A personal message from Nir Topper

After three years as Executive Director of the Galilee Foundation for Value Education, I'm leaving the Foundation and its amazing staff, with a great sense of satisfaction and a little more optimism about the future of our society.
About three years ago I was lucky enough to have a rare opportunity, when I took on the management of the Foundation.  I first came across the Foundation and its activities many years ago, when I brought groups to Neighbors seminars and other activities of the Foundation. I always knew that the social responsibility which the Foundation assumed was important, but I did not know how vital. Only on joining the Foundation, and becoming familiar with the team and with the activities carried out through the year, did I realize how dramatic an investment it made for the future of the society in which we live. The Foundation's vision, which we set as a compass to guide our direction of travel, is building the Galilee as a model society: shared, open and safe, enabling meaningful dialogue between the diverse people and groups that make up our society.
During the last three years, we re-focused our activity on our immediate audience, seeking contacts with them that might enable us, together, to influence and change the present and the future. Social and political challenges, along with major economic challenges, forced us to devise a tough financial plan and stick to it. We made changes in the organizational structure of the Foundation, focused on core programs and activities and intensified fundraising. These efforts allowed us successfully to address the Foundation's major challenges. With the help of the staff, who took on board the responsibility, we managed to reach a place where the Foundation can look to the future with renewed optimism: both its own future and that of Israeli society in general.
The Galilee Foundation for Value Education staff and I, personally,  give huge thanks to the thousands of partners and stakeholders who support its vision through funding, participation and encouragement, enabling staff to work towards a shared, open and safe Galilee and Israel. To all of you, dear partners on our journey, I would like to give big thanks and appreciation for your dedication, partnership and participation. Thank you!
I now turn to a new path, one which is not yet very clear, but with a great feeling of satisfaction and a sense of appreciation and gratitude for the privilege, knowing that I did everything I could to advance the organization's vision, which is also my vision; I came a little closer to its realization: a shared, open and safe society, enabling dialogue within and between the people and groups that make it up.
I'd love to stay in touch and answer any questions or share interest on the subject of Israeli society.
In appreciation,
Nir Topper
Please note that this is a personal email from Nir, and that the Foundation will shortly write formally to all its supporters with an update.   In the meantime, should you need to contact the Foundation, please do so  online , by email to  office@galileefoundation.org  or by phone at  +972-4-990-2431

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