May 10, 2017




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A-Wednesday, May 10
B-Thursday, May 11
A-Friday, May 12
B-Monday, May 15 -
    Semester Exams in
A-Tuesday, May 16 -
   Semester Exams All Day
B-Wednesday, May 17 -
   Semester Exams in
May 12-14, 2017
Supervision-team 4
         5:15-5:50 PM         Supper
6:30 PM                Campus Closes
7:30 PM                Vespers
Sunset 8:33 PM
8:30-9:00 AM         Breakfast
10:00 AM              Sabbath School
11:05 AM              Worship Service
After Worship          Lunch
5:30-6:00 PM         Supper
       7:15 PM                 Class Parties
10:00 AM              Brunch
11:30 AM              Girls' Town Trip
1:00 PM                Guys Town Trip
7:00 PM                Recreation

This evening our Campus Ministries and Worship Music teams will present a farewell concert of praise music for our students. We will gather at 7:00 PM in the amphitheater for the concert. Today marks the last day when everyone is on campus together.
New England Study Tour - The juniors returned from the New England Study Tour. From what I hear our students enjoyed the trip and learned about some of the places they have studied throughout the year of US History class. Thank you to Mr. Boggess who plans and directs the tour, and to the faculty, staff and parents who went along to help with the tour.
I wish I could report that our buses performed well. They didn't. I apologize to our students and parents for the delays and inconvenience as the result of our buses. I know I have written this before, but we do spend considerable money to maintain these buses. Unfortunately, the expense of owning and operating these large coach buses makes it difficult for us to have reliable equipment. We are considering changes to make for next year to improve our situation. School buses are less expensive and as such, we can purchase new buses. Unfortunately, they are not as comfortable and they do not allow adequate space for luggage.
Netflix TV Series - Most of our students have heard of, and some have seen the Netflix series under the title of 13 Reasons Why. I have not seen any part of the series, but I have read various reviews about the programs. Parents need to better understand the nature of the series and the challenges that are presented with this type of material. The premise of the series seems to be positive, and reviews by critics are largely positive. However, schools across the country are finding that many students find the material deeply disturbing. The material can be graphic as it delves into the 13 reasons a young person decided to commit suicide, and the bullying and rape that were part of her story. Not pleasant stuff, but a part of life in our society. Students and parents should talk about these subjects. I bring the subject up to alert parents who may not have heard of the series.
Senior Class Trip - The Class of 2017 will leave for North and South Carolina tomorrow. We will spend a day river rafting, a day in the Blue Ridge Mountains, a day at Carowinds Amusement Park, and two days at Myrtle Beach. Sounds like fun. We leave campus at 10:00 AM tomorrow and return Wednesday evening, May 17. A few people still need to complete permission forms for river rafting, and a few need to complete payment.
Graduation Weekend - I've written to parents and students of juniors and seniors about graduation weekend. We are looking forward to recognizing and honoring our graduates as they move on to the next chapter of their lives. Remember that due to construction and limited access to our gymnasium, the road that runs behind the boys' dorm, the gym and on to the girls' dorm will be closed on Sabbath, May 20, from 4:00 PM until 30 minutes following commencement. This is for the safety of everyone. When our new facility is completed we will have sidewalks that will keep pedestrians off of roads and away from cars. Right now we haven't achieved that. Thanks for your help with keeping everyone safe.
As we approach the end of the year, I want to say thank you to everyone for choosing to be part of GCA. I am excited to see how God will use the members of the graduating class as they pursue jobs, careers and education in the coming years. I am also looking forward to our returning and new students who will join us next August.
Let me know if you have any questions as we approach the end of the year. Thanks!
       Wednesday, May 10 ---SA Farewell & Concert - 6:00-8:00 PM, Amphitheater 
       Thursday, May 11 ---Senior Class Departs on Trip, 10 AM 
       Monday-Wednesday, May 15-17---Semester Exams
       Wednesday, May 17---Freshmen & Sophomores Leave GCA
May 15 (afternoon only) , May 16 (all day) , May 17 (morning only)
Monday, "B"
Testing-Afternoon Only
Tuesday, "A"
Testing All Day
Wednesday, "B"
Testing-Morning Only
Regular Classes
1)      8:30-9:50
Biology I A [5]
Girls PE [gym]
Physical Sci A [8]
World History A [1]
1)    8:30-9:50
   Algebra I A [4]
   Pre-Alge [choir]
   English I A [1]
   English II A [7]
   Religion II A [3]
   ESL Religion [9]

1)    8:30-9:50
Biology I A [5]
Physical Sci A [8]
World History A [1]
Regular Classes
2)      9:55-11:15
Biology I B [5]
Guys PE [gym]
Physical Sci B [8]
       World History B [1]
2)    9:55-11:15
         Algebra I B [4]
         English I B [1]
         App. English [2]
         English II B [7]
         Religion II B [3]
         ESL Reading  [9]
2)   9:55-11:15
Biology I B [5]
Physical Sci B [8]
      World History B [1]
LUNCH (11:05-11:45)
Testing In Afternoon Only
LUNCH (11:05-11:45)
Freshmen & Sophomores Leave GCA After Lunch
4)  1:15-2:35
        Freshman Exp. B  
        Religion I B [3]
        Geometry B [4]
        Math 4 A [2]
        Algebra II A [choir]
        English III A [7]
4)  1:15-2:35
         Freshman Exp. A
         Religion I A [3]
         Algebra I C [1]
         Biology C [5]
         Geometry A [4]
         Chemistry A [8]
         US History A [7]
5)  2:40-4:00
        Algebra II B [choir]
        English III B [7]
5) 2:40-4:00
        Chemistry B [8]
         Healthcare Sci [5]
         US History B [7]
6)  4:05-5:25
        Religion III B [8]
     Spanish I B [1]
     French I [choir]
6) 4:05-5:25
      Religion III A [8]
         Spanish I A [1]
     18       Junior-Senior Banquet
     19       Consecration, 8 PM
     20       Baccalaureate, 11:10 AM
                Parent Tribute, 4 PM
                Commencement, 8 PM

      Summer Vacation :)   

      3        Registration 5-8 PM (dorms closed)
      6        Registration 9 AM-3 PM (students move into dorms)
      7        Classes Begin 
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