March 2017 
Gaining Momentum!

This is an exciting time in our campaign to reforest the Highway of Heroes.  We have now reached about 1/8, or 12.5% of our total fundraising goal for our campaign, but we still have a long way to go.  We need your continued support to reach our goal.

Here are 4 reasons why the Living Tribute Campaign is worthy of your attention:

Public Tree Planting .  As we approach the spring planting season plans for tree planting  along the Highway of Heroes corridor are coming together.  Right now we have 4 public tree planting events planned, with more in the works.  Of special note is the April 23rd  event at Downsview Park, where we will plant many hundreds of trees on Earth Day Weekend . Make plans to come out and join us.  Bring your family and friends.  Details below.  
Tree Survey .  Forests Ontario and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario have finished the first phase of an extensive survey of the Highway of Heroes.  They have determined where the best locations for tree planting are on the right of way of the highway.  If you are curious to know how this looks, look at the north side of the high way for about a 2 kilometre stretch just east of  the main Port Hope interchange .   Forest Ontario planted about 1,800 trees there last fall.  This is the beginning of our official 'right of way' tree planting.

JUNO Award winning Canadian rock outfit 
and writers of the iconic " Highway of Heroes " song
The Trews - #150Tree Champions 
#150Trees .  We know that Christmas is the
traditional 'gift giving' season but I am very  impressed by the donations that have come during the first two months of the year. A $150 donation buys one tree on the Highway of Heroes and entitles you to an official T-shirt, a certificate worthy of framing and come spring you will receive a tree seedling of your own.  We encourage you to plant it in memory of someone who was connected to one of the conflicts that we acknowledge through this campaign and to tell your story through social media.  Be sure to use the hashtag #150Tree , join the conversation, and click the hashtag to see what has inspired fellow Canadians like you!

Reminder .  On Feb. 21 st, I had the distinct privilege of officiating a citizenship ceremony where 243 new Canadians became citizens in Scarborough.  I will never forget their happy faces, the tears of joy and the gratitude expressed by those present.  This experience reminds me of why we are committed to this campaign: Canada is a free country, we are an inclusive country, where tolerance is not just encouraged but demanded of us all.  And the price of this privilege?   

You know the rest of the story.  I am very pleased to be associated with Canada's Living Tribute to our war dead.   Thank you for continuing to support our efforts.

Please pass on this newsletter to people that are pre-disposed to our message.
Plan to join us for public tree planting days.

Donate and make a difference.   You can do it online and a tax deductible receipt will be mailed to you.  

And finally, a reminder that all administration costs have been pre-paid by private donors.
All of your money is invested directly into tree planting.

Yours, as ever,

Mark Cullen, CM
Chair, Highway of Heroes Living Tribute

20th Annual "Salute to Our Flag" celebration in Markham

Our flag is a very powerful symbol. We are reminded of the emotion and pride it conveys when it is hoisted at the Olympic Games or we hear the singing of O'Canada.

For the past 20 years a group of patriotic citizens from the City of Markham have faithfully and dutifully celebrated our flag. They are members of the "Proud to Be Canadian Association" and The Highway of Heroes Living Tribute was humbled to be invited to speak at this years event. The highlight, as always, is to meet our honoured veterans.

A special thank you to  John Hawco and his team for continuing to show leadership in what it means to show patriotism through service.

Planting Events Spring Up

Iroquois Park, Whitby, was officially announced as a site that will host a special Highway of Heroes Living Tribute tree planting event this May.  The event will part of the Town of Whitby's official celebrations of the Canada 150.

CLICK HERE to read the full story.

CLICK HERE if you are interested in signing up as a volunteer.

Canada's Coming of Age
April 9-12th, 1917

"For the first time in our history, the four Canadian divisions lined up along that infernal and stinking front, shoulder to shoulder...As far as the eye could see, south, north, along the miles of the ridge, there were Canadians. And I experienced my first full sense of nationhood."
- Lt. Greg Clark, 4th Canadian Mounted Rifles

100th Anniversary of Vimy Ridge
Remembrance Moments - Vimy Ridge
Produced by Veterans Affairs Canada April 14, 2016

We recently had the privilege of listening to Professor Ted Barris speak about his latest book, " Victory at Vimy" at the Salute to Our Flag event in Markham. He provided the audience with gripping stories of Canadians and how the country "came of age". Incredible!

Let's honour the brave Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice with the donation of a Canada 150 Tree.

"April 9, 1917, will be in Canada's history one of the great days, a day of glory to furnish inspiration to her sons for generations." - The New York Times , 1917

A Healthy Dose of Green 
We happily draw attention to the exceptional work performed by our friends and Founding Partners at Forest Ontario.

In their report titled "A Healthy Dose of Green" the industry professionals at Forests Ontario highlight the importance of preserving, and expanding the urban tree canopy. This is a must read for anyone who loves trees!


Spring is just around the corner and we're busy planning the  details of our 2017 tree planting events. This year our planting activities will be larger and we'll have more activities for volunteers of all ages

We are also looking for volunteers to join our fundraising team!  Do you have event experience and want to contribute to the cause by donating your time?  Visit the links below to learn of upcoming opportunities.  
We are urgently recruiting for Canada Blooms at the Enercare Centre- March 10th to 19th.  We need 6 to 10 people for every day of the event.
Contact for more information.

Planting Events 
April 22nd - Ajax
(Supported by Forests Ontario)
April 23rd -  Toronto
(Supported by TD Bank Group 
and Maple Leaves Forever)
May 13th - Whitby

(Supported by TD Bank Group)

Fundraising Events 
March 10-19  Canada Blooms, Toronto
April 7-9  Green Living Show, Toronto

CLICK HERE for further details and to register as a volunteer.

We Want To Know 
Your Story...

You continue to  share stories of friends and family members who served in the Canadian Armed Forces defending Canada in times of war and peace - some making the ultimate sacrifice.  Many honoured friends and colleagues who, in your experience, are heroes too. We thank you.

We want to hear from more of you!!  Who do you honour by supporting the Highway of Heroes Living Tribute?  Where did your loved one serve?  Where did you serve?  We would  love  to hear and share your story. If you would like to share with us, please click the red button below.

Golf Tournament in Support of the Campaign

Thursday, August 24th, 2017
Port Hope Golf & Country Club

Consider sponsoring or registering for the tournament with all proceeds going towards the purchase, planting and maintenance of trees!
To learn more please contact: Brenda Hensley
Phone: (905) 655-0820

Cobourg Rotary Club Presentation

There is a special connection between the Highway of Heroes and the Town of Cobourg. It is said that the idea of the Highway of Heroes was born in here. So it's always special to be invited to speak in Cobourg about the campaign. A special thank you to the incredible men and women of the Rotary Club of Cobourg who welcomed Mark Cullen to speak at a recent event and share the news of the campaign.

Honour & Remembrance
You continue to  share stories of friends and family members who served in the Canadian Armed Forces defending Canada in times of war and peace - some making the ultimate sacrifice.  Many honoured friends and colleagues who, in your experience, are heroes too. We honour those specifically named with a donation in February.

We Honour & Remember:
Ronnie George Cassidy: RCAF, KIA February 23, 1944
CPL Maxwell Guyitt; WW11
CWO Thomas G Moore; Vietnam

We Recognize:
George Raymond Cassidy RCN (HMCS Prince Robert)
Bob Parent
Charles Hazzard
Michael Cedric Birkett Whitaker
Babette Blackwood Whitaker
Executive Director Summary  

We want to hear more of your stories. Please share them with us.
Do you have a photograph or letters from a family member who served? We want to highlight them in our future newsletters.

The reality is that the 117,000 fallen Canadians are from every small town and city across the country. Their stories....your stories....are Canada's stories. When we are asked how people can get involved we reply:
"How many names are on YOUR local cenotaph? How many men and women from YOUR local community have made the ultimate sacrifice in the defence of freedom? Are you energized to support the fight against climate change? Organize and raise funds to plant a tree for each of YOUR local heroes along the Highway of Heroes. Share the stories of the people of your community. Lest we forget!"

We look forward to seeing our many friends and supporters  at Canada Blooms and   The Green Living Show.

Scott Bryk
Executive Director
Highway of Heroes Living Tribute