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Rebates on
WaterSense Products

What is WaterSense?

WaterSense, a partnership program by the US Environmental Protection Agency, helps consumers and business owners make smart water choices that save money and maintain high environmental standards without compromising performance. Products and services that have earned the WaterSense label have been certified to be at least 20% more efficient without sacrificing performance. Many WaterSense partners offer rebates for WaterSense labeled products—such as water-efficient toilets, showerheads, and faucets—as well as water conservation services.

Rebates: You may qualify for rebates on WaterSense products that will help you save money while conserving water. Search at the web address below to see what money-saving rebates are available in your area. WaterSense offers rebate information, but does not provide any rebates for products. Please contact your local water provider directly for more information about a rebate or rebate program. These programs change periodically and some have eligibility requirements, so be sure to check with the agency offering the rebate. Check the website periodically to find out if something new becomes available in your area. Many of these agencies are offering both residential and commercial rebates.

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1. Keep showers to 5 minutes or less.
2. Use a broom to sweep your driveway, garage or sidewalk rather than a water hose.
3. Use a bucket of water to wash your bike or car and rinse quickly with a hose.





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