The road... to Nirvana Pointe-
Ponca Hills Preserve, Omaha, NE

  • Creation Meditation- the yoga of Enlightenment! Create desired results- for Body, Mind & Beyond... Learn how to use your energy system effectively- it's easy, quick, fun and feels like ecstasy! Catch the Bliss ~*~ This week features: healing/health for- throat, metabolism, thyroid, addiction, plus- clarity, intuition, wisdom. Learn how to make your own serotonin- for deep happiness!  
  • Global Alert- GMOs- How important does something have to be to get your attention today? I hope this ranks up there.... enough to watch the following video. It took over 2 years and a lot of money and dedication to produce this.... and all you need to do is spend 12 minutes to enlighten yourself on something that is directly affecting your health. Watch the movie- Genetic Roulette, also! 
  • Reiki Training- Advanced & Master Levels - Click for MORE  Nov. 2- 4, 2012  Karen is coming again, from KCMO! A superb training- lodging at Nirvana, too.  We bring outside trainers from around the world to our center, as well.  

Our Healthy Emotions & Relationships Immersion was GLORIOUS! Thank you to all of you for being such radiante Beacons. I am honored to share this journey with you.

I will have incredible photos to show you next week ~*~. Our 16th certification year!  

NEXT Immersion is Nov. 10-11th- Ask for details about our FlexPlan, if interested.  

  Take the Wisdom Path ~
         where modern science merges with... Ageless Wisdom ~*~

Use your Mind well, Breathe well, Move well, Eat well = Be Well
Turn pain, illness, stress... into Peace of Mind, Body & Life!

Step #1- You are on it now!

Step #2- Free Consultation- set one up today! In person or over the phone- (402) 551-0500/email
These Innovative Approaches work so profoundly well, because they reach the root of the issue! Find out more details- You are in the information gathering stage! Best to find out details, to make an informed decision, instead of one based on what you're conjuring up! Gather more information.
Step #3- Personal Session Program- you may want to attend a Sampler Workshop, if one is timely for you, or- set up a Personal Sampler- to actually experience our programs. From there- our program is done in 8-10 sessions- individual, couples, buddies, small groups. Normally weekly, but some come long distances and do a 3-14 day Personal Immersion program, spending the night, with meals.
Step #4- Group Immersion Weekends- NEXT is 11/10-11- for those on or complete w/Step #3.
For those who wish to go deeper with their healing and empowerment practice. Attend all 6, if you are committed! Some of you may be inspired to do our Certification Program, in this extraordinary system, to share it with others, as well! Certification requires a short practicum. We've started our Fall Semester- but ask about our FlexPlan! Learn FULL SPECTRUM Meditation/Yoga/Holistic Medicine, Psychology, Conscious Nutrition & Enlightened Living- It's all you need!
Step #5- Refresher Sessions, Group Classes, Personal Retreats- for those done with their personal sessions- OR-
Perhaps you wish to begin The Path with group Classes or a personal Retreat!

You're always in the RIGHT PLACE- on the Wisdom Path... Are you ready to take the next step?

Free Consultations

"What you are doing here, with your programs and your insight into healing- this is rare and remarkable! The world needs to know what a profound gift you offer."

  RBeckthold.- business and life coaching, San Diego-CA
Coaches Fortune 500 companies
"I was so lost and confused, filled with pain, fear, sadness, guilt. I can now see life from a higher perspective, unlocked my Power and my pain has vanished. I feel set free!"
GJ- IT, Omaha

Personal Sessions
Sampler, Weekly or Personal Retreat Immersions

 "Lyndy, you are the archetype of a true healer!" Karen, RN


"Lyndy, you really know what you are doing! Nirvana and all your trainings are one of a kind amazing!"  

Bill C., Psychologist  

"The most amazing part of the retreat for me was the advanced Heartbreathing. After this exercise, everyone was changed.. I tapped into a deep well within me I never knew existed. This is how
life is supposed to be!"
Rich L., engineer, Omaha

Group Classes &  Group Immersions/Certification

"I have practiced Yoga since 2000, and am a RYT, and after just this one session in Kriya Yoga- i am finally experiencing complete Divine Energy in, through and around me. I have NEVER felt this wonderful!"
MaryAnn, DC area

"I received so much more from this entire Immersion program than i ever imagined. The personal sessions gave me incredible meditation techniques that i never realized existed, but the immersions transformed my life. I am now using my certification in my counseling practice and my clients love it all!" 
J. Olson- Grand Island

Learn to use Full Spectrum Meditation,
instead of medication, talk focused therapy & surgery

Unlock your Full Potential on all levels! Health, Happiness, Success, Enlightenment

Set up a FREE consultation- if you are interested in our conscious health programs- ANYTIME

Take the Wisdom Path ~ where modern science merges into... Ageless Wisdom

Wellness, Therapy & Personal growth applications

Turn pain, illness, stress.. into Peace of Mind, Body & Life!
Use your Mind well, Breathe well, Move well, Eat well = Be Well

Internationally Acclaimed, Evidence-based- Integrative Medicine & Holistic Counseling -
Since 1984

Extraordinary results for- Cancer, heart disease, chronic illness/pain, diabetes, weight issues, addictions, all levels of stress, trauma, injury, including TBI/PTSD, immune disorders, bi-polar, schizophrenia, ADHD, ADD, grief, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, lack of direction/clarity, overwhelm, feeling stuck, money/career issues, relationship issues & so much MORE!

Get results- quickly, easily, thoroughly and very enjoyably- WHY? Because this profoundly effective system reaches the ROOT of the issue- pulling it out completely. This is how miracles happen!
FIND OUT MORE- Simply set up a free consultation- to find out more details- step #2 above.


Be a Beacon,

Lyndyn Sophia Stratbucker  - Director/Founder- MA-CWS, E-RYT, CYT lyndyn
The Wellness Connection - Conscious Health & Holistic Counseling
(402) 551-0500 Check out the blogsite, too!

Backed by 10,000 yrs of Eastern science, research and results, with 30 years of Harvard level, evidence-based Western science. See more at-    


Ask to see our internationally published research project entitled: 

Heart Consciousness and The Breath, for elimination of addiction, including to negative thought and emotion- 2010. Our team is also professionally certified under Bessel van der Kolk- top researcher in trauma/chronic stress, and related disease, pain, dysfunction. Our director, Lyndyn Sophia shares 30 yrs. of experience with you! Sophia is certified under numerous international leaders in the field of integrative medicine, and holistic counseling, medical yoga, breath science, nutrition,  psychology, meditation science and spirituality, including Dr. Deepak Chopra.

"We cannot create the solution at the same level of consciousness that created the problem."       Albert Einstein
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Open to those who have completed at least personal session #5.

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