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    December 2013  


By Sarah Jessup, Owner

5-year GHA PARTNER MEMBER Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch sits within a 3,200-acre working cattle ranch near Loveland, CO at a 5,280� elevation. The property, which began in 1919 includes 28 guestrooms, but can accommodate 500+ for special occasions. The Jessup family has owned and run the guest ranch since 1946. The mountain getaway is nestled in the Big Thompson River Valley, and it�s promised that one will see eagles soaring overhead and deer grazing nearby.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Those three words are the core of Sylvan Dale�s mission �to apply practices in our daily work routine that support a sustainable operation in harmony with the natural environment.� Green practices have been integral to Sylvan Dale Guest Ranch since the beginning. As children of the Great Depression, my parents, Maurice and Mayme Jessup, knew what it meant to recycle�nothing was ever thrown away. Mom reused plastic bags and tin foil! Dad put things in storage. �We�ll use that someday,� he�d say.

In the 1990s we made a big commitment to green by initiating conservation easements on our land. To date, we�ve preserved over 70% of our land with Larimer County Open Lands and the Legacy Land Trust protecting scenic foothill views and wildlife habitat. Our commitment to green practices has proven to be a deciding factor for many of our guests and corporate clients.

Some of our green practices include:
■ Room signage encouraging guests to reuse linens and towels.
■ Line-dried linens.
■ Turning down water heaters to conserve energy when the cabins are vacant.
■ Extensive recycling for all areas of the ranch.
■ We serve all food and beverages with reusable service ware.
■ NO Styrofoam, only compostable cups, plates, napkins and plastic ware when necessary.
■ Using environmentally-friendly and bio-degradable cleaning solutions.
■ Support local vendors and use Colorado produce and all-natural or organic meats.
■ Using produce from our garden for guest meals.
■ Compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs or LED lighting.
■ Purchasing wind energy.
■ Rotational grazing of the cattle and horses.

In December 2008, Sylvan Dale became a proud member of �Green� Hotels Association�. It�s gratifying that the values we�ve held for years, doing the right thing, striving for energy efficiency, water conservation and promoting other sustainable practices has become so popular and important in today�s world. We will continue to follow the example my parents set to preserve and protect our little piece of paradise, and to share the beauty of Sylvan Dale for future generations. For further information, contact me, Susan Jessup, at

To learn more about GHA and how your property can be greener, jump to "Green" Hotels Association® !


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