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September 1, 2011

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September Yard of the Month Winner
Grogan's Mill Road Footbridge
TxDOT Public Hearing on Widening Woodlands Pkwy
SH242 at I-45 Flyover Project
Grogan's Mill Farmers Market Returns Oct. 1st
MCFB Benefit
Next Flea Market
Green Challenge in November
N Style Specials
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September Yard of the Month Winners
Sept 2011 Yard of the Month
l to r: Franklin Palmer, Matt Beasley, Sandra McMillan, Jim Upham

GMVA congratulates Sandra McMillan for winning the September Yard of the Month award.  Sandra has been a resident of Grogan's Mill for twenty-six years. Having come from Virginia, the climate and soil are directly opposite. Sandra is so happy to tell us about her plants. Her trees are live oaks, Sycamores, Crape Myrtles, Japanese Maples, Kumquats, and Rose of Sharon. There are dwarf bottle-brush bushes, Star of Texas Hibuscis (red), yellow Hibuscus trees, Trumpets and Blue Plumbagoes. She also has an Unberella plant for the butterflies. The fragrant Rosemary flanks the walk along with dwarf Azalias, ferns and mundo grass leads to the water feature. She has put in a row of Vincia (or periwinkles) along the rock wall of the bed. Bright orange Ixana are scattered throughout. Lantana covers a sunny spot in the afternoon, and Nandinas sway under the trees adding red berries for color in the winter along with the Camellias.

Grogan's Mill Road Footbridge
George Van Horn attended the August 24, 2011 Township Board meeting at which they approved the budget and tax rate for the year.  He reports: "The budget included a placeholder for $50,000 for maintenance and cosmetic improvements to the footbridge over Grogan's Mill Road.  Director Hunter proposed an amendment to eliminate the $50,000 from the budget and spoke against the bridge project.  Director Campbell, who lives in Grogan's Mill, seconded the motion.  Director Blair, who also lives in Grogan's Mill,  spoke in favor of keeping the $50,000 in the budget.  Directors Hunter and Campbell voted for the motion.  Directors Blair, Tough, Mathews and Robb voted against.  Director Hausmann was absent from the meeting.
The bridge project moves forward.  The next hurdle will be the approval of the specific project once staff comes up with a recommendation."


We contacted Directors Hunter and Campbell to ask why they voted to eliminate the $50,000 for the bridge project.  Director Hunter replied that "the slope of the bridge is twice what is allowed under current ADA and comparable Texas (TAS) requirements."  Director Hunter would like to see any money spent on the safety of the bridge rather than cosmetics.


Director Campbell replied, "To avoid addressing the real problem, the board has voted 4 to 2 to spend $50,000 for cosmetic improvements to avoid exceeding the grandfathered exemption to fix the real problems.  We inherited the bridge from the developer to the WCA when the current safety standards were not developed and it is now a known liability.  The bridge does not meet ADA standards on the east end by a 10% slope versus a 5% standard.  In short, the bridge is a liability that will need to be dealt with at some future time and not glossed over with cosmetic improvements.  The long term solution is to remove the bridge and provide a signalized pedestrian crosswalk.  I certainly am in favor of projects that enhance our community.  I tend to vote for projects that last and are good for the long range solution to problems while spending the taxpayer's money prudently.  This project is not one of them.  Spending $50,000 simply because it falls just short of the amount which would negate any grandfathered exceptions is a poor reason to vote for it and avoid addressing the real problems and liabilities."
TxDOT to Hold Public Hearing - Widening Woodlands Pkwy

TxDOT will hold a public hearing on September 8 at McCullough Jr. High, regarding the widening of Woodlands Parkway from Grogan's Mill Road to East Panther Creek Drive, from four to six lanes. There is an open house at 6 pm and the public hearing is at 7 pm. 


SH242 at I-45 Flyover Project 

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) held a public hearing on August 18, 2011, regarding the SH 242 at I-45 tolled direct connector (flyover) project. At the hearing, TxDOT presented three options for the Direct Connectors and the preferred alternative, along with findings of the Environmental Assessment (EA) that was required as a part of the project.

A summary of the hearing is linked from the Township Website.


Grogan's Mill Farmer's Market Returns October 1st 
Sign for Farmer's Market Mark your calendars for the opening of the Fall Season of the Grogan's Mill Farmer's Market on Saturday, October 1st in our usual site at the Grogan's Mill Village Center.  Your favorite vendors will be returning along with some new additions.   If you want information on becoming a vendor please visit our website for applications.  Home gardeners are welcome to come sell your surplus produce in the Gardener's Corner.  Again, see the application on line for specific instructions. 
Montgomery County Food Bank Benefit 

The Montogomery County Food Bank Shredding Event will be held Saturday, Sept 10, 2011 at 9:00am-12 noon. Each box will be a $10 donation to the Montgomery County Food Bank.



111 S. 2nd Street in Conroe



Next Flea Market - September 17th  
Are you looking to get rid of that stuff that you haven't used in years?  The  Woodlands community-wide flea market is an excellent opportunity.  The date has just been set for September 17th and the market will be held at the Town Center Garage situated on Six Pines between the Pavilion and the Marriott.  The Grogan's Mill Village Association is looking for additional volunteers to help at the market.  Work the early shift and you get first crack at all the amazing bargains!  Contact pat@gmva.org if interested in more information.
Green Challenge in November - Start Collecting Now
This year's Green Challenge will be held November 12, 2011.  Watch this newsletter for more information on how can participate with your village. 


 1) 3 R Bazaar - Buy Recycled Boutique and Shred Day


2) Keys, Caps and Corks Recycling - which village can collect the most? --- all those old keys that you have in drawers that you have no idea what they go to will be collected and recycled. Caps being collected like last year are the screw on caps that come on water bottles etc. Corks, well...primarily from wine bottles but also some olive oil bottles have cork that can be recycled.


3) Candy Wrapper recycling - in support of Veggie Village - save those wrappers from the kids Halloween candy!


Type of wrapper-Snickers, Swedish fish, Skittles, M&M, Twix, Starburst, sour patch, cellophane from hard candies

Size of wrappers-all sizes Individual Candy Wrappers, Large Candy Bags, and Multi-Pack Candy Brand-all brands of candy



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