Dear GW-CEPL Alumni and Friends, 

Spring is here...really!  This is a time for personal and professional renewal.  We are beginning to see the results of what we planted in the fall break through the soil, and we are planting new now. 

We all know the principles of sowing and harvesting and know that harvesting does not happen instantaneously.  So, what thought seeds are you now sowing in your life?  What kinds of experiences are you now harvesting from what you have previously planted?  If you want roses, then be careful not to plant for some other kind of flowers.  If you desire positive experiences, which are rewarding and reflect more of your true potential, then do not plant negativity and self-doubt.  If what is showing up in your life is not what you desire, then you have planted the wrong seeds. 

Be very conscious about the thought seeds you now wish to plant.  Be certain to tend to that garden of thoughts, which have been planted in your subconscious mind.  Be careful of negative weed thoughts, which may have taken root.  Planting the right thoughts and beliefs, tending and cultivating the garden of your mind, and anticipating and preparing for the harvest... simple principles of nature, which will make a powerful difference in your life. 

Have a great spring and happy planting!

James Robinson,
Executive Director 
GW-Center for Excellence in Public Leadership