Volume 29 | July 25, 2017
Our Gulf Proud. Energy Strong Campaign 
The total economic impact of Gulf energy is immense.  It creates jobs in every state in the U.S., with more than 650,000 jobs nationwide estimated to be linked to Gulf energy activity.

The Gulf Economic Survival team is OUR voice in Washington and around the country.

GEST supports the proud men and women who make American energy in the Gulf and advocates for consistent and reasonable regulations that not only ensure safety and environmental protection but also promote the robust production of domestic energy in the Gulf.

Our goal is to inform, educate and engage our region's people on the vital role our Gulf is to American Energy. Without grassroots efforts, our industry becomes unrecognized and crushed by burdensome policies. We examine these polices and fight hard to represent the Gulf's strong workforce to show Washington that our businesses are here to stay and get the job done.   
Join your voice with ours and help us show the rest of America that American jobs and American energy depend on Gulf energy production and workers like you! 

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Beauty in the Gulf 
A day in the life of a Gulf Energy Worker
This beautiful photo was taken & sent to us by an Offshore Worker in our Gulf.

Help be our voice by sending us a photo of your day in the life as an energy worker. We love seeing your photos and stories. We want to help share them!  

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Thank you
Without our Gulf’s employees, we would not have the luxuries we do. We appreciate all of the hard workers, from the rigs to the offices who help fuel America!  
Offshore Oil Fuels America’s Economy

NEW ORLEANS -- Energy companies working in the Gulf of Mexico produce about 1.7 million barrels of crude oil per day. It is transported to refineries along the Gulf Coast where it becomes a variety of fuels, petroleum products and petrochemicals that boost America’s economy. Gulf oil also contributes to the roughly $2.8 billion added to the U.S. Treasury every year from Outer Continental Shelf oil and gas production.

“National security, energy security and economic security are all tied to a robust offshore oil and gas industry,” said Scott Angelle, Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement director. “With the OCS contributing one out of every six barrels of oil produced in the U.S., this Made in America energy is vital to meeting President Trump’s and Secretary Zinke’s goal of energy dominance.” Full Press Release

Success comes from taking action, CEO says via Daily Comet
Garret “Hank” Danos, president and CEO of Danos, spoke at the South Central Industrial Association meeting Tuesday and said some people say luck is a factor in success, but sometimes it takes someone willing to take action for success to occur.

"Sometimes, owning a business and working in the industry can be difficult, he said, but the hard times and mistakes can lead to some of the best life lessons."

“Most of life’s greatest lessons happen in a storm,” he [Danos] said. “Whether it’s a weather storm or whether it’s (another type) of storm, storms cause us to be challenged and give us opportunities.” Full Article
BP Oil Platform from the Gulf 

View this close up of the Thunder Horse platform- BP's largest platform in the Gulf of Mexico!
    Help be the Gulf's Voice    
In the Gulf of Mexico we are proud to produce the energy to fuel America, to generate the revenues for the U.S. treasury, and to create thousands of good paying American Jobs. We stand together to be Gulf Proud. Energy Strong. 
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