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What a year 2017 has been so far. It seems that the wind power industry's struggle days are truly over as costs continue to prove wind power's competitiveness, both on- and offshore. New markets are opening up and GWEC is doing tremendous work to support legislators to pave the way for the industry to set up shop. 

GWEC's core goal is 'Opening Up New Markets for Business' and so far we have proved pivotal in many markets of growth around the globe: China, Brazil, Mexico to name a few. And more recently GWEC's work has been focused on developing a roadmap in India for its offshore market, in parallel with successfully opening up new markets in Argentina, Mongolia and Vietnam. The choice of these markets is made by Board decision and those decision-makers are the ones who find themselves becoming the pioneers in the new markets. With a foot in the door, a business can start to roll and eventually flourish. With GWEC as a sounding board and a support for market intelligence, introductions to key stakeholders are made, and a platform of dialogue opened along with a market place for events; and companies are kitted out with the necessary tools to do well in these emerging markets.

GWEC continues to see strong growth in global visitors to our website (over 700,000 visitors per year), LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Our articles and market data are picked up daily by top local and international press, making GWEC the most prominent global wind power association in the world. Our members have the opportunity to harness this strength in many ways through the Value Proposition that GWEC currently offers, and this helps them to create strong and efficient strategies for their businesses.

I look forward to discussing your strategy for growth today!

Warm wishes,

Isabelle Prosser 
Events and Business Development Manager, GWEC
GWEC Newsletter - September 2017
Welcome to GWEC's new corporate members!
Industry discusses new market rules at GWEC Argentina seminar
Doing Business In ... South Africa webcast
Brazil Windpower 2017
DNV GL Talks Energy Podcast: Facilitating Offshore Wind in India
Mainstream Renewable Power Announces Changes to its Senior Management Structure
Vaisala Expands Indian Operations to Meet Rising Demand
Special visit from a magnet enthusiast
Ingeteam is developing a tool to reduce O&M costs and risks at offshore wind farms
Bachmann awarded condition monitoring contract for TransAlta's Melancthon Wind Farm in Canada
Managing Supply Chain Costs through Digitalization & Forward Planning
Early planning of life extension can increase wind project margins by additional 2%
MAKE joins Wood Mackenzie
New Meteodyn wind farm design software released soon
Fraunhofer IWES' new video on how technology development can further trigger reduction of LCOE
Remembering a beloved wind power pioneer: Tom Gray
The wind industry in Brazil ready for new growth
Latest from the wind sector in Norway
Join the Turkish Wind Energy Congress on 1-2 in November 2017 in Ankara
Latest news from the wind sector in Japan
The future of wind energy in the Netherlands: participation and cost efficiency
European companies embrace wind farms' life extension: in 2030
More wind capacity due to legislative change in Austria
Register now for Windaba and WindAc Africa 2017
Join us at China Wind Power 2017
Mexico Wind Power 2018 - Call for Abstracts
WindEurope's long-term events calendar is the quick guide to all your major wind energy events
New_membersWelcome to GWEC's new corporate members!    
We're pleased to announce new members who have come on board recently:

BVG Associates is an independent renewable energy consultancy focusing on wind, wave and tidal energy and energy systems. BVG Associates was formed in 2006 - right in the beginning of the offshore wind industry. Many of our team have been at the heart of the development of offshore wind as a vital commercial, as well as environmental, part of the energy mix.

Our clients choose us when they want to do new things, think in new ways and solve tough problems. Our expertise covers the business, economics and technology of renewable energy generation systems. We're dedicated to helping our clients establish renewable energy generation as a major, responsible and cost-effective part of a sustainable global energy mix. Our knowledge, hands-on experience and industry understanding enables us to deliver you excellence in guiding your business and technologies to understand and meet market need. Go to BVG Associates website

MAN PrimeServ - whether onshore or offshore, MAN PrimeServ has an extensive experience in up-tower repair for the wind energy sector worldwide. MAN PrimeServ specialises in up-tower repairs to minimise extensive and expensive downtime for operators. Whether you need an on-site shaft repair, yaw ring repair, accurate line boring or a customised repair solution, MAN PrimeServ On-site Recovery travel to you to recover your wind turbine and minimise your downtime.

Years of experience coupled with a comprehensive range of tools ensure that MAN PrimeServ can offer exceptional services to the wind energy sector. No matter what kind of repair is needed MAN PrimeServ has specialised tools to solve your problem. The growing importance of wind energy means that the industry is constantly innovating. We understand that you need us to be equally innovative in finding newer and better ways to make up-tower repairs. In this case, we look to you and your expertise and work closely together to develop the best and most rapid recovery processes.
  Go to MAN PrimeServ website
ArgentinaIndustry discusses new market rules at GWEC Argentina seminar    
Government officials and leading participants in Argentina's fast-growing wind power sector discussed new market rules and sector development at a seminar organised by GWEC at the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange on 1 September.

The event was opened by Argentina's Energy and Mining Minister Juan José Aranguren who told the 150 participants that energy security and halting climate change are now at the centre of Argentina's energy policy, and thus renewable energy development is at the core of the political agenda of this government. Renewable Energy Sub-Secretary Sebastián Kind - the architect of the country's renewable energy policy and the RenovAR tenders - gave an update on the country's evolving regulation and outlined plans to promote investment in scientific research - through the establishment of a new national renewable energy and energy efficiency centre - to support renewables, and industrial development, training and the local supply chain. Read more
DBI_South_Africa'Doing Business In ... South Africa' webcast    
Join Brenda Martin, CEO of SAWEA (South African Wind Energy Association), and GWEC's Steve Sawyer, for our 'Doing Business In ... South Africa' webcast on Thursday 12 October at 15h CEST. Register here

To date, over 6 000 MW of renewable power has been procured from 112 independent power producers through 7 competitive bid rounds in South Africa. Wind makes up 53% of procured capacity, with a total investment value of R74.7 billion, and is now 40% cheaper than new coal produced by the national Utility. Read more
BWP2017Brazil Windpower 2017  
The mood was upbeat at last month's Brazil Windpower event, held from 29-31 August in Rio, despite the crisis that the country has been going through. Attracting a similar number of attendees and exhibitors as last year's event, nearly 2700 wind professionals had the opportunity to learn about the new technologies and innovations available for the sector, to network with existing business contacts, and make new ones, and to join in the many discussions taking place in the conference halls. Topics high on many people's agenda were the auctions, changes in financing mechanisms, and issues with transmission and demand growth.

In an official side event, GWEC partnered with Recharge News for its Thought Leaders Roundtable, and also held its Latin America Committee meeting - a closed door get-together for members, during which market updates from the region were discussed and priorities set for the coming year.

Save the date for next year's Brazil Windpower - taking place from 28-30 August 2018!
DNVGLDNV GL Talks Energy Podcast: Facilitating Offshore wind in India  
India is a growth region for renewable energy. DNV GL talked to Steve Sawyer, Secretary General of the Global Wind Energy Council, about the development of offshore wind in India. 

Steve addresses a key question: in a country as big as India, why offshore wind? Developing wind energy offshore can be both challenging and risky. In light of this, what are the main challenges for India? Steve talks about the role the FOWIND project will play in India's offshore wind energy development. Finally, the opportunities that exist for foreign players to contribute to India's offshore wind industry are considered. Read more
MainstreamMainstream Renewable Power Announces Changes to its Senior Management Structure
Mainstream Renewable Power, the world's largest independent wind and solar company is making a number of changes to its senior management structure. Eddie O'Connor, the company's founder and Chief Executive Officer for the last nine years has assumed the role of Executive Chairman, while Andy Kinsella, currently Group Chief Operating Officer becomes Group Chief Executive. Sir Roy Gardner, currently non-executive Chairman becomes the senior independent non-executive Director.

Under the new structure, Mr Kinsella will take on responsibility for the running of the Group, its strategy and direction, while Dr O'Connor will chair the Board and lead on broader business relationships, senior external relations and thought leadership. Read more
VaisalaVaisala Expands Indian Operations to Meet Rising Demand

Resource data, measurement and forecasting specialist doubles team capacity and expands office to support rapidly growing customer base

3TIER India, a subsidiary of global environmental and industrial measurement leader, Vaisala, has announced significant investment in its personnel as it responds to steadily growing demand in the Indian wind and solar sectors for its renewable energy services and measurement equipment. By the end of 2017, the firm will have doubled the capacity of its team in just 12 months, and has relocated to a new, larger Bangalore headquarters to support this expansion.

This investment will enable Vaisala to increase its regional sales and production capabilities, further enhancing its end-to-end resource risk management services for Indian renewable energy developers, operators and investors. Vaisala, a provider of weather data, energy due diligence services, measurement equipment and operational services, has worked on over 50GW of wind and solar projects to date in India as the market continues to develop. Read more 
SwitchSpecial visit from a magnet enthusiast
On 15 June, The Switch in Lappeenranta, Finland, was pleased to host a very special visitor, Jamie Hyneman. Unknown to many, one of Jamie's great interests includes magnets, which is why The Switch was a great choice for an informative visit about how the company develops and produces permanent magnet generators for the use in wind power.

Jamie had a special reason to visit Finland, as he received his Honorary Doctorate from Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) on Friday, June 16. He also had the opportunity to visit a few of the companies in the area that had their origins from LUT - and The Switch was among the chosen ones.

Founded in 2006, The Switch has had the passion for over a decade of developing and producing permanent magnet generators for wind power. Read more

IngeteamIngeteam is developing a tool to reduce operation and maintenance costs and risks at offshore wind farms

Ingeteam is working on a project to develop a new software tool to make it possible to calculate the optimal O&M strategies and reduce cost uncertainty of the operation of offshore wind farms, thereby opening up new market opportunities. The project, named "Poseidom", has a total budget of 643.703 € and is financed by the Ministry of Economy & Competitiveness under the 2016 Challenges-Collaboration program.

At present, offshore wind farms represent a challenge to investors. Construction costs are high, while operation and maintenance, needed to guarantee production, depends on sea conditions to allow access to the turbines. Read more
BachmannBachmann awarded condition monitoring contract for TransAlta's Melancthon Wind Farm in Canada
Bachmann Electronic has been selected as the Condition Monitoring System (CMS) provider to one of Canada's largest power producers. TransAlta, commissioned an upgrade to its Melancthon wind farm located in Ontario, Canada. The wind farm, which is located near Shelburne, went online in 2008 and was Ontario's first utility-scale wind site. With 133 wind turbines and 200 megawatts of power, it is one of the largest wind parks in Canada.Bachmann Electronic will be upgrading a number of the existing GE 1.5 sle turbine controllers to the new MC205 line and installing their fully integrated CMS units across the entire site. Read more
SentientManaging Supply Chain Costs through Digitalization & Forward Planning      
Wind turbines are designed to operate for 20 years. However, wind operators experience gearbox failure rates of up to 50 percent across the lifetime of their fleet. As a result, the industry spends billions of dollars annually in supply chain costs. High transportation costs and logistical difficulties, especially in remote and offshore locations, contribute to an asset manager's need to invest in digital technologies that provide visibility into the maintenance and inventory budget needs on an annual and multiyear basis.

Unplanned failures occur because of the harsh and unpredictable weather and loading events that occur in the field. Severe operating conditions and sliding and friction events cause wear and roller contact fatigue, leading to bearing and gear failures. Read more

K2Early planning of life extension can increase wind project margins by additional 2%    
A study conducted by K2 Management found that wind project owners can increase their overall project earning by up to 2% if they plan for lifetime extension at an earlier stage in the project, rather than beginning the process in the project's final year. 

The study is based on a 24 MW German onshore wind farm with a capacity factor of 35 and the potential to extend the wind farm's life from 20 years to 25 years.

By waiting until the project is nearing the end of its standard life to plan a five-year extension, this can increase the need for turbine inspections and the likelihood of the technology failing or wearing out before extension can be considered is much higher. Read more
MakeMAKE joins Wood Mackenzie  

This spring MAKE joined Wood Mackenzie, a global Verisk Analytics business. MAKE's cutting-edge knowledge of the global onshore and offshore wind power market, as well as of global Solar PV Power, will be central to the future of Wood Mackenzie's renewables research and advisory. Wood Mackenzie, who is a trusted source of commercial intelligence for the world's natural resources sector, also acquired solar and electric utility experts, Greentech Media, in July 2016. 

Moving forward, the joined effort of MAKE, Greentech Media, and Wood Mackenzie is guaranteed to give clients across the globe the market-leading analysis and insight on the evolution of the entire energy landscape that is needed to accelerate their businesses. Read more
MeteodynNew Meteodyn wind farm design software will be released soon  

Meteodyn WT is one of the world's leading software for CFD wind resource assessment and wind farm design. The Meteodyn WT6 is included in a platform which offers customers a complete system for managing their renewable energy projects.

The interface has been improved and is now more intuitive and user-friendly with an optimized visualization, as well as the display, categories and modules such as turbine management and climatology management has been upgraded to improve the user experience of the software. The integrated optimization tool helps to find the most productive location for wind turbines. The Meteodyn environment platform gives access to a complete modulable and collaborative system including data analysis, meteodyn PV, meteodyn forecast, post-assessment and more. 
Read more 
FraunhoferFraunhofer IWES' new video on how technology development can further trigger reduction of LCOE
Maite Basurto, Chief Technology Officer of Adwen, and Prof. Andreas Reuter, Managing Director of Fraunhofer IWES, talk about the increase of power rate and rotor diameter for the next generation of  offshore turbines, new concepts and the impact of growing track-record

Video on how technology development can further trigger reduction of LCOE

AweaRemembering a beloved wind power pioneer: Tom Gray 

The wind community suffered a heartfelt loss with the news that former AWEA Executive Director Tom Gray passed away yesterday, after a head injury sustained in a fall where he lived in Vermont.

Tom was a true industry pioneer, having worked across four decades to grow American wind energy and our association. In the 1980s he famously used his personal credit card at one point to keep AWEA afloat. After writing our first newsletters, he personally stamped and mailed them.

Beyond all that, he was a kind friend and a skilled and principled mentor for countless people in our industry. Read more
ABEEolica logo
AbeeolicaThe wind industry in Brazil ready for new growth  

This was the conclusion of the key industry event Brazil Windpower 2017 which took place from 29-31 August in Rio de Janeiro. The Brazilian government is planning to restart tendering in December after a two-year hiatus, giving the wind industry new grounds for optimism.

Watch this video on the importance of the wind sector in Brazil, released at the opening of Brazil Windpower 2017

NorwepLatest from the wind sector in Norway

1. Norwegian Energy Partners has entered into an agreement with Mr. Lars Engelmann to act as an advisor on the offshore wind industry in Germany. Mr. Engelmann, formerly Head of maritime operations and logistics at Vattenfall, will advise partners of Norwegian Energy Partners on opportunities in the German offshore wind market. Norwegian supply industry is expected to enable further reduction of LCOE in offshore wind based on its expertise in offshore and maritime operations and projects.

2. Last June, Norwegian Energy Partners launched a new report; "Norwegian supply chain opportunities in offshore wind". This report is intended to be used by Norwegian authorities and companies considering a move into offshore wind but it also highlights the areas of Norwegian supply chain expertise.

Seven areas, in which the Norwegian offshore supply chain have particular expertise with a view to reduce LCOE in offshore wind have been identified:
  • Project management
  • Subsea cables
  • Offshore substation structures
  • Turbine foundations
  • Installation equipment and support services
  • Maintenance and inspection services
  • Vessels and equipment

The report is available here. Read more 

TwecJoin the Turkish Wind Energy Congress on 1-2 in November 2017 in Ankara

In 2006, 50 MW of wind power was installed in Turkey, today wind capacity in the country accounts for more than 6.200 MW, enough to supply 7.3% of Turkey's electricity demand in 2016. 

We think that the Turkish Wind Energy Congress has created a great opportunity to follow the developments in the world for wind industry and to strengthen relationships, share information and add new links.

Last year we made our congress in Ankara at JW Marriott Hotel, this year again we will meet in the same place on 1-2 in November 2017. We wish to create a good event together with you as before. Welcome! Read more 
JapanLatest news from the wind sector in Japan

Japanese METI starts new committee for planning new energy vision
The Japanese government prepares a long term energy vision every three years, the new vision will be released in 2018. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has formed a new committee titled Energy situation roundtable to examine the direction of long-term energy policy until 2050. The first meeting took place on 30 August.

The METI (Agency of Natural Resources and Energy, ANRE) has identified three main challenges for the wind sector in Japan:
  • Wind power cost in Japan (22JPY/kWh) is 2 times higher than the world average (10JPY/kWh)
  • Wind power industry (leading company size) in Japan is very week. (Hirachi's WTG division is 1/80 of Vestas)
  • Grid stability
Japanese investors interested in wind farms on Kuril Islands
Japanese investors are interested in the building of several wind projects on the Kuril Islands, along Russian arctic coast. The partners are Japanese companies Komaihaltec (Osaka based steel structure manufacturer. a member of JWPA), Mitsui as well as New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). Japanese NEDO supports Komaihaltec to develop special specification for cold climate. Read more 
NetherlandsThe future of wind energy in the Netherlands: participation and cost efficiency

NWEA has a substantiated view on the future of the Dutch energy supply. In its manifesto the Dutch wind energy sector association projects that by 2025, wind energy will no longer need government support. NWEA believes that up to 50% of new onshore wind projects should be open for participation by the local community, by citizens and companies. Furthermore, regions must carry the financial responsibility for the generation of renewable energy. Read more 
AEEEuropean companies embrace wind farms' life extension

The 2nd International Life Extension Summit will take place in Madrid on 19th and 20th September

In 2030, half the 146 GW of wind power installed in Europe will be over twenty years old. The fact that the assets are in many cases in appropriate operational conditions, together with the lack of a clear and homogeneous regulation on repowering in the continent, is leading to a natural trend: wind farms' life extension. Spain is, with Denmark and Germany, the pioneer in wind power, so it is one of the first countries to address this process. Registrations and more information here.
AustriaMore wind capacity due to legislative change in Austria

In July, a new Renewable Energy Act was adopted by the Austrian parliament. With this legislative change Austria can retain its system, based on feed-in tariffs up to 2022. More than 1,000 MW wind power capacity will be added in Austria with this system in the next five years.

World Record Attempt: Largest human windmill
Around 250 people participated. In the form of a large human windmill every person was also producing electricity by breathing very strong on a tiny windmill, that began to light simultaneously. View the video here. Read more
WindabaRegister now for Windaba and WindAc Africa 2017

South Africa's wind power market is now well on track to early maturity, with 6,422 MW of wind projects procured, and more than 550 wind turbines - representing 3,357 MW - already generating electricity. This year's Windaba conference, themed 'Wind power: building futures' intends to be the most dynamic yet. Taking place from 15-16 November in Cape Town, South Africa, discussion themes at the conference will include Energy Transition, Power Sector Reform, and Transformation. Register now - early bird rates available until 29 September.

WindAc Africa
The second edition of Windaba's academic sister event - WindAc Africa - will take place from 14-15 November, with the theme 'Wind power without borders'. WindAc Africa is a collaborative networking environment in which a dialogue between experienced researchers, motivated students and members of the wind industry is actively facilitated. This year, students are being offered sponsorships and access to a mentoring programme which aims to address gender diveristy issues, and thereby positively changing workplace culture. Register now.
CWP2017Join us at China Wind Power 2017

Not long to go until the biggest international show on the planet. A word of warning that this year travel to and from China may be disrupted slightly due to the Chinese Communist Party holding a once-every-five-years leadership reshuffle in October. We would strongly encourage you to apply for your Chinese Visa now so as to avoid any possible delays.

More information about the event here.
MexicoMexico Wind Power 2018 - Call for Abstracts 

We are now accepting abstracts for Mexico WindPower 2018. The proposed tracks for next year's conference include:
  • Pending regulatory challenges: The new role of CRE· HR - what profiles are companies looking for short-to-mid-term?
  • Wind Energy and the environment: benefits, studies and requirements
    · Management of the Market
  • Innovative technologies in terms of design, manufacturing and testing of wind turbines and its components (onshore and offshore), leading to cost reduction and production optimization.
  • Wind Farm O&M technologies and business models.
  • Wind resources assessment: optimization in design and measurements of the wind resource for the construction of a park
Find out more on other abstract tracks and how to submit here.

Deadline is 30th September 2017. Please contact if any questions.
WEWindEurope's long-term events calendar is the quick guide to all your major wind energy events from now to 2021

These events are 'by the industry, for the industry': all income generated at WindEurope's conferences and exhibitions goes directly back into their policy and communications work, furthering the industry's interests at the highest levels.
These are the events that put you at the heart of the wind industry - your money goes further than you think! 
R ead more

28 - 30 November 2017, Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre

RE-Source 2017
10 - 11 October 2017, Steigenberger Wiltcher's, Brussels.

Events calendar 
3-5 October 2017: CanWEA Annual conference & exhibition , Montreal, Canada
17-19 October 2017: China Wind Power 2017, Beijing, China
1-2 November 2017: Turkish Wind Energy Congress, Ankara, Turkey
14-16 November 2017:  WindAc Africa and Windaba 2017, Cape Town, South Africa 
28-30 November 2017: WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017, Amsterdam, Netherlands 
28 Nov-1 Mar 2017: Mexico Wind Power 2018, Mexico City, Mexico

For a full list of events organised by GWEC's member associations, please see the events section of the GWEC website. 
GWEC Webcasts
Doing Business In ... South Africa - 12 October 2017 (15h CET)
Doing Business In ... Mexico - mid December 2017

For a full list of webcasts, please see the webcasts section of the GWEC website. 
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