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    June 2017  
Sheet Changing Cards

Sheet Changing Card, Daily
Item 10014D: DAILY,
We customarily change
sheets daily.

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Sheet Changing Cards

Item 10014B: BETWEEN,
We customarily change sheets between guests.

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Wouldn't you like to
PLEASE GUESTS while helping our environment?

By using these gentle reminders, your property will:
$ SAVE MONEY on each occupied room
per day.
$ PLEASE GUESTS by helping to protect our environment.
$ Save energy, water, labor and detergent.
$ Save wear and tear on linens and on laundry equipment.

These simple, handsome cards work for you by:
$ Asking guests to not have bed sheets changed daily or advising guests that sheets will be changed between guests.
$ Letting Green Hotels Association® ask guests to participate.
$ Impressing your guests with this praiseworthy action.

Features English on side 1.
Side 2 provides Spanish, German, French and Japanese translations. 4.25"x5.5". Customization available.

Item 10014D: DAILY, "We customarily change sheets daily."
Item 10014B: BETWEEN, "We customarily change sheets between guests."

Dark green ink, 80 lb.Recycled Stock, Laminated
75¢/ea, $50/100, $200/500

Towels Stiff? Possibly caused by detergent buildup, towels can be softened by washing them in hot water using baking soda, washing soda or borax instead of detergent. Add 1 cup of--preferably 9%--vinegar during the rinse cycle. Buildup can be prevented by using this idea once a month.

Expect 70 to 90% GUEST PARTICIPATION with our linen reuse programs!





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