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Monday, July 28, 2014


- Message from Dani - Summer Magic + Summer Deadline!

- July Winners of Dani's Newsletter Drawing

- STORM WARNED is almost done!

- Congrats to my recent Blog winners

- Things I've learned about Authorgraph and how to get one



Summer Magic + Summer Deadline! 

As most of you well know, this has been one HOT summer!  My years in northern Canada and Alaska have left me unprepared for triple digit temperatures. While my mountain man husband bravely sallies forth daily to subdue the garden and the yard (even at high noon - the guy is TOUGH!), I've been grateful that I have an August deadline to meet --- I get to stay indoors during most of the egg-frying-on-the-sidewalk afternoons in front of a big fan in my office!


In the evening, though, when the sun's fire has dipped below the horizon, I take pleasure in watering the many flowers, peppers and tomatoes that grow in pots on my porch (I'm actually a compulsive gardener despite hiding from the heat during the day).  


I water my gnome garden too (After my deadline, I'll be writing a blog post all about the history -- and the addictive qualities -- of GNOMES) And when the chores are done, and the moon is up, I usually sit on the porch for a while and enjoy all the truly MAGICAL things that have given me a heartful of summer memories throughout my life....  


The scent of flowers in the dark. Stars overhead, and a big golden moon emerging from behind a hill. The sultry feel of the night breeze on my skin. The song of crickets, the laughter of children camping out in their backyard, the whirring wings of a hummingbird moth as it sips from my petunias ... and now and then, the heart-stopping sounds of a few illegal fireworks from our neighborhood non-conformists... 


Stories come out on summer nights too, ideas and characters cautiously creep out from the shadows, in hopes of finding a welcome..... There's a powerful sense that anything can happen on a glorious summer night!


Wishing YOU some truly magical times this summer too!


Sincerely, Dani






To me, there is no finer combination than 

coffee and a book! 

(unless chocolate is involved, but we all know that would melt away to nothing 

in the mail right now!) 


So I'm giving away a bag of "Queen's Roast" beans from my local coffee vendor, Rey. 
(It makes terrific iced coffee!) 
Plus a signed paperback copy of STORM BOUND to go with it!

Congratulations to LORI from Tennessee, USA


But I'm not done yet!


Two MORE winners will each receive a signed paperback copy
 of STORM BOUND too! 

Congratulations to  

Winners have been already been notified by email. 

All winners are drawn at random from my wonderful newsletter subscribers!


PS to my readers - I do a random drawing with EVERY newsletter issue!  Prizes vary, according to what my  overstuffed giveaway closet has on hand. Giveaways are international unless otherwise stated.  Most importantly, you don't have to do a single thing --  if you're an email subscriber, you're already entered!




Time to go back to my desk. Back to the faery realm as it collides with the human world.... Yes, I'm talking about STORM WARNED!  


It's almost ready!  Book 3 in my Grim Series will be on its way to my editor's desk shortly. Writing this story has been an exciting and often  surprising experience --- so many things happened that I didn't expect!  


If you've read the first two books, you might be pleased to know that Ranyon, the little tree-like fae from the first book, makes a triumphant return. He wasn't part of this story as I first pictured it, but I should know by now that my characters always change things on me --- the finished plot never resembles what I planned. And maybe that's a good thing!


Ranyon absolutely INSISTED that the hero (Liam Cole) and the heroine (Caris Dillwyn), were going to need all the help they could get in this adventure --- and boy, was he right about that!  Plus, a much wiser Morgan Edwards, and her veterinary partner, Jay Browning, both from the first book,  STORM WARRIOR, play important roles as well --- their mentoring skills will be needed even more than their medical talents! 


Best of all (according to those who fell in love with them), Lurien, Lord of the Wild Hunt, and the incomparable Queen Gwenhidw will also return, as the Nine Realms of the faery kingdom face enormous changes and challenges.


That's all I can say about the book for now. Looking forward to being able to reveal a cover and share a blurb with you, plus a release date!


Congrats to my blog winners!


Five folks received a book bag and a set of my bookcover postcards in the mail! Congrats to 

Sema F. from Ontario, Canada
Melissa G. from South Carolina, USA
Rhianna W. from Montana, USA
Brooke B. from Ohio, USA
and Heather H. from Michigan, USA



Congrats to Sharon H. of Florida, USA.


She won 3 ebooks -- the first two in my Grim series, Storm Warrior and Storm Bound, plus her choice of one from my summer reading list. (And if you'd like to know what I'm reading this summer, check it out on this blog post!)



Thanks for requesting my AUTHORGRAPH!

I've been SO touched by the number of readers asking for my virtual signature for their collection through the Authorgraph site. Thanks to all of you -- you really know how to make an author feel loved!


What I've learned so far about Authorgraph:

Not only do you receive a personalized message from me, but you get 

FREE ENTERTAINMENT by laughing at my signature!


I have a special drawing pad and pen that plugs into my computer but apparently it takes A LOT of getting used to. Omigosh, I'm like a third grader trying to write cursive with her gramma's fountain pen!  It may look like I'm drunk when I signed my message to you, but I wasn't, HONEST!


And if you haven't heard of Authorgraph before, check it out at  

http://www.authorgraph.com *


I've always wished for a way to sign ebooks for my readers 

but Authorgraph provides a way to SEND them an electronic autograph

NOTE -- It isn't attached to the ebook itsel
(I know, right? When are they going to figure out how to do that?
However, you DO get a personalized message from me and a genuine signature that you can view on your reading device or your computer!  AND you can collect the authorgraphs of OTHER writers on the site too!


You can go to Dani Harper's Fan Page on Facebook and click on the Authorgraph tab (might have to hit the "more" pull-down tab to get to it ---- Facebook sometimes doesn't show all the available tabs on my page) 


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