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Unleash the HERO Inside ...
Be Fearless and help her reach her GOAL!
The Fall Product SUPER Program is underway! This year's theme is "Unleash the Hero Inside". Individual girls and troops can participate at any time during the program. There are lots of ways to participate, lots of products to discover, and many patches and super rewards to earn. It is intended to reach family, friends, teachers and neighbors, using this year's easy online and/or in-person sales tools. The Fall Product Program gives girls and troops the opportunity to sell magazine subscriptions (new and renewals), coupon books and very popular nuts and candy in order to earn money to fund troop activities throughout the year. 
The Fall Product Program provides the girls with opportunities to develop five important life-long leadership skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.   
Personalized Link  
Due to Hurricane Irma, you may not have received the "Welcome to the Fall Product Sale Program" launch email that included a personalized link for you to set up your girl's Online Store. For your convenience, we are re-sending the email later today with the links in case you have been unable to access the Online Program feature.
Why Participate?
  • Troops earn early start-up funds
  • Girls earn individual rewards
  • The funds help our Council sustain and expand our programs for girls and volunteers
  • Online option makes it so easy for girls to sell
service unit fall product program rallies
G.I.R.L.s are Unleashing their Super-Hero powers for this year's Fall Product Program. Take a look here.

How much could a troop make?
  • $1.00 for every Nut/Candy item sold
  • $7.00 for every "Save Around" coupon book sold
  • 12% of the Magazine Subscription sale price
  • $2.00 per completed Address Book
For Example:
If a troop of 10 girls participated and each girl sold 5 M
a g az ine Subscriptions, 24 Nut/Candy Items and 2 "Save Around" Coupon Books, the troop could earn $500 in proceeds. 

Check out the Awesome Girl Rewards

NUTS, CANDY and Magazine Subscriptions  
Sell in Person - Sell Online
Candy and Nuts 
Girls can sell nuts and candy to anyone: friends, family, neighbors, teachers, etc. They can sell in-person using their nut and candy order card. They can also sell nuts and candy online by starting here and clicking on the link that takes you and your daughter to the online store web page. There she can set up a personalized online store just for her and start selling by sending emails to family and friends.  
Customers can renew magazine subscriptions, order new ones or send them as gifts, all while supporting Girl Scouts. Girls can sell in person using their magazine catalog and magazine order forms. They can also sell magazine subscriptions online by starting here and clicking on the link that takes you and your daughter to the online store web page. There she can use the same page that she already set up for nuts and candy to send magazine subscription emails.   
Girls can sell Save Around Coupon Books to anyone: friends, family, neighbors, teachers, etc. They can sell in-person using their nut/candy order card. These popular books are filled with money-saving coupons that everyone can use.  

Troops participating in the 2017 Fall Product  Program will receive $.04 more for EVERY box of cookies sold during the 2018 Cookie Sale if they reach $1,000 in sales as a troop!
New This Year - GSSEF Super-League 
The new GSSEF Super-League will meet for the premiere of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. The Top Overall Seller in each of the Service Units and the Top Three Council-level Sellers for each of the following categories will be invited to the movie premiere event in December: Nut/Candy, Magazines and Save Around coupon books.
Learn more here.  
Did you know that even if your troop is not participating in the sale, your Girl Scout still can? She can earn proceeds for her troop and rewards for herself. 
Families are integral to the success of our product sales and we appreciate the support you give to your Girl Scout and her troop during the 2017 Fall Product  Program. If your Girl Scout does not have any of the order cards or forms mentioned above, ask her Troop Leader or contact Gabriella Gaita, director of product sales, at ggaita@gssef.org .

ACH BANKING PROCESS for 2017-2018 Product Sales
As you begin the 2017-2018 Girl Scout year, please remember that all troops must have an ACH Banking Process Authorization Form on file with Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida that includes your current troop bank account information.  

Every troop must complete the new online authorization form. Paper forms are no longer accepted. You can do this easily from your mobile device as well, just include a photo of your troop's check and complete the form at 
Please Note: Troops must also submit a NEW ACH Banking Process Authorization Form anytime there is a change to the Troop's banking information. ACH instructions and the online form can be found in Forms and Documents Frequently Accessed Forms.

Important Links
For all the information on the Fall Product Sale, click here.  

Ready to get started?
Click here to register your Girl Scout to sell online.

Remember to download the GSSEF App to receive timely notifications during the Fall Product Sale Program.