You arrive back in town after a long adventure, eager to rest, relax, and maybe pick up a few new toys. After stashing your gear at the inn and grabbing a bite to eat, you head out to the local market, renowned for its incredible selection.

Your sight is filled with a plethora of games the likes of which you've never seen. After recovering from the initial bout of being awestruck, you begin to browse the wares.

A number of new items catch your eyes...

Pokémon Crimson Invasion Prerelease October 21st
Come down and try out the next set for the Pokemon TCG in our next Prerelease! Starting at noon on Saturday, October 21st, this will be your first chance to play with cards from the newest set, Crimson Invasion. Ultrabeasts and Alolan Pokémon clash in this climactic new set! Space is limited and preregistration is available so come down to the store sometime this week and reserve your spot!

Time: October 21st, 12:00 PM
Entry: $35

For more details, see the Pokémon Prerelease page on our website!
Guild Ball League Coming Soon - Build Day Oct 21st
Don't forget: our Guild Ball Escalation League is starting on Saturday, November 4th! Guild Ball is a medieval, fantasy soccer miniatures game where you score points by getting goals or taking out opposing team members. It's a lot of fun to play and if you're interested then the Escalation League is a perfect way to try it out! 

Next Saturday, October 21st at 10:30 AM, we're going to have a Guild Ball build/paint day. If want to participate in the league, but you're worried about putting together miniatures come down and see how it's done! We'll have organizers on hand to help and instruct if need be. It's at the same time as our regular Guild Ball meetups, so it's a good time to come see how the game plays and meet the community. We hope to see you there!

Find more details on the Facebook Event, or learn more about the game at the official website.
New In Stock
Raiders of the North Sea
Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies
Cobra Paw
Ashes: The Laws of Lions and The Son of Soaksend Expansions
Battlestations Second Edition
Heroclix: Thor Ragnarok
The Daedalus Sentence
SW: Imperial Assault - Ahsoka Tano
SW: Imperial Assault - Emperor Palpatine
SW: Imperial Assault - Maul
Imperial Assault: Heart of the Empire
Disturbed Friends
Affliction: Salem 1692
Paramedics: Clear!
Steampunk Metal Dice
Dwarven Metal Dice
Tech Metal Dice
Mythical Metal Dice
Dungeon Hustle
Speak Out Expansions
Bucket of Doom