GMAR Ethics Thursday
Welcome to Issue #4 of the GMAR's Ethics Thursday.

The GMAR created this newsletter, dedicated to a specific issue, because the REALTORĀ® Code of Ethics is the foundation on which our industry is built, and the basis of what it means to be a REALTORĀ®.

Your proactive support of the Code of Ethics will assure your fellow REALTORSĀ® and the public that every member of the GMAR operates with the highest ethical standards.

Current Ethical Issues
Recently, the GMAR's professional Standard's Committee was surveyed and asked what ethical issues they are they experiencing in the market place. The following list of 30 items was narrowed down from the survey results.
  1. Common courtesy, like being polite. Rude tone is frequent.
  2. If you are a sub agent of the seller you should not be cutting down a property in front of other agents and their buyers--especially if there are multiple showings occurring at the same time.
  3. Pre marketing on Social Media before a property is listed.
  4. Leaving doors unlocked.
  5. Not notifying agents when they have submitted an offer or are planning to draft an offer.
  6. Rude behavior.
  7. Agents arriving late too showing and not calling to let the seller know they are running late.
  8. Agents not returning phone calls.
  9. Agents not giving showing feedback.
  10. Using vulgar language.
  11. Leaving lights on and garage doors open.
  12. Not providing evidence that an offer/counter offer/amendment was actually presented
  13. Making decisions for their clients, or 'threats' to kill a deal, without talking to their clients first.
  14. Sloppy practice when writing an offer.
  15. Scheduling a showing and not telling the agent that there are offers on the table.
  16. Not responding to showing surveys, emails, calls, or text messages.
  17. Poorly written or incomplete offers.
  18. Overall lack of professionalism (showing up to a closing in jeans & a t-shirt, etc.).
  19. Changing the delayed status in MLS and moving up the date of showings to sooner than the delayed date that was listed in MLS.
  20. Showing up late for appointments and not giving a courtesy phone call to the listing agent.
  21. Tracking dirt into properties, not using shoe covers or removing shoes.
  22. Not replacing the cover of the lockbox and taking off with the key.  
  23. Receiving a text that from another agent that they will only communicate via text.  
  24. Not signing the sign-in sheet at property.
  25. Not identifying themselves as a licensee, pretending to call as if they are an interested buyer to get property information, and then after talking to them you find out they are an agent.
  26. Not reading, or following instructions in MLS.
  27. Scheduling a showing and then sending their "assistant" to show the property who may or may not be licensed, and the assistant does nothing more than open a door and then sit in the car while the buyers roam through the property on their own, yet they want a commission?
  28. Not returning the key to the lockbox after showing-perhaps to prevent future showings.
  29. Lack of following directions.  Apparently, stating appointments through listed, please call agent at (number) is too challenging for some agents.  'Call' does not mean 'text' or 'email', yet I am experiencing that too often.
  30. Allowing access to the property before closing. I listed a vacant property and after the accepted offer but before closing the buyers begin work on the property.  The one before that had totally gutted the interior with an over flowing dumpster.  I had one last summer where the buyer started to remodel a bathroom and I discovered it during a weekly inspection. I changed the lockbox code and called the other agent. I told him to meet the buyer and remove all the tools. He called me back within minutes to let me know the buyer went there himself without the agent and removed his equipment. The lock box code was given out.
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