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 Our Industry is Based on Product and Price

GP2 Only

In the article below, I share about my recent revelation. Some may think, geez Jeff, you are just now figuring this out?  ...Really??
Yes, shocking isn't it? Since I started publishing FreePromoTips way back in 2005, the focus with featured products has always been on providing promotional marketing solutions. That's important of course, but discovering good products and good prices are also important. 
You now have access to the GP2: Good Products-Good Prices section on FreePromoTips.com. This new component on our site offers a cost-effective way for suppliers to extend the reach of their promotions AND enhance them with a personalized video review. 
FreePromoTips has evolved with the input of others. The brilliant idea to include a video product review came from marketing madman, Dana Zezzo, Jetline Chief Marketing Officer. Check out their Nurses Day and More video review in our new GP2 section. 
Our goal is to deliver relevant content that benefits distributors and suppliers. Though commentary, business articles, video and contributions from business leaders, FreePromoTips has become a powerful business resource in our industry. Our e-newsletter reaches over 50,000 industry contacts. FreePromoTips.com receives 1000's of visitors monthly  


As we continue to bring fresh things to our industry, we want to thank our SuccessTracks Education Experience title sponsors: SnugZ USA,  Warwick and AIA. Our last session featured award-winning Toastmaster, Maurice DiMino, The Sicilian Mentor talking about the 3 Things Every Business Person Needs to know. SuccessTracks will continue to bring relevant content from quality presenters from inside and outside our industry.

If you missed this session, the link to it is on our SuccessTracks pageTying in nicely with The Sicilian Mentor, our friends at Evans have put together some Italian cookware, that has been a big hit with Grandma DiMino. She loves this cookware and your clients will too! We invite you to get free samples to show your clients. Learn more here

Make it a great day!  


Jeff Solomon, MAS

It's Here!
 Our new section showcasing product specials and candid video reviews is now live.
These specials will be changing regularly. 
Check out the GP2 Section as you look 
for good products and good prices!
In this issue, we would like to draw your attention to
  Nurses Day and Any Day Ideas from Jetline
and Mobile Products from Targetline.
Mama Mia!
FPT SuccessTracks Online Learning Experiences
Maurice DiMino 
Our SuccessTracks Session:
3 Things Every Business
Person Should Know  
Presented by: Award-Winning Toastmaster,
Maurice DiMino, 
The Sicilian Mentor was a hit! 


We have this session available for viewing. The link is on our SuccessTracks page. Tying nicely to the the Sicilian Mentor theme, our friends at Evans Manufacturing, is offering our community Italian Cookware samples. Grandma DiMino loves it and your clients will love it too!  

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The Chief Geiger Geek Loves SAAC... 
Dale Denham on SAAC
Jeff Solomon
 interviews Dale Denham 
about why he loves the SAAC Show.
Sorry about the tie mom! This is a no tie zone.
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Stick with What Works!  
Good Products - Good Prices! 
Good Stuff

After an industry trade show recently,  
I had an "Ah Hah Moment." Don't laugh when I tell that I'm just now realizing that at its core, we are an industry that's based on products and price. ...Really?? 
In FreePromoTips.com, we focus on business content and work with a few great suppliers to showcase how products provide promotional marketing solutions. When I attend a trade show my agenda is focused reporting on what's happening for FreePromoTips.com, and also looking for new products to share with our large audience. 
In my distributor business, we've positioned our company as a solution provider, using slogans like: We Don't Sell Stuff...We Provide Solutions. We also created a PPAI Pyramid award-winning campaign based on The Marketing Toolbox...all the tools you need to build your business. I network with like-minded people and generally, I don't think too much about just selling product and price. That's not to say that what we do is not price challenged or doesn't focus on products. I just don't think much about it.