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    March 2016  
Towel Rack Hanger

Towel Rack Hanger Towel Rack Hanger Involves Guests!
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Wouldn't you like to INVOLVE GUESTS while SAVING MONEY and helping our environment?

By using these gentle reminders, your property will:
$ Save MONEY on each occupied room per day
$ Save energy, water, labor and detergent
$ Save wear and tear on linens and on equipment

These simple, handsome cards work for you by:
$ Asking guests to use towels more than once
$ Letting Green Hotels Association® ask guests to participate
$ Impressing your guests with this praiseworthy action

Feature English on Side 1. Side 2 translations to Spanish, German, French and Japanese. 4-Color or Dark Green ink on heavy recycled stock. 4-Color cards have higher expected guest response rate. 3.25" x 7.75" arc hanger. Customization available.

Prepay your order ($30 minimum) with a check and the shipping is FREE!

NEW! 4-COLOR version produces higher response rate!

Item 10012L: Green ink, Laminated. 90¢/ea, $60/100, $240/500
Item 10012L4C: 4-COLOR Laminated. $1.40/ea, $100/100, $400/500

ORDER TODAY! Call 713/789-8889!


"I've never had any one single thing change my life the way GHA's Towel Hanger has! I've always spent all day Saturday gathering up towels, washing, drying, folding and putting them back in guest rooms. Now my Saturdays are MINE. Now, with the Towel Hanger, only one in every 30 or 40 guests will want fresh towels on Saturday."
Larry Miller, River Run B&B





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