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Meet Wanda
of the Mid-Atlantic Heart Transplant Fund

Heart transplant:  December 13, 2010. 

Cost of care:  Overwhelming.

HelpHOPELive: "A Godsend."




You've heard from Wanda how HelpHOPELive made it possible for her to afford the enormous cost of care for her heart transplant in December 2010 and beyond.

HelpHOPELive empowers individuals and families to overcome financial barriers related to transplantation or catastrophic injury through grass-roots fundraising.

Working with HelpHOPELive "helped me be able to recover as quickly as I could without worry," said Wanda. ... "The stress that is relieved by having HelpHOPELive involved is unbelievable." One year after her "Christmas miracle" transplant, Wanda's pre-transplant wish list has come true:  seeing her daughter graduate from high school, dancing, walking across a parking lot without gasping for breath. "I walk every day, look forward to a future with my daughter and my family. To me that is the most important thing."


Transplants and catastrophic injury are unexpected. Both are lifelong journeys with huge unforeseeable stresses - financial and emotional. HelpHOPELive gives HOPE for a better life... peace of mind... a future.  Give a year-end tax-deductible gift to help more community members like Wanda.


"I am living life to the fullest each day, with laughter and love," Wanda wrote in an update on her HelpHOPELive website.


Wanda is just one of 2,336 people we helped last year along their journey to transplantation or independence after catastrophic injury.


Make your tax-deductible gift today to HelpHOPELive for those like Wanda whose medical needs - transplantation, recovery from acute injury - threaten them with financial ruin and loss of independence. Help HOPE live to give the gift of health and independence. Your generosity changes lives!


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