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April 23, 2015
We are interested in your concerns and comments. Please share your ideas and suggestions to make Grogan's Mill a more vibrant community by sending your comments to: suggestions@gmva.org .

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Apply Soon for the GMVA Scholarship

As of Monday we have only one person apply for the four $1,000-scholarships we have available.

Copies of the scholarship application are available for download on our website.


Scholarships are open to all graduating high school and current college students and who are residents of Grogan's Mill at the time of application. Applicants must also be in good standing at their school at the time of application. Applicants may attend either a 2 or 4 year college or vocational school.


Completed applications must be either scanned and emailed to tabbert@me.com (original to be mailed) or mailed and post-marked NO LATER THAN April 24, 2014 to: 

Grogan's Mill Village Association
ATTN: Scholarship Committee 
P.O. Box 7522 
The Woodlands, TX 77380


Final decisions will be made no later than May 1, 2014. Winners will be notified of the results and will be presented with an award certificate at your school's annual award ceremony. Actual scholarship award amount will be credited directly to the student's account at the college or university once accepted and enrolled.

MUD 2 AND MUD 40 Endorse Consolidation
The Board of Directors of  MUD #2, which encompasses most of Grogan's Point, and MUD #40, which covers a majority of Panther Creek, voted to endorse the principal of consolidationand to authorize the preparation of a formal consolidation agreement. The Boards are not scheduled to officially vote onconsolidation until their July meetings. There are several interim steps to be completed; preparation of a formal consolidation agreement, setting a maximum tax rate for the consolidated MUD, setting reserve goals, and approving a process for determining directors.

Only after all of the above have been completed, will the combined Boards vote (in August) to approve an order calling for a November  consolidation election among MUD #2 and MUD  #40 constituents. The Woodlands has 11 MUDs with a total of 55 MUD Directors.  Consolidation will reduce thenumber of MUDs and save residents on MUD tax dollars.

At this time, both Boards see positive merits in the consolidation.


Save Some Tax Dollars
Notices of Appraised Market Value have been mailed by the County.  If you get a notice that your appraisal has changed from the prior year, more than likely it has increased.  

This year many appraisals have been increased by more than 25%.  You should check your notice and if you feel your new appraisal value is excessive, you can PROTEST IT.  

The quickest way to determine if the increase is excessive, is to calculate your value per square foot and then compare with the appraised value of your neighbors' homes.  An easy way to find this information is by using the Zillow web page.  Input your address to find what Zillow estimates your home value is, plus the site provides you all the additional information on your home with the exception of this year's tax rate.

In the same way, you should be able to find your neighbors' information.  The Zillow site will allow you to link to the Montgomery County Appraisal District Records site where you can check the current appraisals of your neighbors' properties.  

The protest process is easy and most often protests are settled by the MCAD staff with the provision  of some basic information.  If you have questions send them to info@gmva.org.


GMVA Looks to Aid Seniors in the Community

At it's monthly meeting this past Monday, the GMVA established a committee that will investigate the possibility of establishing a program that helps seniors remain living in their own homes and work collectively to assist each other.  The concept, known as a "Village" is established in about 200 communities across the country. It helps integrate services provided in a community with other activities such as vetting and contracting service people, assisting with transportation, wellness programs, social activities and those nagging problems like that appraisal notice.  


To find out more about the communities visit Beacon Hill Village which describes what the original village does for its members.


If you would be interested in joining such a community let us know at info@gmva.org. 



Yard of the Month Winners
Jim Napier and Norma Camstra have lived on Huntsman Horn for over 10 years.  Norma started working in the yard helping her husband just a little as she didn't have a green thumb. She had a problem, "All that I planted died; so I was the one passing the dirt or picking up the trash or just pruning, until I decided to 'talk' to the plants and told them that as we were living in the same place, we should be friends. I came out to see the plants everyday, talked to them, touched them.   I started planting without thinking they might die, and little by little the plants did not die and the flowers  bloomed. Then we had a drought in  the summer and the freeze in the winter of the same year and we lost almost all our plants and flowers.  We then decided this will be the opportunity to redesign the yard and that we will do it ourselves in our own taste.  We wanted more colors, so we planted roses of different colors,  society garlic and other flowering plants. To coordinate with the existing evergreen shrubs and ferns, we planted some gingers, foxtails, yucas and aztec grass.  We take great pride in our design and labor and we enjoy working in our yard and get very satisfied with the results. Gardening is a good thing to do as a couple and a good change of pace."  

A picture of their wonderful yard will be available soon on the GMVA Website.


Splash Day Announced
GMVA will be holding Splash Day for our residents, Saturday, August 8, 2015, from 1-4 PM at Sawmill Park. Free food and entertainment.  Mark your calendars so you can join in the fun!


Future Potential Development in Grogan's Mill
The links at these sites take you maps that show potential future development in Grogan's Mill.

In this link the development would be centered along GM Road, south of North Millbend.

This link is for East Shore and Mitchell Island.  


Road Bonds
Nelda Blair and Gordy Bunch discussed the issue at the GMVA meeting Monday evening. Both presented their arguments for and against the bonds. Mr. Bunch's chief concern is the extension of Woodlands Parkway west of 2978.  Ms. Blair thinks we need the whole package.  You can find out more about the road bonds at the following sites:

Early voting on the road bonds starts on April 27 at the Community Center.  This is the single issue to be voted on and it simply asks if you vote "for" or "against" the $350 million in bonds to be issued by the County.  In the 2011 Road Bond election 14,754 people voted--just 6% of the registered voters.

One issue that remains unclear is the elevated overpass that will be constructed from I-45 to Grogan's Mill Road along the Woodlands Parkway.  We will continue to obtain more information about this $27 million project that is included in the $350 million road bond election.


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