A turn in the road for Brazil?

Brazil has been in the news a lot this year. As a country, it has faced its fair share of political and economic challenges, but are we starting to see light at the end of the tunnel? Is the start of an economic upturn just around the corner, and what might this mean for the wind sector?

With abundant wind resources, Brazil moved up to 9th place globally in terms of installed wind capacity in 2016, passing the 10GW milestone, and bringing the total installed wind capacity to 10.74 GW. However, wind was not included in the 2016 auctions. Can we expect auctions later this year to include wind power this time round?

Why not attend our Brazil Windpower conference in Rio at the end of August to find out more. Join in the discussions about the challenges with demand and transmission, and hear the latest policy and market developments and how these might impact the wind sector! Our technical sessions will provide information on the latest innovations for the sector, and the popular Operations and Maintenance seminar will again be held as a parallel event to the main conference.

And it goes without saying, the bustling 2000 sqm exhibition floor will be a central point for networking and meeting your next business partner!

Hope to see you in Rio!

Carolyn Gill 
Marketing and Event Manager, GWEC
GWEC Newsletter - July 2017
OffshoreOffshore breakthrough    
'A remarkable achievement', is the only thing I can say about where the European offshore wind industry finds itself today. It has taken a lot longer and cost a lot more money and effort than we thought back in the late 90s, but the industry has exceeded its pricing targets by a significant margin and well ahead of the time frame it set itself, i.e., less than €100/MWh by 2020. We now have another large-scale and cost-competitive renewable energy technology to add to onshore wind and solar (and of course hydro) with which to bring about the energy revolution in the power sector. Despite all the doubts that emerged over the course of the last decade as projects got larger and more expensive, and  as offshore wind struggled to establish and 'industrialise' itself, those who have stayed the course are now in a position to reap the rewards. Read more
ArgentinaArgentina - Upcoming GWEC Seminar    
In a bid to continue to meet its rapidly growing renewable energy demand and targets, Argentina's energy leaders, are looking to create complementary mechanisms to the existing RENovar program. This comes at a time when the country's first two auctions have contracted more than 2,000MW definite projects in RE. These projects may have secured all of the basic equipment for development but short-term logistical challenges remain an issue.

New challenges will arise from the new rules for renewable energy power purchase, so to for the financing issues. Also the confluence of this new scenario for the next block of wind power developments, with current projects under way, implies new challenges for the supply chain whom is not yet rid of its first bottlenecks. Read more

Corporate_membershipGWEC Corporate Membership    
As most of us are either already on holiday or about to head off to forget about work for a while, one thing will be on our minds as we return to the office - getting the most out of our budgets and meeting targets in order to optimize growth and profit. As the wind power industry moves full speed ahead in so many different markets, on and offshore, one organization is top of mind - Global Wind Energy Council - GWEC.

Currently, GWEC members represent 99% of global installed wind power capacity with our members being the leading turbine manufacturers, developers, suppliers and service providers from around the world. Read more 
Global Wind Day logo new
GWD2017Global Wind Day 2017  
We marked the ninth edition of Global Wind Day by celebrating the fact that wind power has now crossed the 500GW landmark. We also talked about the need to tackle the overcapacity of polluting and inefficient fossil power plants, and how shutting down these old plants, as well as reducing CO2 emissions and air pollution, would help drive the demand necessary to keep the renewable energy industry thriving in established markets, with massive environmental, health, and economic benefits. See more details on our press release.

It was great to see all the buzz created in social media, mainly on Twitter and Facebook, many members and fans had made their own banners, videos and infographics. Global Wind Day has truly established its place as a day when the industry can make noise about wind power benefits, people around the world can show their support for wind power and companies can showcase their technologies and contributions to local economic development and job creation at a grass roots level. Read more
IngeteamIngeteam continues its international expansion
This global presence has been boosted with the opening of new subsidiaries in Honduras and Bulgaria. As an ISP, the company has strengthened its global leadership position in the provision of power plant Operation & Maintenance Services.

Ingeteam has opened a new subsidiary in Uruguay and another in Bulgaria, thereby increasing its global presence to a total of 22 countries. Both subsidiaries are geared to the renewables sector, specifically solar and photovoltaic energy. In Honduras, local personnel are already working at a number of sites while, in Bulgaria, company personnel are performing maintenance work at the country's largest photovoltaic plant. Read more 
VaisalaData Innovation Breeds Investor Trust

Innovation in wind energy modeling approaches need not come at the expense of the trust of project developers and investors, according to Vaisala, a global leader in environmental and industrial measurement and provider of energy assessment and due diligence services. In fact, ongoing refinements to methodology, which are critical in enhancing overall accuracy and reliability, can be implemented in such a way that maintains stability and confidence for the wind development community.

"Wind project developers and investors rely on energy assessment consultants to predict the power output of proposed wind farms. They require both a high level of confidence in the numbers reported and for these estimates to be as accurate as possible," said Matthew Hendrickson, Head of Energy Operations, Vaisala. Read more 
NRGRenewable NRG Systems is now NRG Systems
The company's new name, which is accompanied by a new logo and brand aesthetic, better represents the scope and breadth of NRG's product offerings and services. 35 years ago, NRG Systems revolutionized the way wind resource assessment was done. Today, that heritage of innovation informs everything they do. NRG remains committed to making their customers' lives easier and will continue to design, manufacture, and offer remarkably user-friendly sensors, measurement systems, and remote sensing solutions for the wind, solar, and meteorology industries. NRG Systems is still with you every step of the way.
K2Reducing the levelised cost of energy

Earlier this month, we launched a report jointly written with insurance specialists JLT Specialty, tackling key trends across both onshore and offshore wind projects based on real project data taken from K2 Management's recent due diligence assignments. It delves deeper into how these trends may evolve, shaping future projects and wider industry advancement and how these are looking to reduce the levelised cost of energy. Download the whitepaper here. Read
press release with key stats & s ee video about the key takeaway from the report.
SentientWind turbine drive train system failure and white etching cracks in bearings
The formation of white etching cracks (WEC's) in bearings are known to be one of the major failure modes associated with gearbox failure. WEC's can cause premature failures in rolling element bearings occurring as early as 1-20% of the calculated L10 life.

This white paper focuses on bearings obtained from failed wind turbine gearboxes to observe the microstructural alterations compared to existing theories in premature bearing failures in wind turbine gearboxes. Read more

MakeMexico, Argentina, and Chile to boost Latin American wind      
The impending slowdown of Latin America's strongest wind market Brazil amidst political and economic challenges will give smaller markets in the region a chance to shine. Exceeding 2.4GW of commissioned sites for three consecutive years, Brazilian power developers did not manage to sign new PPAs in 2016. Surprising high levels of auction activity in Mexico, Argentina and Chile will however result in a boost of wind power construction and offset Brazil's decline. To see what is ahead for those smaller markets, consult MAKE's Latin America Regional Report.
FraunhoferFraunhofer Video Series   
Started in 2016, Fraunhofer's video series is bringing the wind power industry insights into research and development facets of our industry. Catch their latest video on GWEC's video channel
Here's a little information about it:

Towards an advanced design of large monopiles
When designing monopiles, uncertainties are encountered in the calculation of hydrodynamic loads, in the area of installation methods and in the field of geotechnical dimensions in particular. The absence of well-founded knowledge is currently compensated for by a conservative design with safety reserves factored in. Reduction of the safety factors - without affecting the structural integrity - is possible and would open up considerable potential for saving costs. Dr.-Ing. Jan Dührkop, Chief Consultant Ramboll and Severin Spill, Fraunhofer IWES, strive to achieve a validated design method for geotechnical pile designs which comprises the effect of large within the research project TANDEM.
CanWea logo
CanWeaCanWEA launches expanded Power of Wind contest  

The Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) marked Global Wind Day by inviting students and members of the general public to share their vision of a renewable energy future. The association launched its seventh annual Power of Wind contest, asking contestants to submit a photo or visual image that illustrates how wind energy can contribute to Canada's future. Also link to CanWEA's Global Wind Day blog highlighting achievements over the past year.  Read more

Visit the CanWEA Blog to gain insight into discussions of relevance to the wind energy industry across Canada, including highlights from our major markets.
IWTMAWind power in India now at 32 GW and marching towards 75 GW  

India celebrated Global Wind Day on 15 June - 500 GW is installed worldwide and India ranks fourth in the world after China, USA and Germany, with 32 GW as of March 2017.

We salute the Government of India to fix a target of 75 GW of wind power by 2022 and this is achievable given the technology and manufacturing capability by OEMs, investment climate for Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and lead taken by the Union Government and Wind States to promote wind power by favourable policies, and with financial institutions and banks playing an active role
. Read more  
JapanJapanese METI to discuss renewable energy mass-introduction
Japanese government starts discussions on transition from nuclear power to renewable energies and will hold series of meetings to discuss this further.

METI will assess Japan's long term energy supply & demand plan (energy mix plan) next spring. The main challenges include cost burden for tax & electricity fee payers, renewables cost reduction, grid connections and infrastructure for offshore wind power promotion.

METI will hold five open meetings on 25 May, 7 June, 14 June, 20 June and 4 July. MVOW executive was invited for discussion at the meeting that took place on 7 June, and GE to the meeting which took place on 14 June. Read more

MexirecMEXIREC - Wind in the Latin America Renewables Market 

GWEC and Amdee (Mexican Wind Energy Association) are proud to support the Mexico International Renewable Energy Conference (MEXIREC) - a high level political conference series dedicated to renewable energy policy worldwide. MEXIREC will be held 11-13 September, 2017 in Mexico City. 

GWEC's Steve Sawyer will be speaking about global trends and hot markets in the region and worldwide. Full programme here.

A number of sponsorship opportunities including the opportunity for you to present your company's latest product developments to the LAC market are now available

MEXIREC is co-hosted by Mexico's Ministry of Energy (SENER) and REN21 and is part of DEMEX, a week of energy events titled Dialogues on Energy Future in Mexico. The event will be held at the Expo Santa Fe Mexico. Questions about MEXIREC can be directed to
ChinaWPChina Wind Power 2017 - Call for abstracts extended till 31st July  

The world's largest wind power conference and exhibition will, once again, take place in Beijing, China from 17- 19 October with over 600 exhibitors and 33,000 visitors expected.

'Innovation and Globalization' will be the center theme, with an International Forum enabling open discussion from international market leaders as to how Chinese wind market players can or could improve their interaction with global wind power players, on and offshore. 

The forum will provide a platform for a myriad of developed and developing markets around the world and will aim at divulging respective market opportunities, investment policies and specific opportunities for Chinese investors and manufacturers. Read more 
MeteodynInvitation to Meteodyn Users' Meeting, Paris

We'd like to welcome all Meteodyn WT users - wind farm developers, consultants and wind energy engineers - from around the world to join us at the 2017 Meteodyn users' meeting from 20-21 September in Paris, starting with a dinner cruise on the 20 September. Join us to share a friendly moment, to learn about CFD and discover the new meteodyn WT platform, as well as the technical and scientific developments that our Research and Innovation team is working on. Meteodyn WT is one of the world's leading software for CFD wind resource assessment and wind farm design. With the new platform, you can rely on a complete system to manage your Renewables' projects. Read more & for registrations. Read more 
IndMembIndividual memberships available now!

In conjunction with our recent Global Wind Day, GWEC is extending an invitation to all colleagues and peers in the wind power industry wanting to individually make a difference. Lifetime Individual Memberships are available from GWEC. By supporting wind power, you are joining a global community who are not only concerned but who truly care about preserving our planet. The 'Be Proud' campaign is another way to stand up and show your support of how wind power is helping to mitigate climate change.

Here's what a few of our latest individual members are saying about why they are supporting GWEC's relentless work in wind power:

Be proud because "We need a better world to live in." Philip Lemos, Sorocaba Brazil

Be proud because "It helps to create a sustainable future for generations to come." Karel Vits, Shanghai, China

Be proud because "Wind + Plant = COEXIST", Brian Smith, Evergreen, USA

Join GWEC today and Be Proud to be supporting wind power. Your personal message will feature on the GWEC website, seen by over 700,000 users per year.

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17-19 October 2017: China Wind Power 2017, Beijing, China
14-16 November 2017:  WindAc Africa and Windaba 2017, Cape Town, South Africa 
28-30 November 2017: WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

For a full list of events organised by GWEC's member associations, please see the events section of the GWEC website. 
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Doing Business In ... South Africa - 12 October 2017 (15h CET)
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