

          Thursday, February 15              Student Week of Prayer in the Church, 7 PM

          Friday, February 16                   Student Week of Prayer in the church, 7 PM

          Sunday, February 18                 Men's Club/Women's Club Valentine's Banquet

          Tuesday, February 20                Chattanooga Gymnastics Shows

          Wednesday, February 21          National Honor Society Blood Drive in the parking lot, begins at 8 AM 

          Wednesday, February 21         
SAU Honors Choral Music Festival begins


Congratulations to our GCA basketball teams for the very successful time at the Andrews University Basketball Tournament. Our girls' team came away with a second-place finish in the top division, and a trophy for best sportsmanship! Our boys' varsity team came away with winning the championship in the second division!! Great job for our basketball teams and their coaches. Thank you to all of the parents who traveled to Michigan for the tournament and to Mr. Jenkins for driving the bus.

Student Work - The high school program at GCA helps our students become responsible, trustworthy and capable young men and women. Our work program is an important part of this program. Our students learn vitally important work skills and how to be responsible. Our campus cannot operate without the work provided by our students. So, when students get busy, and the stress of a very busy life starts to build, it's not uncommon that some students start to think about quitting their jobs or cutting back on their hours. If that thought has become part of conversations in your life, here are a couple points to remember:
  • Part of being successful in life is learning how to manage all of the busy pieces of your life. Life might slow down during retirement, but not before that for most of us. It is important to learn how to manage a busy life, not just ignore or quit the parts that you don't like.
  • GCA is a work-study campus. Students who don't work are missing a very important part of our program.
  • If you receive any financial assistance from GCA, you must hold a job. If you quit, the financial aid goes away.
  • Quitting a job, or reducing work hours does not result in improved grades. That reason has been used many times, but I've almost never seen it happen.
Student Week of Prayer - The dramatic presentations, music and speakers this week have been a real blessing to me. Our special weeks of spiritual emphasis are important times of focusing upon that which is truly important in life. Thank you to all of the students who are working so hard to present these programs. I have been blessed and I am looking forward to the rest of the meetings this week. Our week of worship culminates with our church service Sabbath morning.

This Weekend - Saturday night is our annual Basketball Mania. Coach Fox and several volunteer coaches are putting together a fun evening. Make sure you include Saturday night at the gym in your plans for the weekend.

Sunday our Girls' and Boys' Clubs are sponsoring the Valentine's Banquet. Please note that escorting begins at 3:00 pm. All dorm and village girls who are participating need to see one of the girls' deans for approval of their banquet dress. Dress code for guys is Sabbath Church attire - dress shirt, tie, dress slacks and shoes - no jeans, no athletic shoes. This banquet will be great fun. Thank you to deans and Boys' and Girls' Club officers for planning this event.
February Home Leave--Noon Wednesday, February 28 - Monday, March 12, 2018
Reservations are due by noon, Wednesday, February 21 
Make reservation and pay online a www.gcasda.org
  • Quick links: Parents (top, left-hand corner of website)
  • Home Leave Transportation
No refunds or credit for transportation reservations that are not used. We schedule vehicles based on the number of reservations, which means we use larger vehicles to accommodate more students.
Late fee is 50% of trip fee and will be charged to your GCA account if the reservation and/or payment is submitted past the published due date. We cannot guarantee there will be room to accommodate late reservations.
Questions? Contact Susan Jenkins at sjenkins@gcasda.org

There is still space available in the yearbook to commemorate the milestone your senior has achieved.  Log on to www.yearbookordercenter.com and enter order number 1876.  Follow the prompts to design your ad, add it to your cart, and then purchase it.  If you have problems, contact tech support at 877-362-7750.
Prices are as follows:  1/8 page = $65; 1/4 page = $85; 1/2 page = $100

DEADLINE is March 5.

          February 21-24              SAU Honors Choral Music Festival 
          February 22-24              "Magnify" Praise Band Festival 
          February 25                  Sunday Classes 
          February 25                  Winter Voice Recital, 5 PM
          February 26                  Special Chapel in place of Prayer Circles by Dr. Rhondda Robinson Thomas    
          February 28                  AM Classes, Home Leave begins at Noon       
          February 28-March 12   Home Leave/Spring Break  
          March 15                       Camerata Local Trip 
          March 16                       End Third Quarter 
          March 16                       Regular Friday afternoon classes begin
          March 17                       Camerata Trip
          March 17                       GCC Youth Festival
          March 22                       Atlanta Gymnastics Shows
          March 24                       All Music Groups Perform           

Emily Freeman 
Dylan Waters
Namie Imayuki
Juliet Bromme

Student of the Month

This month's students were nominated by teachers and voted on by the entire staff.        Each month students are nominated from a different demographic of the school.  These students were especially voted for their outstanding achievement in the class room.     



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