November 8, 2017



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A-Wednesday , November 8
B-Thursday , November 9
A-Friday , November 10
B-Monday, November 13
A-Tuesday , November 14
B-Wednesday , November 15


November 10-12, 2017
Supervision - Team 1
Shortened Friday Afternoon Class Schedule
Period 3: 11:50-12:55
Period 4: 1:00-2:05
Period 5: 2:10-3:15
Period 6: 3:20-4:25
5:15-5:50 PM         Supper
6:30 PM                Campus Closes
7:30 PM                Vespers
Sunset 5:39 PM
8:30-9:00 AM         Breakfast
10:00 AM              Sabbath School in Chapel
11:10 AM              Worship Service
After worship           Lunch
5:30-6:00 PM         Supper
5:15 PM                 Eventide
  7:30-10:30 PM        Open Recreation
10:00-10:30 AM     Brunch
11:30 AM              Girls Town Trip
1:00 PM                Guys Town Trip
       4:00 PM                Supper
       5:00 PM                Sounds of Season      
       7:00 PM                Recreation

Another busy week at GCA. Last night our basketball teams played at home against the teams from Collegedale. Both games were good matches and our students played well. Perhaps many of you were able to see the games in person, or via streaming. Though our teams did not prevail (girls score CAYA 47 / GCA 42, guys CAYA 52 /GCA 41 ), they played well and demonstrated the type of Christian sportsmanship that makes us proud. Thank you to our teams for their hard work, and our coaches for their dedication and hard work.
Acrofest at Washington Adventist University - Our gymnastic team departed campus this morning for Acrofest. Every year students from Adventist academies and the colleges and universities gather to work together in refining their gymnastics skills. Teams perform and learn new skills. The program Saturday night at WAU will feature all of the teams. Our team will return Sunday in time for those who are involved in Sounds of the Seasons - the fundraiser dinner/performance for our instrumental music program.
Running/walking track nears completion - Sod is being laid in the area around our football field and our track. Much of the sod in the field area was necessary as part of moving the football field to the west in order to provide space for our new basketball court. The installation of lights that will illuminate the track at night is now almost finished. We will be painting lines on the outdoor basketball court soon. We are grateful for these new additions to our campus. We hope our students will put them to good use. We have raised just over $100,000 for these improvements and are grateful to the donors who have so generously supported GCA.
More work is being completed on our new gymnasium and student center. We will be updating the on-line galleries soon. The shape of our new student center is becoming visible. We are still on schedule to have our first graduation ceremony in our new gymnasium this coming May!
Wednesday, November 8-- MIDTERM
Thursday, November 9 --Grades Emailed
Thursday, November 9--Basketball Away Game 
Monday, November 13 --Basketball Away Game
November Home Leave-Noon Tuesday, November 21--Monday, November 27, 2017
Reservations are due by noon Tuesday, November 14
Make reservation and pay online a t
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  • Home Leave Transportation
No refunds or credit for transportation reservations that are not used. We schedule vehicles based on the number of reservations, which means we use larger vehicles to accommodate more students.
Late fee is 50% of trip fee and will be charged to your GCA account if the reservation and/or payment is submitted past the published due date. We cannot guarantee there will be room to accommodate late reservations.
Questions? Contact Susan Jenkins at
16         Special Chapel and Afternoon Class Schedule:
                        Chapel      11:50-12:50
Period 3     1:00-2:00
Period 4     2:05-3:05
Period 5     3:10-4:10
Period 6     4:15-5:15
16          Basketball Home Game
17          GCA Band to Coble Elementary 
18          Basketball Home Game, 6:15-7:30 PM - Guys Only 
19          Sunday Classes
    19          Fall Voice Recital, 5:00 PM in Chapel 
20          Basketball Home Game - Girls Only 
21          AM Classes in Morning - Home Leave Day
21-27      November HOME LEAVE
24-29      Chorale Florida Tour 
28          Classes Resume 
30          Basketball Away Game 
     3           SAT
3            SA Christmas Banquet
4            Men's Club Christmas Party
5            Basketball Away Game
7            Camerata Christmas Fundraiser
8            Drama Vespers
9            Festival of Carols, 11:05 AM- Camerata/Chorale Program
     9           Camerata Concert, 4 PM
     9           Instrumental Christmas Concert, 7 PM
     10          ACT
     10          Sunday Classes
     11          Girls' Club Christmas Party  
     12-14     Semester Exams
14 (noon) - Jan. 2 CHRISTMAS VACATION
    18           Semester Grades Emailed 
     3            Classes Resume
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