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May 20, 2015
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GMVA Awards Four Scholarships

The Grogan's Mill Village Association has awarded $4,000 in college scholarships to graduating seniors from Grogan's Mill, in the amount of $1,000 each.  We congratulate these outstanding students and wish them well in their college careers.


Left to right the winners pictured are:

Demme Qurrett, John Cooper, will attend Columbia University - Barnard College, Poli Sci & English

Walter Sagehorn, CPHS, will attend UT Austin, Computer Science 

Laura Aab, CPHS, will attend University of Oklahoma, International Business & Chinese

Benjamin Shepard, CPHS, will attend Ouachita Baptist, Biology




$6,000 School Donations
The Grogan's Mill Village Association donated a combined $6,000 to our local feeder schools in support of our local students.  
Pictured left to right: Jody Ronzio, GMVA board member; Mary Jane Kirbo, Lamar Elementary; Kimberly Lanham, Wilkerson Intermediate; Joe Daw, Knox Jr. High; Tracy Home, Hailey Elementary; Dana Denton, GMVA President; John Hennigan, GMVA Board Member; Mark Murrell, College Park HS; Thomas Chumbley, GMVA Board Member.


GMFM Becomes The Woodlands Farmer's Market at Grogan's Mill

Over the last seven years as the Farmers' Market has evolved, it has grown both in vendors and customer base. The Village Association originally set up the market to be an attraction for the GM shopping center which was being overcome by competition. Now about 20% of our customers are from our Village, and many customers come from Magnolia, Conroe, Houston and other places.  We are confident that our new name will make it easier for new customers to recognize where we are.  The profit derived through the market is what funds most of our philanthropic activities, such as the school donations and scholarships described above.  We encourage you to come and support us, your community and yourself. 



MUDs to Hold Public Hearings Regarding Fluoridation of Water Supply
The municipal utility districts (MUDs) that provide drinking water to The Woodlands will hold public hearings during their regularly scheduled May meetings to consider whether fluoride should be added to the community water supply. This topic is being considered due to the upcoming area-wide addition of surface water to the community water supply.

The United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) currently recommends public drinking water supplies contain 0.7 milligrams of fluoride per liter of water in order to reduce instances of tooth decay. Historically, The Woodlands has not added fluoride to the community water supply because groundwater in our area naturally contains approximately 87% of the recommended DHHS fluoride level. Surface water contains much lower levels of fluoride. The MUDs anticipate that once the community begins to receive water from Lake Conroe Reservoir, the blended groundwater/surface water will contain approximately 70% of the recommended DHHS fluoride level during summer months, and approximately 30% of the recommended DHHS fluoride level during the winter months. These levels are without adding supplemental fluoride.

The MUDs request public input regarding whether fluoride should be added to the blended water supply, and if so, whether the overall fluoride level should be increased to the historical naturally occurring groundwater fluoride level, or to the recommended DHHS fluoride level.

Grogan's Mill has four MUD districts: 2, which will meet Tuesday, May 19 at 8:30AM,  6, 36, 46 which will meet respectively at 1:30, 4:30 and 6:30 PM on Wednesday, May 20.  This will be an excellent chance to meet your MUD directors and find out what they do. The meetings are at the WJPA offices at 2455 Lake Robbins Drive, just west of Grogan's Mill Road.
For more information regarding the May meeting dates and times, please visit  www.wjpa.org or call The Woodlands Joint Powers Agency at 855-H2o-SAVE (855-426-7283).


Grogan's Mill Senior Village
At it's April meeting, the GMVA authorized funds to investigate the incubation of a 'Beacon Hill Village" concept in Grogan's Mill.  We have join the Village to Village network, met with local Non Government Organizations and will soon be asking if you are interested.  To find out more visit http://www.beaconhillvillage.org which describes what the original village does for its members.
If you would be interested in joining such a community let us know at  suggestions@gmva.org.


Grogan's Mill Wins WaterWise Challenge
Over the past several months the GMVA has been signing up residents in a water conservation challenge. Thanks to your help we won first place and a $500 prize from the Woodlands Green which will go into our school sponsorship and scholarship funds.  We had 162 residents sign up, Creekside was second with 116.  Special thanks to Board member Mitzi Frederick who collected more than 60 signatures on her own.


Road Bonds Defeated in Election
10% of registered voters turned out to vote on the $350 million in road bonds on May 9th.  Of those that voted in The Woodlands, 83% voted against the bonds.  In Grogan's Mill, the vote was four to one against them.  The bonds were turned down overall by 57% against to 43% for.


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