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September 2017 - In This Issue:
from Walrus Audio

Hal Leonard now distributes products from Walrus Audio, the hottest selling line of boutique guitar effects pedals available today. These pedals sound as cool as they look. 

00251342 - 385 Overdrive - MSRP/MAP $199.00
00251343 - Aetos 8-Output Power Supply - MSRP/MAP $169.00
00251345 - ARP-87 Multi-Function Delay - MSRP/MAP $199.00
00251346 - Bellwether Analog Delay with Tap Tempo - MSRP/MAP $349.00
00251348 - Deep Six Compressor - MSRP/MAP $199.00
00251350 - Descent Reverb/Octave Machine - MSRP/MAP $299.00
00251351 - Iron Horse Distortion LM308 - MSRP/MAP $199.00
00251352 - Janus Tremolo/Fuzz with Joystick Control - MSRP/MAP $289.00
00251353 - Julia Chorus/Vibrato - MSRP/MAP $199.00
00251354 - Jupiter Multi-Clip Fuzz - MSRP/MAP $199.00
00251355 - Luminary Quad Octave Generator - MSRP/MAP $319.00
00251356 - Messner Transparent Light-Gain Overdrive - MSRP/MAP $189.00
00251357 - Monument Harmonic Tap Tremolo - MSRP/MAP $249.00
00251358 - Phoenix 15-Output Power Supply - MSRP/MAP $279.00
00251361 - RED High-Gain Overdrive - MSRP/MAP $219.00
00251362 - Transit True Bypass Switcher (Transit 5) - MSRP/MAP $205.00
00251363 - Vanguard Dual Phase Series Phaser - MSRP/MAP $279.00
00251364 - Voyager Preamp/Overdrive - MSRP/MAP $189.00
00251365 - Warhorn Mid-Range Overdrive - MSRP/MAP $199.00
from Hotone

XTOMP mini is the lean, mean core of the all-powerful XTOMP effects pedal. Like XTOMP, it simulates all kids of iconic classic, vintage, and modern amps/cabs/pedals and creates original standard/novel algorithms through its growing effects library.  See Introductory Video

00244299 - MSRP $249.00 - MAP $149.99

Also available:
00172083 - XTOMP Guitar Pedal - MSRP $389.99 - MAP $279.99
Loog Guitars 
Now in stock!

Loog Pro Electric Guitars
MSRP/MAP $199.99
00220857 - Black
00220853 - Green
00239035 - Lucite
00220856 - Magenta
00220854 - Red
00220855 - White
00239034 - Yellow
Loog Mini Guitars
MSRP/MAP $79.99
00220861 - Black
00220859 - Green
00220860 - Magenta
00220858 - Red
00220862 - White

Loog Pro Acoustic Guitars
MSRP/MAP $179.99
00220852 - Black
00239033 - Red

Accessories also available including straps and

Revitalizing the revolutionary HyDrive design, Hartke's HyDrive HD Series Bass Cabinets are the next step in speaker evolution. An improved version of Hartke's patented paper/aluminum HyDrive Speaker Technology delivers unmatched tone depth and clarity; while rugged yet lightweight plywood construction and huge power handling solidifies these cabinets as the right choice for modern demanding bass players.

00242610HyDrive HD112 - MSRP $509.00/MAP $399.99
00242612HyDrive HD115 - MSRP $779.99/MAP $599.99
00242611HyDrive HD210 - MSRP $649.99/MAP $499.99
00242613HyDrive HD410 - MSRP $949.99/MAP $699.99
from Hudson Music

In this book/online video package,  Victor reveals his musical soul. In Part 1, he outlines his ten essential elements of music, including such important and under-emphasized areas as emotion and feel, dynamics, tone, phrasing, space, and listening. In Part 2, Victor addresses the reader with personal lessons, using text, notation, tablature, and video footage to cover such key topics as warming up and hand-strengthening, tone, harmonics, thumb technique, tapping, looping, and soloing. 

00244617 - Book/Online Video - $29.99
from MightyBright

The DuoFlex Music Stand Light provides 40 lumens of dimmable and adjustable warm white light on two independently adjustable necks.  It is ideal for musicians, DJs, and engineers; in the studio, on the road, and for focused lighting during performances.

00250056 - MSRP $44.99/MAP $33.75
2018 Music Calendars
from Sellers Publishing

Billboard Music Trivia Calendar
00236531 - Daily Desk Calendar - $14.99

Electric Guitar Classics Calendars
00236528 - Wall Calendar (16 months) - $14.99
00236530 - Daily Desk Calendar - $14.99

Fender Custom Shop Calendars
00236527 - Wall Calendar (16 months) - $14.99
00236529 - Desk Calendar - $7.99
More New Holiday Gifts for 2017

24" x 36" Wall Posters - $9.99 each
00244298Kurt Cobain: Electric Guitar
00244296The Clash: London Calling

Single Decks of Playing Cards - $5.99 each
00244363 - Fender Stratocaster

Lunch Boxes  - $14.99 each
00226278 - Fender Black Tolex

Miniature Guitar Replicas
00141563 - Fender Stratocaster: Aged Sunburst Distressed Finish
00239008 - Steve Vai: Signature White Jem
Slap Band/Pint Glass Sets - $12.99 each
00231612 - Aerosmith
00231613 - Jimi Hendrix

Officially Licensed Sports-Branded Acoustic Guitars - MSRP $349.00/MAP $299.00
00195006Los Angeles Dodgers

from Line 6, Hartke, Loog, Morley, Ebtech and ChordBuddy

Did you miss Summer NAMM? Or, did you run out of time and not make it to all of the booths you meant to visit? Just in case, we interviewed almost all the tech product manufacturers distributed by Hal Leonard who were at the show. These videos will provide loads of info about what's cool and new with a large segment of the tech community!

See the GearTalk playlist on the Hal Leonard Tech channel on YouTube
from Morley Pedals

Join a select group of dealers and get special terms and merchandising support. Ask your Hal Leonard sales rep for more details on becoming a Morley Premier Dealer.
Ask about our Line 6 Spider Amp Lesson Room program, where you can buy current amps for your lesson rooms at below wholesale cost. Have your teachers use the products that you sell on the floor. Contact your Hal Leonard sales rep for more details.
Free Ukulele Bags
Buy 12 Kahua ukuleles and get 12 ukulele gig bags ( 00124662) for FREEa value of over $100! 

Ask your sales rep for details. 

Click here to browse through Kahua ukes 
available from Hal Leonard
Instant Rebates Available!

Rebate offers valid through September 30th:
00122095 - M9 Stompbox  - MSRP $559.99/MAP $359.99 - $75 rebate
00123034 - M13 Stompbox  - MSRP $699.99/MAP $499.99 - $75 rebate

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