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    December 2017  

Greening a Holiday Party

'Tis the season to be jolly . . . . and green. The holiday season is a time when many give thought to the idea of gratitude. This makes it an appropriate time to emphasize environmental sustainability during office holiday parties and year-end celebrations, seeking ways to minimize its impact on the environment and maybe even giving back.

Use the following tips for creating a sustainable holiday soiree. Or, they'll come in handy in 2018 as green meetings and events continue to gain in popularity.

• Avoid paper invitations: Stick with electronic invitations using a service like Evite or Punchbowl. If it's the kind of event that calls for a paper invitation, consider tree-free products or those made from 100% post-consumer stock.

• Choose an eco-friendly venue: Look for a space that is known for its sustainable offerings and one that will make it easier to handle logistics in an eco-friendly way. Look for a venue near the office or that can be reached via mass transit.

• Mind your decor: Avoid fresh flowers. Instead choose pine cones, acorns, pine boughs, greenery from the yard or reusable holiday decorations.

• Do the dishes: Use washable dishes, glasses, flatware and linens that can be reused rather than discarded. Should it be necessary to go disposable, try to use products made from recycled and/or compostable material.

• Give green gifts: A holiday party may include a little something for the attendees to take home. Good choices are organic or recycled gifts or gifts that benefit the environment. Useful items such as a pen, comb or seed packet are wise. Or, consider a photo booth where attendees can have a photo taken.

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No Plastic Water Bottles: Eliminating plastic water bottles is a simple way to green your event. Serve drinking water in pitchers or a large glass container with a spigot.





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